As I’ve been unfortunately plagued with rather frizzy and dry hair since my teenage years, all I ever wished for was soft and smooth hair every time I wake up. Washing takes out the frizz, but there’s simply no time to dry and style my hair every morning. So sometimes I end up at work looking like a Komondor.

Problems aside, the Dyson Airwrap Styler seems to be the solution to all my worries. It promises to blow dry, curl, and straighten your hair using jets of air that won’t damage your hair follicles. Ok, gimmicky. Until I put it to test.


dyson hair curler
Image Credit: Dyson | Facebook

Let’s start with the specs. Powered by the Dyson V9 digital motor, the Airwrap utilizes the aerodynamic phenomenon, the Coanda effect, to wrap hair around the barrel. In English, that simply means using pressure and velocity to grab hold of your hair. The intelligent heat control also measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second and regulates heat to maintain it below 150°C.

While getting into the tech specs will not be the main focus for many, I do recognise the amount of innovation and development this required. This might explain the hefty price tag, but if it can protect your hair from heat damage while serving killer looks, I don’t see why not!

Best Aspects of the Airwrap

1. It styles hair – damp.

I reckon there’s nothing better than styling your hair while still damp. Long gone were the days of blow drying your hair before styling it as the Airwrap works best with damp hair. This also means that you avoid charring your hair (and heart) as you won’t hear the sizzle as you clasp out hair between the traditional iron curlers.

What I love about this:

I have pretty thick hair which means it can take up to hours to dry, typical long-hair woes. But with the Airwrap, I can tame my hair with a quick wash in the morning and dry and style it while it is still damp. It saves me a lot of time and grants me extra sleep so I’m all for it.

2. 1 device, 6 attachments

You might be paying S$549, but you will be getting 6 attachments for all your hair care needs. Which is actually more worth it as compared to getting separate devices to blow dry, then brush, then style it with at least 2 different devices. Listed here are the 6 attachments and their basic functions:

  1. 1.2 inch Airwrap barrels – to create and set voluminous curls or waves.
  2. 1.6 inch Airwrap barrels – to create and set loose curls or waves.
  3. Firm smoothing brush – engineered with firm bristles fight frizz-prone hair and reduce flyaways.
  4. Soft smoothing brush – engineered with soft, ball-tip bristles to create a smooth, blow-dry finish.
  5. Round volumizing brush – directs air into the hair to give hair body and create tension as the hair dries.
  6. Pre-styling dryer – takes hair from wet to damp and readies hair for styling.

What I love about this

While many tend to start with the 1.2 inch barrel, I personally preferred the 1.6 inch barrel as it gave a more natural look. Plus I get to jam to Beyoncé’s “Flawless” and sing “I woke up like this” with these loose curls. It gives an extremely natural look without overdoing it. The firm smoothing brush is also perfect for my frizzy hair so my hair stays tame and I look fab.

3. Intelligent Heat Control

As mentioned, the heat control on the Airwrap is a genius attribute that helps to keep your hair healthy and avoid frying the ends of your hair. Other traditional curlers typically uses heat as a medium to deliver results but this may actually make your hair brittle! And for those with coloured hair, this will also alter the colour finish on your hair overtime.

What I love about this

I’ve coloured my hair every shade of brown possible over the past 5 years, and yet they always seem to fade. I’ve yet to test this out over the long term, but hopefully with the Airwrap’s heating and cooling options, I will no longer have to deal with faded bronze and brown hair!

Other Brownie Points

hair curlers and accessories in a tan leather box
Image Credit: Sephora UAE

If you’re a sucker for nice packaging like me, then you are gonna love this. The tan-leather storage case lined with black lining and a magnetic clasp proves worthy of the Airwrap price tag. It will certainly look great on your dressing table and in your Instagram Stories!

While it might be tough getting used to initially, the Airwrap is actually really easy to operate once you get used to it and does not tangle your hair. It’s lightweight attribute also means you will not feel any ache in your arms as you style your entire head of hair. 

There’s gotta be some minus points, right?

Yes, no product is made perfect. But with that being said, I think the cons are negligible when compared to the glorious blowouts you get. I do realise that the curls fell and looked a little flat by the end of the day, even with hairspray. But it still retains its main shape and was enough to get me through the night.

Same old Dyson, but cheaper

dyson hair curler with 6 accessories
Image Credit: Dyson | Facebook

Every time I mention “Dyson”, my friends will collectively say “Huh? But it is so expensive.” But getting the Airwrap at S$1 is now a reality on Shopee. Win the $1 Grand Prize of the Dyson Airwrap when you purchase the listing on Shopee now to enter the lucky draw! For more details, click here to check out all the 9.9 Super Shopping Day deals on Shopee.

For those who think you will not stand a chance in the lucky draw, Lazada has a $100 off in the Dyson store for their 9.9 Big Discovery Sale. But do note that this is not available for the Dyson V11, Dyson Airwrap, V8 Fluffy and other flash deal models. But you can still get your hair in style with the Dyson HD01 Hairdryer.

Other Hair Curlers That Do The Job Too

1. Panasonic: EH-HT40 (NOW: $76.00)

A hair curler and brush at the same time, use the EH-HT40 with the clip for tight curls and without the clip for loose curls. Designed to achieve at least 7 different style effects, the EH-HT40 is well worth its price if you are looking for a simple curler sans the hassle.

2. Philips: StyleCare Hair Curler (25mm) – BHB864 (NOW: $54.00)

poster for philips hair curler
Image Credit:

Designed with Tourmalina ceramic for ultimate smoothness and shine, the Philips StyleCare Hair Curler has 30% more space on the barrel for styling long hair. It heats up within a minute and provide 8 different temperature settings to get the desired styles you prefer. If you’re the kind who constantly forget to turn off your electronics, the auto turn-off for this device will be your best helper.

Shop the Philips StyleCare Hair Curler on Lazada here.

3. Vodana: GlamWave Hair Curler (NOW: $45.90)

black curling iron
Image Credit: Vodana

The ultimate K-beauty hair curler, the Vodana GlamWave will give you all the Korean styles you like. For those with Korean-style air fringe, this curler is the perfect choice for you. With analogue controls and minimalized thermal conductivity on the handle, the Vodana is a great choice for those on a budget.

Shop the Vodana GlamWave Hair Curler on Qoo10 here.

Featured Image Credit: @adrianwlasiuk (Instagram) & Vodana

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