If you always thought hotel penthouses are only for the important people, you couldn’t be further from the truth. These prestigious suites, lined with smooth décor and furnished with out-of-this-world bathrooms, believe it or not, are actually for the everyday traveller.

Welcome to the world of Expedia and its top hotel accommodation bookings. Expedia is an online portal where the travel aspirations of travellers all over the world are fulfilled with just a few clicks.

It gets better: use amazing Expedia discount coupons and promo codes to save on stays at the most unbelievable suites in the world, while getting cash back on every booking.

There just isn’t anything left to the imagination with hotel penthouse suites. Sitting rooms look just as luxurious as their bedroom counterparts, with teak tables and fur sofas that feel and look grand.

“This kind of luxury is unnecessary for me,” you might think, but many have also thought the same prior to getting a penthouse suite as an alternate guest-room after their regular hotel bookings have been delayed due to late room cleaning. They definitely loved the satisfaction of  showering in some of the best bathrooms anyone would ever get to use.

Interestingly, these penthouse suites aren’t even far from home. Malaysian hotels have some of the cheapest penthouse suites you can book, costing usually around SGD 500 per night for the lower-tier ambassador suites.

Night views from the Luna Bar, a covered bar extended along the length of the hotel’s rooftop pool, of the Kuala Lumpur skyline is another incredible sight you wouldn’t otherwise have unless you were lodging at the Pacific Regency Hotel penthouse suite. The general consensus is that if the view looks amazing in the pictures, it would look absolutely jaw dropping in person.

Even slightly cheaper city view suites that cost no more than SGD 300 per night will net you similarly impressive city-line views. And the booking process really is as easy as anyone can expect. Just heading down to Expedia and looking through the hotel range for any particular country would immediately bring up highly visual choices of penthouse and luxury suites for booking. The 2 minute completion timing they promise to complete your bookings is not a myth but something that Expedia actually delivers.

Expedia aims to be hotel bookings for the new millennial generation, after all. With work being stressful in Singapore these days, even getting a holiday in any country with a penthouse suite is sure to reset your ‘freshness’ level with glorious comfort and renew your lethargic mind.

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