Ever felt hungry and lazy but don’t want to pay expensive delivery fees? I feel you. Or maybe you want to reserve a place at a popular restaurant but am holding back due to the price. As an aspiring foodie myself, I too want to explore different cuisines without worrying about burning a hole in my wallet. And I’ve just found the secret to it all.

Finally, the secret is out of the bag! The ShopBack Button is a free browser extension that automatically finds, test and applies the best promo codes to your cart. No more queueing, squeezing with the dinner crowd and just a fuss-free dining experience, both at home and out. The best thing of all? It works on top of your Cashback. Plus, it is applicable to over 30,000 sites, including your favourite dining partners like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, ChopeDeals, Quandoo, FoodLine and so much more!

TL;DR: Install the free ShopBack Button extension, choose what you want to eat online, save money.

First, click here to download the extension on the Google Chrome Store for free.

Hungry? Search normally for your preferred service on Google and those applicable for savings will be indicated with the ShopBack logo (as shown below).

Afraid that you’ll forget to activate the Cashback Button while busy deciding what to eat? Fret not, you will be automatically reminded to apply cashback whenever available!

Shopback Button reveals all available coupons and automatically applies the best ones which helped me save tons of time.

It’s literally that easy!

They say time = money, so why not save both? Discover all the savings you can possibly get – on top of your usual Cashback. With the free Shopback Button extension, you can be rest assured that you have found the best deal for yourself, no more last-minute wondering if you could have found a better alternative. We do the searching; you do the eating.

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