It’s easy to pick out the latest gadgets, gizmos and geek inspired stuff, wrap it up and gift it to your favourite dude. You can’t go too wrong when you gift them the latest Apple iPhone, iWatch, smart headphones. However, if you’re looking for something off the beaten path, this gift guide tells you what to get and where to get it.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Ask any dude and the no. 1 response to what they’d like to do over the weekend is to relax while enjoying their favourite past time. Here are the best ways to chill and unwind with gifts that will help the men in your life relax.

1. The Scent-sational Gift

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Scents for dudes can be an equally relaxing gift for him. When choosing the right perfume or cologne for your dude, pick one that complements his personality. A sporty dude will prefer a refreshing, citrusy scent to splash on after a post-workout shower. A more laid-back dude would prefer a woody, relaxing scent to soothe the senses. A corporate dude would prefer a stronger, masculine scent that says he’s the leader of the pack.

While there is no single best scent for dudes, it’s known that scents have bettered the lives of many men. The perfect cologne can enhance moods, boost confidence, aid health, trigger memories and make dudes more attractive. 

2. The Gift of Music

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Music is one of the most relaxing therapies in the world and a new musical instrument is sure to be a fun gift for any guy. It doesn’t have to be really expensive either, a ukelele is just fine! The point is just to give him a new hobby to develop and hopefully enjoy. If you’ve got the cash, you could always buy an expensive guitar to guilt-trip him into taking it seriously. Jokes aside, a ukelele is a great option due to how inexpensive and easy to learn it is. Check out Musician’s Friend for great deals on musical instruments!

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If you’re really tight on budget, go ahead and download all the latest tunes onto a pen drive or buy a Spotify subscription. Then, gift it with some cool wireless earbuds for a holiday full of music that will surely keep your dude entertained.

4. Movie Gift Cards

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The age of streaming movies is here. However, unless your dude’s home has super wide movie screens and surround sound, it’s impossible to enjoy his favourite blockbuster to the max. That’s where the movie gift card comes in handy.

Try the Cathay Cineplexes gift card which can be topped up to enjoy more movies at leisure. Watching movies has never been more fun as you can score up to 4% Cashback when you book movie tickets at Cathay Cineplexes via ShopBack. Look out for the Cathay Cineplexes promotion for more discounts since cinemas are now open!

4. Sweet & Savoury Snack Basket

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For the dude who loves to catch the latest sports updates on TV, a basket of his fave sweet and savoury snacks will get him whooping with joy. Be it F1 racing, MotoGP, basketball, football or cricket, the enthusiasm and adrenaline-pumping action will get most dudes reaching for snacks to satiate their appetite.

Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable gifts and easy to put together. Just pop by your regular supermarket, pick your dude’s snacks like chips, guacamole and salsa, and place them in a gift basket or gift bag. Throw in the dude’s favourite beverage, either a 6-pack of beer, Coke or juice and presto, it’s ready.

5. Latte & Art Coffee Workshop

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For the coffee connoisseur dude, a good cuppa blends the best of relaxation and revelry for the holidays. Hosted by Rowena, this workshop introduces the variety of coffee beans available and how to use them. Next, guests learn the intricate and closely guarded secrets of coffee brewing. For serious coffee lovers, there’s also an introduction to espressos.

This workshop also teaches the types of food to pair with coffee, proper storage of coffee beans to maintain maximum freshness and impressive yet easy latte art designs that most cafes indulge customers in.

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