Want to explore something different when in Singapore? Head to Lazarus Island and enjoy every moment you’re in this paradise close to home. Considered one of the best-kept secrets of Singapore, this is definitely a perfect place for all beach lovers in Singapore so explore it while it is still relatively calm.

Lazarus Island is located approximately 6.5 kilometres from Singapore. Known as Pulau Sakijang Pelepah, which means Island of One Barking Deer and Palms, this amazing island is one of the Southern islands of Singapore. It is an ideal destination for a day trip with your family or friends. Read on to find out more about you can discover in this tiny Singaporean island.

How to get to Lazarus Island

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If you’re tired of the concrete jungle of Singapore, check out an almost untouched and relaxing spot. It’s time for you to discover the stunning Lazarus Island and witness its spectacular views. Lazarus is the proof that there is more to Singapore than its popular urban tourist spots.

How to get there: 30-minute ferry ride

It might not be as famous as the main attractions of Singapore (and gladly for us, not as crowded), but Lazarus Island is surely worth a visit. You can ride a ferry from Marina South Pier to get to this astonishing beach and have a day full of fun with your loved ones. The ferry ride will only last for about 30 minutes and you’ll finally get to see the jaw-dropping beauty of the island.

A roundtrip ferry ride costs SGD 18 for adults and SGD 12 for kids aged one to 12. Simply look for the Singapore Island Cruise and Ferry Services where you can buy your tickets going to St. John’s Island. The ticketing office is open daily until 3 PM, so purchase your tickets as early as possible.

Once you get to St. John’s Island, you will need to cross the bridge connecting to Lazarus Island. It will take about 15 minutes to walk to the beach. While on your way, you will meet a lot of friendly stray cats. But don’t be afraid, for they are all nice.

What to do in Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island
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The lesser-known island of Lazarus is a perfect destination for those wanting peace of mind in a lovely setting. Its powdery white sands and clear turquoise waters will definitely take your breath away. Although the island seems to be secluded, there are still numerous amazing things you can do while here, such as the following:

1. Fly a kite

In case you miss flying a kite, Lazarus Island is the ideal place to do it again. The never-ending flow of sea breeze will absolutely make your kite-flying adventure a success. You have an endless space to run around with your kite and it’s such a fun experience being a kid once again.

2. Get a tan

Since Lazarus Island is a fairly secluded beach in Singapore, you can perfectly get the tan you want. There is no need to worry about space to lay your towel in the sand, for this paradise is peaceful and unexplored. The sound of the sea, sun, and soft sands will give you the ultimate beach setting you know you deserve.

3. Swim all you want

Lazarus Island
Image Credit: David Lee | flickr.com

Of course, you would not want to miss swimming when you are at this pristine beach. Do not forget to bring your swimming attire and take a dip in the sea. You will have a great time in the clear waters of Lazarus Island since it is never crowded in this place. There is certainly a spot for you to swim around.

4. Have a picnic

Pack your own food and have a picnic at Lazarus Island. Your beach trip will be incomplete without a picnic, so be sure to bring something to munch when you get here. There are plenty of coconut trees lining the beach and you will surely find a shaded space to prepare all your picnic essentials. Also, be responsible for your trash once you are in the island. Throw all your trash properly to the garbage cans and never leave anything but footprints.

5. Try fishing

One of the great fishing spots in Singapore is Lazarus Island. You can try fishing on the island and catch different species of fish. In fact, you can take a Beginner Angler’s course to learn fishing. If you are in search of a new hobby or simply want to try it, then complete this course. This Beginner Angler will be completed in one day on Lazarus Island. All the practical aspects and basic theory of fishing will be taught throughout the course.

6. Go on island hopping

Get your sunglasses and hats ready for an exhilarating island hopping at the Southern islands of Singapore. In case Sentosa does not appeal to you anymore, then visit St. John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Lazarus Island instead. You will surely have a great time discovering these islands with your own two eyes. The best way to it is by renting a boat.

7. Take on a cruise and rent a private yacht

Lazarus Island
Image Credit: David Lee | flickr.com

For a more luxurious and one-of-a-kind trip, take on a cruise and rent a private yacht. You can book a cruise at Yacht Rental and sail along the Southern islands of Singapore, including St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island, and Kusu Island. It is totally a great idea to have a yacht party with your family or friends while having an impressive view of the Singapore skyline. The cruise itinerary will be tailored according to your own preferences. Additionally, you can make use of the Karaoke system and BBQ grill onboard.

8. Stroll down the beach

Another great thing to do in Lazarus Island is to simply stroll around the area. You will find it very therapeutic walking along the beach as the sand is so soft and fine. Also, you will get thrilled seeing such an amazing view, for the island is regarded as the home of tropical getaways. Definitely, Lazarus Island is one of the best chill-out spots ever.

9. Be one with nature

Nothing truly beats being one with nature when you need it the most. Sometimes, you just need to unwind and go somewhere quiet and laid-back. There is nothing to worry about this, for Lazarus Island is the ideal go-to place when you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Singapore. A nature trip will always be worth it.

10. Take photos everywhere

The whole Lazarus Island is charming, making every corner of it picture-worthy. Make it a point to bring your camera or smartphone when you get here. It is a great place to have a photoshoot of you and your loved ones at the beach or anywhere on the island. After all, the whole island is worth every snap you capture. The photos taken will be cherished forever, for sure.

Tips for your trip to Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island
Image Credit: lightmeister | flickr.com

There are a few reminders you need to keep in mind when in Lazarus Island. To make your trip hassle-free and convenient, consider the following tips:

  • Bring water, lots of it as much as possible, since the scorching heat of the sun is dehydrating when you are at the beach.
  • Pack your own food as there are no stalls to buy meals around.
  • No facilities available on the island, even toilets, so be sure to load up on hand sanitiser, wet tissues, and other survival essentials.
  • The nearest restroom is located at St. John’s Island. You have to walk for approximately 15 minutes before reaching it via Lazarus Island.
  • Throw your garbage responsibly. You did not go to the island to litter, therefore, keep it clean.
  • Carry your own stuff, such as towels, mats, insect repellent, sunscreen and everything you need when you go on a picnic or decide to swim.
  • Enjoy the picturesque scenery every moment you are here.
  • Check the timings of the ferry so you don’t miss your return trip to Singapore.

A new, tranquil island trip to Lazarus

Travelling somewhere new is an exciting adventure for everyone. There are a number of things you need to do prior to your trip, so better be prepared to avoid any hassles along the way. If it is your first time to visit Singapore, you will definitely have plenty of things to do and see while here. Aside from checking out the main attractions, you can opt to go on a nature tripping in Singapore’s Southern islands.

Most tourists do not even know about Lazarus Island, but it is a must-visit destination in the country. This unexposed beach is something to look forward to when in the Lion City. Getting here is extremely easy, so you will never have a hard time setting foot to this island. See to it that you take into consideration all the tips mentioned above in order to maximize your time and make the most out of your vacation. Get the best travel deals at ShopBack and have your visit to this island more fun and memorable. Sites you can earn Cashback from includes Klook and more!

Have you visited Lazarus Island before? Have any tips or suggestions? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Featured Image Credit: Terence Chung | flickr.com

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