With Father’s Day just around the corner, forget the typical off-the-shelf presents. Share a few good laughs with these funny and punny gifts. He is bound to feel like the luckiest father in the world!

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We love ours Dads, but if you’re as last minute as us, we can help you out with our Father’s Day promotions to help you get your last minute gifts shipped right to Daddy Dearest!

1. Camo 6-Pack Beer Can Belt Holster

Party Beer & Soda Drink Can Belt 6 Pack Holster

Image credit: shopee.sg

This camo printed beer and soda can holster from Shopee is a tongue-in-cheek way to show your appreciation for your Dad. Your Dad can now keep his beer and can drinks within reach while freeing his hands to help out with the household chores, Rambo style. The best part? There is no reason for him to send you running to the fridge to help him take his drinks anymore!

Retail price: SGD 4.10

2. World’s Best Farter Travel Mug

World’s Best Farter I Mean Father Words Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Image credit: lazada.sg

Tease your Dad with this printed punny-quote travel mug from Lazada! Made from stainless steel, it is perfect for keeping his daily cuppa joe warm and is a great conversation starter when you have friends or relatives over. And if Dad denies it, well, wasn’t he the one who said that it is wrong to tell lies?

Retail price: SGD 45.36

3. Butt Station Office Desk Organiser

Butt Station Office Desk Organizer

Image credit: ebay.com.sg

This Butt Station Office Desk Organizer from ebay makes the perfect gift for working dads on Father’s Day. It is functional and includes a pen holder, tape dispenser as well as a card and paperclip holder. At the same time, it helps to provide a little comic relief for your Dad during the workday as well!

Retail price: SGD 14.22


Socks With Pug Design

Image credit: asos.com

Are your Dad and dog inseparable? While his workplace might not have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) to work day, he could can definitely rock this pair of quirky ASOS pug socks! Of course, it will not be as soft and warm as the family’s pet but at least he can wear his heart of sleeve (or rather foot).

Retail price: SGD 17.24

5. Fridge Safe Box Locker

Fridge Safe Box Locker

Image credit: ebay.com

There is nothing worse than finding out that your favourite snacks or drinks have been raided from the fridge. Help your Dad keep his lunch safe from the food bandits at work with this Fridge Safe Box Locker from Ebay! Or maybe even keep one for yourself in your home refrigerator to stop Dad from nabbing your snacks!

Retail price: SGD 33.76

6. Justice League Batman Kitchen Apron

Justice League Batman Kitchen Apron

Image credit: aliexpress.com

Just like Batman himself, your Dad’s “superpowers” are in the kitchen. Help your Dad show his superhero side as he whips up delectable dishes for the family in this awesome Batman kitchen apron from AliExpress. While you’re at it, give him that dream bod that he never had!

Retail price: SGD 12.65

7. How to Traumatize Your Children

How to Traumatize Your Children

Image credit: bookdepository.com

After years of pestering Dad to buy you that latest toy or gadget, perhaps it is time to grant Dad that special privilege on Father’s Day! This comical How to Traumatize Your Children book from Book Depository provides parents the best advice, along with illustrations, on how to raise mentally and emotionally damaged children. Be warned though, these ruinous techniques have been proven to be highly effective!

Retail price: SGD 11.26

8. Singapore Lang – What The Singlish! Book

Singapore Lang - What The Singlish! Book

Image credit: naiise.com

As your Dad gets older, he is probably complaining about how he’s losing touch with the latest Singapore lingo. Help Dad keep up with the cool Singlish slang with Naiise’s What The Singlish! Book! It even includes everyday Singaporean scenarios for him to know the proper usage. This dope book will make Dad win already lor in no time!

Retail price: SGD 65

Help Dad loosen up and have a good laugh on Father’s Day with these hilarious gifts! Moreover, a great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, ShopBack Singapore partners with these merchants to give you cashback on your Father’s day gift purchases. Grab these funny gifts and remind him how delightful fatherhood can be this Father’s Day!

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