More than just a table piece, the act of gifting flowers is a whole entire language by itself. The hues that each colour represents, understanding your receiver’s likes – it’s beyond the facade of nonchalant and cliche gifting!

We have searched far and wide for you for the best flower delivery options in Singapore. Just in time for Mother’s Day.


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Where to Get Flower Bouquets in Singapore

FloristPrice RangeDelivery FeeWhat We Like
Floral Garage$18 - $179$12, $15 (on Valentine's Day)5% discount if you order before 11th Feb and a self-collection option near Serangoon
Bloom Room$18 - $298$1510% off for UOB and Maybank Cardmembers
Little Flower Hut$39.90 - $200$150 (for 8-16 Feb)Bouquets are packaged uniquely for almost every option
Far East Flora$85.49 - $5,349.89$10 (exclusive of GST)You can get up to 8.0% Cashback and also buy the 999 roses option
The Enchanted Tree$120 - $150FreeNo delivery fee and up to 20% discount if you deliver before Valentine's Day
Flower Advisor$37 - $1683$20 - $30You can get up to 6% Cashback
Noel Gifts$60 -$430$6.50If flowers won't cut it, there's a bunch of other gifts to choose from
Humming$69.55 - $535$6.50Wider range of options for delivery including avoiding lunch hour and more time slots
Windflower Florist$39.90 - $80FreeFree delivery and a wide range of affordable options
Roses Only$49.95 -$895FreeFree delivery and specialises in long stem flowers
The Floral Atelier$130 - $325$15Higher tier flowers packaged in a bloombox
Floral Magic$160$15Fixed prices for Valentine's Day options
Fleuriste$95 - $235$15 - $25They offer bouquet workshops in case you want to make it more personal for your loved one
Xpressflower$82.39 - $508.25Up to $30Disney themed bouquets and a wide range of delivery timings
Prince's Flower Shop$60 - $600Free (Up to $35 for same day delivery)15% off for Valentine's Day orders

1. Floral Garage

Image Credit: Kaiting Hearts

Floral Garage offers flower delivery services for all sorts of occasions. Their website is very user-friendly and you can navigate yourself around.

  • Price: $18 – $179
  • Delivery Fee: $12
  • Website:

2. The Bloom Room

Image Credit: The Bloom Room

The Bloom Room’s signature products are actually centrepieces that are truly artistic. You can choose these central pieces in mason jars, baskets, glass vases, vintage vessels, and fabric. They do same day deliveries from 10 am to 6 pm but any orders after that will be delivered the next day. UOB and Maybank Cardmembers get 10% off!

  • Price: $18 – $298
  • Delivery Fee: $15
  • Website:

3. Little Flower Hut

Image Credit: Cardable

The Little Flower Hut website allows you to shop for flowers according to occasions. The bouquets start from $39.90. The Little Flower Hut offers special wee hours delivery services from 10 pm to 9 am for those who want to surprise their loved ones.

  • Price: $39.90 – $200
  • Delivery Fee: Free (before 4pm)
  • Website:


Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Far East Flora offers bouquets that are elegantly arranged for $55 and above. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, try looking at their collection of succulent plants. Succulents are super trendy right now and make unique gifts that last much longer than flowers. On this website, you’ll be able to find succulents for as low as $26 and some of them come in creative glass terrariums.

  • Price: $85.49 – $5,349.89
  • Delivery Fee: $10 (exclusive of GST)
  • Website:

5. The Enchanted Tree

Image Credit: The Enchanted Tree

Not looking to scroll through pages of flowers just for the right bouquet? The Enchanted Tree offers three options for Mother’s Day. Just choose which sets of colours you prefer and you’re good to go.

  • Price: $120 – $150
  • Delivery Fee: Free
  • Website:

6. Flower Advisor Singapore

A single rose from Flower Advisor
Image credit: Flower Advisor Singapore

Flower Advisor has one of the widest selections of flowers for an online store in Singapore. A single red rose here can be purchased for a mere $37 and it comes with some foliage. Their best sellers are mostly roses that come in a variety of colours apart from red so you can pick a colour to match the emotions you’re trying to convey. Flower Advisor offers even more savings when you use the Cashback promotions they have here on ShopBack.

  • Price: $37 – $1683
  • Delivery Fee: $20 – $30
  • Website:

7. Noel Gifts

Image Credit: Noel Gifts

Noel Gifts has a wide range of gifts for any and every occasion but for Valentine’s Day, they have flowers and many more. Fancy a bouquet that comes with something extra like a necklace or earrings? Noel Gifts would be just perfect.

  • Price: $60 – $430
  • Delivery Fee: $6.50
  • Website:

8. Humming

Image Credit: Humming

Humming has provided a colourful array of bouquets in the Valentine’s Day Collection 2019. What we like about Humming is the flexible options provided for delivery. For example, you can choose to avoid lunch hours just in case your loved one has rushed out of the office for a meal. You can also choose the option to call the recipient prior to delivery.

  • Price: $60 – $430
  • Delivery Fee: $6.50
  • Website:

9. Windflower Florist

Image Credit: Windflower Florist

Lost all your Ang Bao money gambling over the New Year? Don’t worry, Windflower Florist has got you covered with affordable bouquet options of a wide range. Unlike other florists, Windflower Florist has many options within the same price range. Plus, delivery is free!

  • Price: $39.90 – $80
  • Delivery Fee: Free
  • Website:

10. Roses Only

Image Credit: Roses Only

Like the name suggests, Roses Only delivers only roses. But, you can choose to add a teddy bear or Godiva chocolates to sweeten the deal for Mommy.

  • Price: $49.95 – $895
  • Delivery Fee: Free
  • Website:

11. The Floral Atelier

Image Credit: The Floral Atelier

Tired of the same old way bouquets are packaged? The Floral Atelier has bloombox bouquets which break the norm of flower bouquets. This is sure to make your loved one the most envied after receiving the flowers. Plus, it is pretty convenient to place it on a desk for display without transferring the flowers to another vase or bottle.

  • Price: $130 – $325
  • Delivery Fee: $15
  • Website:

12. Floral Magic

Image Credit: Floral Magic

Floral Magic is priced slightly higher with their bouquets but the good news is there is only one set price for all. Due to Floral Magic’s popularity, there are only 2 bouquets from the Mother’s Day collection left so be quick!

  • Price: $160
  • Delivery Fee: $15
  • Website:

13. Fleuriste

Image Credit: Fleuriste

Founded by florists who have trained professionally in other parts of the world, Fleuriste delivers the best you can ask for. However, what we found interesting is the Bouquet Hobby Workshop offered. Learn how to make a bouquet and give it to your loved one! It adds a personal touch and sounds more heartwarming than splurging hundreds on extravagant bouquets.

  • Price: $95 – $235
  • Delivery Fee: $15 – $25
  • Website:

14. Xpressflower

Image Credit: Xpressflower

Xpressflower has both online and offline services for flower bouquets, so don’t fret if you prefer choosing by hand. They also have 24-hour delivery services so if you are the type to spoil the market and surprise your mother at the stroke of midnight, this is perfect for you.

  • Price: $82.39 – $508.25
  • Delivery Fee: Up to $30
  • Website:

15. Prince’s Flower Shop

Image Credit: Prince’s Flower Shop

Prince’s Flower Shop has been in the flower bouquet industry since 1966 so you know they are reliable. If you’re looking for simple yet beautiful bouquets, Prince’s Flower Shop is your best bet.

  • Price: $60 – $600
  • Delivery Fee: Free (Up to $35 for same day delivery)
  • Website:

Surprise your loved one with a nice flower bouquet

Flowers can sometimes say things that you struggle to say in real life. It’s a silent expression of emotions that show love, comfort, and encouragement in a way that’s positive. If you find that you’re lost for words, just go on any one of these online florists and get those feelings off your chest.

Originally published in May 2018. Updated on 10 May 2019.

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