A show of hands (I know I can’t actually see you through your computer screens, but humour me) — how many of us find the weekends boring in Singapore?

Singaporeans have a common complaint when it comes to our own country: there’s nothing to do.

While other publications have pretty useful lists upon lists of what to do this weekend in Singapore, we thought we’d do something better.

We’ll teach you how to fish — for events to go to, not for actual fish.

It may seem a little more tedious than just going through a curated list, but I assure you it’s easy to find more things you might be interested in doing on a boring Singapore weekend.

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Join the SG Happenings Telegram Group

Not only do they post date ideas or listicles on things to do, SG Happenings (managed by the people behind BeScene.sg) also post event details for the weekend or the day itself.

sg happenings telegram channel

It’s perfect for those days when you wake up and you find a long, empty day ahead of you with nothing to do.

They even have contests that you can join sometimes to win stuff like movie festival tickets or know where to get some free ice cream.

Go To The Events Section on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just useful for funny memes and viral videos.

Find the Events section on the Facebook homepage by looking under the Explore section.

facebook explore tab

I use the Facebook Events section by looking at what Facebook recommends to me under “Events you make like” that’s probably based on the previous events I’ve clicked “Interested” or “Going” to.

facebook events page

What is also useful on Facebook’s Events page is that you can find events not only by if they’re happening today, tomorrow, or this week, but also by the category you’re interested in.

Check AList

Events are listed on AList but you don’t necessarily book through them. Essentially, you’re using it to kind of look at what you’re interested in.

alist website

  • AList‘s event page is great for exhibitions, workshops, and family friendly events.

Look at Time Out Singapore

Time Out is a magazine, but if you’re in the mood to curate your own lists of things to do in Singapore, take a look at their search function.

Time Out Singapore

  • Time Out Singapore is great for finding new bars, events, restaurants filtered by category, time, and part of Singapore.

Try LiveNation.sg For Music Events and Concerts

livenation.sg website

  • Get presale tickets by signing up for LiveNation.sg‘s newsletter to keep up to date with who will be performing here.

Find LGBTQ+ Friendly Events on Prout’s Telegram Channel

Prout has updates on LGBTQ+ friendly events in their Telegram channel. From bar crawls, exhibitions, and parties, you can find details on their Telegram channel.

prout telegram channel

Use EventBrite / Meetup.com / Hapz

Image Credits: Edwin Andrade | Unsplash

There are a few of these event websites and you may feel a little lost but here’s how to separate them:

  • EventBrite: more business type workshops and courses.
  • Meetupfor interest groups.
    • So if you’re interested in playing board games, or maybe a game of tennis every week, you can use Meetup to find your tribe.
  • Hapzmore festivals and exhibitions.
    • They also provide tickets to attractions in Singapore like to Universal Studios. You can use credits you earn through them on the next experience, and get 5% cashback if you book a ticket for an event through ShopBack.

Look At Sistic Itself

sistic website

We usually go to the Sistic website when we’re sure we want to book concert or musical tickets, but stalking the Sistic website is actually pretty useful.

It’s actually the best way to find something and get an early bird ticket, especially if you’re trying to catch the new musical at Marina Bay Sands.

You can go by categories under “Find an Event”. They have tickets for anything from dance to comedy shows.

Stalk Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags like #sgevents can now be followed on Instagram. It might not always be a hit, but there’s a lot of potential to find events you’re interested in on Instagram.

instagram hashtag sgevents

What Are Your Tricks To An Interesting Weekend?

Are there any go-to pages you follow to find things to do in Singapore?

We’re looking to add more tips to find things to do on our island. Let us know in the comments below!

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