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No one has any idea what to buy for them, yet we still do them every year without fail. Yes, we are talking about Secret Santa gift exchanges. It’s one tradition that might never die, so why not be prepared with an assortment of gifts that’ll work for any occasion.

Ceramic Mug Iconic Architecture

Ceramic Mug Iconic ArchitectureImage Credit:

A mug – handy, useful, and something every office person needs. A mug is a perfectly inoffensive Secret Santa gift that will definitely be put to good use. If you are thinking of getting a mug, why not get one that celebrates the architecture of Singapore, like this one from Megafash.

Originally $18.60 | $17.67 after 5.0% cashback

Island Spa Votive Candle

Island Spa Votive CandleImage Credit:

A large candle says: I felt like I had to spend, so here’s something you’ll be using for the next 5 years.

A medium candle says: I didn’t want to splurge for the huge one, so here’s something mediocre.

A small candle says: I put as much effort into this Secret Santa as you did.

Be smart, get the small candle.

Priced at $4.90

Syllable D300 Wireless Earphones

Syllable D300 Wireless EarphonesImage Credit:

Secret Santas used to be easy; we could just drop by any bookshop and pick up a pair of cheap earphones. But not anymore, because Apple removed the earphone jack. Thank goodness you can find a pair of cheap wireless earphones on AliExpress.

Originally USD$15.99 | USD$15.19 after 5.0% cashback

Anjali Chocolate Gift Box

Anjali Chocolate Gift BoxImage Credit:

If you want to be that person – you know, the person who gets chocolates for a Secret Santa as an easy way out because everyone loves chocolate – at least get something made locally. Anjali Chocolate is a local artisan chocolatier that can be found on HonestBee.

Originally $14.00 | $13.44 after 4.0% cashback

Muji Towel Set

Muji Towel SetImage Credit:

We know a towel set might be a tad bit safe and just a little boring, but when your friend finds that all his or her towels are over-washed and unable to absorb water anymore, they’ll thank you for your ingenious gift from Muji.

Originally $11.30 | $11.74 after 5.0% cashback

Google Cardboard

Google CardboardImage Credit:

To really impress and go out of the box, get your friends a Google Cardboard. Easily found on Lazada, the Google Cardboard works with any phone under 6 inches, and offers a stellar VR experience without the ridiculously priced high-end headsets.

Originally $9.99 | $9.59 after 4.0% cashback

Joico Conditioning Shampoo

Joico Conditioning ShampooImage Credit:

Male or female, everyone needs shampoo. Don’t be afraid to give something practical, because who needs yet another notebook. If shampoo isn’t your style, head over to StrawberryNet and check out their range of soaps and body washes.

Originally $12.50 | $12.00 after 4.0% cashback

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