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When it comes to insurance, many of us conveniently forget or deliberately refuse to purchase it. However, unexpected accidents, stolen belongings, lost luggages and flights delays can happen to anyone and getting yourself covered can help to ease your mind and live your life in ease.

FWD Insurance offers a wide range of insurance solutions that you can easily cover you for any kind of surprises life throws at you.

1. Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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What makes FWD’s travel insurance special is that it provides unlimited medical evacuation cover. After all, when something unexpected happens overseas, the last thing that you will want to think of is how much it will cost. FWD’s travel insurance covers flight cancellations or delays due to bad weather. You can also top up for pet care, which will help to cover additional kennel costs should your flight gets delayed. Moreover, if you are going for a ski trip or surfing vacay, rest assured that your sports equipment will be covered under FWD’s travel insurance as well!

2. Car Insurance

Car Insurance

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If you go on frequent drives to Malaysia or even Thailand from Singapore, why not give your car the protection it needs with FWD’s car insurance? Whether you require vehicle repairs, third-party damages or roadside assistance, you can easily customise it to suit your needs and budget. Likewise, you can even add on additional covers when driving in Malaysia and Thailand, such as emergency assistance, emergency expenses and towing benefits to get both you and your car safely back to Singapore.

3. Personal Accident

Personal Accident

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Struck with an unfortunate case of food poisoning while overseas? If you have purchased the personal accident insurance from FWD, then you do not have to worry about the potentially exorbitant medical expenses incurred to see the doctor while on holiday. Additionally, FWD’s personal accident insurance provides unlimited emergency medical evacuation when you are overseas. Likewise, you are entitled to emergency phone charges of S$300 should you need to make urgent phone calls when you are overseas.

4. Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

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As a motorcyclist, there is nothing more exhilarating than going on long motorcycle trips to Malaysia or Thailand. Same as how you protect yourself with helmets and motorcycle jackets, protect your motorcycle with FWD’s motorcycle insurance as well! You can get additional cover when riding in West Malaysia and Southern Thailand with emergency assistance, emergency expenses and towing benefits.

5. Maid Insurance

Maid Insurance

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Have a new helper at home but worried about how she will be when you’re away? Get FWD’s maid insurance so that you have one person less to worry about while on holiday! With FWD’s maid insurance, rest assured that your maid or helper’s medical expenses will be covered should she fall sick and need to see a doctor.

Thanks to FWD insurance’s unique suite of insurance policies, rest that assured that you will be well protected while on holiday. To top it off, you get to enjoy up to S$45 cashback when you purchase your insurance through ShopBack Singapore. With this incredible savings, coupled with the superb coverage that FWD insurance provides, we’d say – go forth and enjoy a worry-free holiday!

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