Don’t wait till it’s too late to start preparing for Halloween because part of the fun is in getting the party supplies for it. AliExpress has all the Halloween party supplies that you need, from wall decors to cake decorating supplies. Here are some of the top items you should be getting for this Halloween:

Halloween Trick or Treat Paper Box

Halloween BoxImage credit: AliExpress

Instead of packing up Halloween candies or the cupcakes you painstakingly baked in a transparent plastic container that immediately ruins the spirit of Halloween, get some of these Halloween treat paper boxes to hold your goodies.

These boxes cost about $17.49 for 10 and with ShopBack’s 5.0% cashback, you will only need to pay $16.62. Why spend more when you can get the same thing for less?

Halloween Cupcake Topper

Halloween Cupcake TopperImage credit: AliExpress

If you would rather bake your own cupcakes than buy cupcakes with thick icing that is too sweet for consumption, pimp up your cupcakes with these cupcake toppers to celebrate the occasion.

For $4.38, you get 12 pieces, and after ShopBack’s cashback, they will cost you only $4.16.

Halloween Stickers

Halloween StickersImage credit: AliExpress

You never know when a hungry monster is lurking around in the darkness, waiting to get his or her hand on your cupcakes, so get these cute little stickers to seal your cupcake boxes and prevent your cupcakes from getting stolen.

Get 80 of these stickers at $2.93 and save 15 cents by purchasing them through ShopBack!

Halloween-themed Straws

Halloween StrawsImage credit: AliExpress

Ditch the boring plastic straws that don’t add colours and fun to your party and let these Halloween-themed straws grab your guests’ attention.

Buy 100 pieces of these straws at $9.93 and shave off 50 cents of the cost with ShopBack’s cashback.

Halloween Candy Bag

Halloween Candy BagImage credit: AliExpress

What’s Halloween without a little trick or treat fun? Grab a pumpkin bag and make your way from door to door without having to do a juggling act with your candies and goodies!

This little bag is definitely going to add a lot of fun to your party at only $3.05 ($3.21 before cashback).

Halloween Decoration Lamps or Lanterns

Halloween Lights

Halloween LanternsImage credit: AliExpress

Instead of making your way around in the dark, or ruining the mood with all your fluorescent lights turned on, light up your house with these LED paper lanterns or decoration lamps from AliExpress.

The LED lamps are $17.25 each ($16.39 after cashback), while the paper lanterns are cheaper and costs only $2.06 (after a $0.11 cashback).

Happy Halloween Wall Decor

Halloween Decal
Halloween Bunting

Halloween BalloonsImage credit: AliExpress

No one wants to take a group photo against a plain white wall with no indication of what occasion it is. Mark the occasion and brighten up the atmosphere with wall decals, buntings and/or decorative balloons.

Purchase your Halloween party supplies from AliExpress through ShopBack now and spend less to get more.

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