The world sure does a lot of running. Running away from home, running away from commitments, running away from responsibilities, all the while watching Running Man. For such a whole lot of running involved, we might as well look good while doing so. Run away from reality in crummy sneakers and the world calls you a useless bum staying with your mum, Run away from reality in pumped-up kicks and the world calls you a visionary.

1 Born Cymbal Sneaker

brown sneaker born cymbal leather low rise

Price: 93.96 USD after 6% cashback

Kick up a storm with this pair of artisanal high-end sneakers. Uptown Funk meets Tony Bennett, cognac-stained full grain leather on the unmistakable shape of a sneaker is an unexpected yet delicious combination.

2 Superga 2750 SatinW

blue satin shoes sneakers superga 2750

Price: 53.55 USD after cashback

Who said comfort has to give style the boot? Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, simply wouldn’t hear of it. The collaboration between her and Superga produced this pair of satin sneakers, seductively smooth with a subtle sheen. Look away, shoe-fetishers, unless you want a full-blown hard-on.

3 Superga 2750 Bella Carvaggio

bella carvaggio superga burgundy leather sneakers

Price: 58.24 USD after 6% cashback

Another beautifully worked leather masterpiece. High tongue, low cut. The rows of metallic D-ring eyelet hardware perfectly complements the deluxe, solid leatherwork. The only place where this pair of sneakers isn’t appreciated is a nudist colony.

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4 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low (Women’s)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Low (Women's) Shoebuy

Price: 39.44 USD after 6% cashback

How can a list of street cred sneakers that doesn’t feature Converse even exist? Such a list should be stamped on by a Converse-clad foot. The classic silhouette of this shoe encapsulates the cool factor by being less about the particular shape but more of the in-the-know attitude. None of that awkward ‘ums’ like when you’re trying to order Subway sandwiches.

5 Skechers Burst Sweet Symphony High Top (Women’s)

Skechers Burst Sweet Symphony High Top (Women's) sneakers Shoebuy


Price: 70.46 USD after 6% cashback

These look alarmingly like the bigger counterparts of those toddler shoes that go ‘eek eek eek’. Despite the equally scratchy My Little Pony bubblegum interweaving going on at the side, the texture is almost seamless and marvellously smooth to the touch. Also, the perforation will air out your toes, so you won’t pong everyone with stinky soccer mum feet when you remove your sneakers.

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