We often hear people talk about good and bad energy, which is also called chi. According to the traditional Chinese system of Feng Shui, chi is the essential life force that rules over all and plays a special role in bringing harmony to the spaces we live in.  As we spend a fair amount of time in our homes, we only want what’s best and comfortable to live with.

You don’t have to become a Feng Shui master to make your humble abode a pleasant place to be. The Feng Shui principles below are easy to implement and are sure to improve your home atmosphere. So, here are some simple Feng Shui tips to keep the chi flowing and make your home the perfect haven!

1. Identify the areas in the house that need care

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Feng Shui is all about bringing a good energy to a space. To begin with, try identifying which areas of your home need the most help. Look at your home as a whole unit and try to understand that the neglected areas of your house can slowly spread negativity across your entire home. Be wary to uplift not only one area of the house but the whole system.

You can start by checking if your main door and back door are aligned, or if your staircase is facing the main door of your home. In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important spots in your home, as it is how chi or energy enters the house. It is recommended to find out Feng Shui bagua area of the main energy and incorporate colours and shapes to strengthen the needed Feng Shui for the specific area.

Bagua chart for Fen Shui

2. Spring Clean your house

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One of the easiest ways to get good Feng Shui is by cleaning up clutter around the house. You should start clearing up everything that you do not love or need that is lying around your home. Cleaning up not only makes the space more easy on the eyes, it is also a therapeutical exercise that will help you uplift the load.

3. Air and Light are essential elements

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The two essential elements for Feng Shui is good quality light and air. Many Feng Shui guides recommend to frequently open windows and introduce Feng Shui air purifying plants. Another option is to get an air purifier for your home. By opening up the windows often, you allow natural light and fresh air to constantly circulate and bring good Chi or energy to enter your home.

4. Decorate your bedrooms accordingly

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Soft colours but not monotonous in bedrooms or adding artwork above the bed can add vitality to the room. It help bring good energy into the room and give off a comfortable feeling to come home to. Colours can make a lot of difference in Feng Shui, so be sure to check what auspicious colours to use for bedrooms.

5. Create a pleasant home entrance

Image Credits: Serenity Health

You can set a Feng Shui fountain near the entrance of your home. The explanation is for the water has to be flowing towards the center of your home, so the wealth has the opportunity to flow into your life. Water is an important element in Feng Shui, so having water elements in the house is a good addition.

6. Close the bathroom doors

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There is always a saying to keep your doors closed at all times, and this was directed mostly towards bathroom doors. The idea is that in Feng Shui, water goes out of the home if the doors are left open. Since water is related to wealth, you do not want money to flow out or flushed away. Another tip is to have the toilet cover down as well to prevent that from happening.

7. Add plants for good energy

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A very easy addition to your home is to have large plants like lily, bamboo and jade varieties to have good energy around the house. Plants bring vibrant chi into a working or home environment. It is a simple way of decorating your home as well, to add greens to the picture.

8. Reduce the exposure to electronics

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According to Feng Shui teachings, electronic devices emit negative chi via electromagnetic fields. People are advised to lessen your exposure towards electronic devices. Before you sleep, alarm clocks should be placed at least 3 feet away from your bed and another good tip is to have your television covered or kept inside a cabinet to avoid negative energy.

9. If it is broken, fix It!

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If you see anything around your home that is broken, go straight and fix it. The annoying drawers that stick, broken doorknobs, clogged drains or even as simple as torn clothes… All of these reflect a sense of “brokenness” which produce negative energy.

10. Kua number and lucky Directions

Large apartment room to let the chi flowing
Image Credits: La-Belle-Galerie | Pixabay

You could go find out your Kua number and lucky direction to determine the positions of your furniture and be energized by good energy. Just by moving something ever so slightly, you’re able to free up Chi that is being blocked. Try not to overcrowd your room by filling the space with furniture leave enough space between things to allow Chi energy to move around freely.

Master the art of Feng Shui

Ready to bring good energy into your house with Fen Shui? Follow these simple tips and you will feel the improvement.

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