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The year might be coming to a close but it is still not too late to get in shape and fulfil that #fitspo New Year resolution! (Or maybe you can get a headstart on next year.)

Check out these exclusive sports accessories from Lazada that will definitely motivate you to get active and moving!

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1. SPORTSCO – Anti Burst Yoga Gym Ball (65cm)

The Anti Burst Yoga Gym Ball is perfect for any exercise!

The Anti Burst Yoga Gym Ball is an absolute must-have for those who wish to exercise in the comfort of their homes! This multi-purpose gym ball can be incorporated into almost any type of exercise – yoga, pilates, weight training and any other fitness routine. Made using anti-burst material, let go of any worries you might have when putting your entire weight on the gym ball!

Retail price: SGD 12.90, After cashback: SGD 11.35

2. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Track your workout sessions with Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Not sure if you are getting sufficient exercise? Invest in the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband! This high performance wristband accurately tracks your all-day stats such as the number of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and much more. You can also sync your stats wirelessly to a computer to keep track of your activities and allow you to get the motivation to push yourself a little further every day!

Retail price: SGD 274.05, After cashback: SGD 241.16

3. Adjustable Length Jump Rope

A no-frills sport accessory is the jump rope!

With this Adjustable Length Jump Rope, you can pack a no-frills fat-burning skipping session regardless of whether you are at the gym or at home! The plastic handles can be adjusted freely along the length of the rope so that you can trim the jump rope to the right length for your height. This cheap and portable sport accessory will definitely guarantee you a full body workout!

Retail price: SGD 3.70, After cashback: SGD 3.26

4. TRX – Resistance Band Strength Stretch Belt Rope

Work on those arms with the Resistance Band Strength Stretch Belt Rope

Get strong and lean arms with TRX’s Resistance Band Strength Stretch Belt Rope! It comes in durable material that ensures long-lasting elasticity and durability, particularly for the frequent user. With comfortable and soft foam-padded handle grips, it ensures a comfortable grip while you are doing your workouts. A great sport accessory that is easy to carry around anywhere for a quick workout!

Retail price: SGD 7.80, After cashback: SGD 6.86

5. 360DSC – Hand Pusher Ab Power Wheel Trainer Kit (Set of 2)

Get abs with this Hand Pusher Ab Power Wheel Trainer Kit

As the name suggests, the Hand Pusher Ab Power Wheel Trainer Kit is set to bring out those desired abdominal muscles! It comes with cushioned easy-grip foam handles and two non-skid wheels for extra stability during your workouts. This ab wheel trainer even works on your shoulders, arms and entire back. It is extremely easy to use for both beginners and the sports enthusiast!

Retail price: SGD 14, After cashback: SGD 12.32

6. Vigor – 15kg Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack

Work on any exercise with this Neoprene Dumbbell Set that even comes with a rack!

Save on the travel time to the gym with Vigor’s 15kg Neoprene Dumbbell Set! It comes in three different weights: 1.5kg, 2kg and 4kg and even a rack so that the dumbbells can be stored away. The dumbbells come in an ergonomic shape and neoprene material to provide secure grip even during intense workouts. There are various exercise possibilities to get you up and about with this dumbbell set!

Retail price: SGD 70, After cashback: SGD 61.60

7. Jetting Buy – Fruit Infuser Water Bottle With Flip Lid (700ml)

Hydrate and refuel with this fruit infuser water bottle!

After all the vigorous workouts, it is important to hydrate! Replenish your body with the necessary minerals and nutrients with this fruit infusing water bottle. You define what goes into your water – it could be your favourite fruit, tea or even herbs! This provides a great alternative to plain water and also removes the temptation of sugary energy drinks.

Retail price: SGD 7.90, After cashback: SGD 6.95

These sports accessories from Lazada are extremely versatile and set to get you active and in shape! Furthermore, enjoy up to 12.0% cashback when you make your purchases through ShopBack. Get these items and start getting active right now!

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