There are times when city living gets a little bit too unbearable for you – especially in such a densely populated city such as Singapore. When that happens what you need is a dose of seclusion away from the hustle and bustle. What you need is a getaway, a literal getaway to one of the most remote hotels in the world. Well, we got ten of them here courtesy of That’s ten of the best way for you to getaway!

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1. The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambhore

The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambhore Exterior

Located in the northwest India in the country side this place is a treat if you’re big fan of big stripey cats! Situated at the outskirts of a tiger reserve, you not only get to witness the majestic felines in all its ferocious glory, you can also catch a glimpse of other wildlife that makes that reserve a home – which includes bears and leopards. The interior is not too shabby either sporting a very British-Raj era styled furnishing that

The Oberoi Vanyavilas Ranthambhore Room

2. The Wickaninnish Inn

The Wickaninnish Inn Panoramic View

The Wickaninish in the town of Tofino with only 2000 residents calling the town home. It is nestled in between Chestermann beach and a serene woodland, it offers a relaxing retreat in comfortable luxury. Everything about this hotel is designed to ensure it has as little effect as possible to the surrounding nature. Its doesn’t fare too badly on the amenities front too with gyms, soaker tubs, gas fireplace and attached balconies made available to guests. A sea view awaits you every morning at the WIckaninnish Inn.

The Wickaninnish Inn View From Room

3. Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa

Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa Panoramic View

This 5-star resort is a gem surrounded by the blue waters of Polynesia. It is a 5 minutes boat ride from the nearest town, away from all the hustle and bustle. In true island resort style, you get to enjoy a stay in stilted villas above water as you enjoy the beauties that this tropical paradise has to offers. You can try out activities such as snorkelling or scuba diving it it tickles your fancy or even participate in a jeep safari tour that can be arranged for you.

Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa Outdoor Lounge

4. Hotel Arctic

Hotel Arctic Spectacular View Of Icebergs

Hotel Arctic is the most northerly 4 star hotel in the world. Teetering at the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ilulissat Ice Fjord. It is a treat to stay in this winter wonderland where icebergs await to greet you right outside your window. You even get the choice of staying in one of the igloo-inspired room – just like an Eskimo.

Hotel Arctic Interior

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5. Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Exterior

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge calls the world’s oldest desert, the Namibian desert, its neighbour. In this fantastic hotel, you can indulge in some guided wildlife and nature sightseeing, bush dinners. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities, the only sounds that greet you in the morning and at night are the calls of the wildlife – or the roar of all terrain vehicles as guests go to explore the surroundings!

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Outdoor Dining

6. Alila Jabal Akhdar

Alila Jabal Akhdar View From Balcony

Set next to the Al Hajar mountain range, with all its rugged and natural beauty, the Alila Jabal Akhdar sees itself as the perfect and most luxurious point of rendezvous to explore the enigmatic and fascinating area that surrounds it.  Magnificent views awaits you from your room filled with the most modern of furnishings!

Alila Jabal Akhdar View From Outdoor Lounge

7. The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs Exterior

New Zealand is pretty much known for its vast expanses of space and untouched natural beauty. The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is no different. It is located on 6000 acres of land with 180 degree views of the ocean. It is the premier getaway for those looking to experience New Zealand with suites that come with their private porch and cottages overlooking a sprawling golf course. Activities you can indulge in includes fishing and diving.

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs Amazing View

8. Treehotel

Treehotel View From Window

As if it is not good enough to stay in location that boasts total seclusion but Treehotel takes that concept one step further – staying away up and away from the ground. Yes, you get to sleep high up in the trees at Treehotel – with a name like that, what else would you expect? It is located in a village of 600 residents so you know you won’t be disturbed much. There are 6 rooms for you to choose from, all uniquely designed and themed from the UFO, the Mirrorcube the Cabin, the Dragonfly, the Blue Cone to the Bird’s Nest. All in all a an experience not to forget.

Treehotel Exterior

9. Explora Patagonia

Explora Patagonia Surrounded By Mountains

Sitting right smack in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park, Explora Patagonia is an adventure waiting to happen. It offers over 50 different types of guided hikes – including horseback rides – where you get to enjoy spectacular offerings of nature from lakesm glaciers to mountains. Whoever said seclusion has to be boring? Certainly not the people over at Explora Patagonia.

Explora Patagonia Amazing View From Window

10. Nayara Hotel & Gardens

Pool Lounge

Nayara Hotel & Gardens is an upscale boutique resort styled hotel in based in exotic Costa Rica. It is constantly touted as one of the best resorts in the world. Situated in the heart of the Aernal Volcano National Park,  the Nayara Hotel & Gardens brings about a mix of adventure and luxury like no other.

Nayara Hotel & Gardens

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