There are so many essential home appliances that a home needs to keep it running. From your living space to kitchen appliances, here are our top recommendations of 2019 to keep your home up and running.


1. Vacuum Cleaner

A must-have in every household, vacuum cleaners are important in keeping your house dust-free. Be it a cordless vacuum or not, we recommend you spend some time to decide on the best one for you.

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Start TimeEnd TimeItemOffer
12:00AM2:00AMBundle: V8 Carbon Fibre (U.P S$649.00) + Dyson Pure Cool ™ Tower TP00 (White/Silver) (U.P S$549.00)
$111 off code: SBV8TP00 + 11% Cashback
9:00AM11:00AMDyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy (U.P. S$799.00)
20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
12:00PM2:00PMDyson Cyclone V10 Absolute (U.P. S$899.00)20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
6:00PM8:00PMDyson Pure Cool™ Advanced Technology Tower TP04 (Black/Nickel) (U.P. S$899.00)
20.0% Cashback (was 1.0%)
8:00PM10:00PMBundle: 2 x Dyson Pure Cool ™ Tower TP00 (White/Silver) (U.P. S$549.00 each)
$111 off code: SBTP002 + 11% Cashback
10:00PM12:00MNBundle: V8 Carbon Fibre (U.P. S$649.00) + Dyson Pure Cool™ Advanced Technology Tower TP04 (White/Silver) (U.P. S$899.00)
$141 off code: SBV8TP04 + 11% Cashback

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2. Air Purifiers

The haze situation hasn’t been the kindest in Singapore this year, so it is essential that you are well prepared to tackle the haze situation at home. 


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3. Hairdryer

If you have a habit of washing your hair in the morning or want to avoid sleeping with wet hair, then a good hairdryer is an important appliance you must have. Also, because of the frequency of use, we suggest investing in a good one that will last you for a long time to come.

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4. Garment Steamer

Every household needs a garment steamer to ensure that everyone’s clothes are well-ironed and they look presentable. Whether it is for school or work, a garment steamer is important to help you look well-kempt and presentable.

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5. Washing Machine

No exception for this and no reason for you not to have a washing machine at home!

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Home Entertainment

6. Television

Many Smart TVs now are able to connect to YouTube, Netflix and even allows you to surf the net! By how convenient it is, I say put your money into a HDR TV that will give you the best viewing experience.

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7. Sound System

Watching a movie at home is always better when you have a full surround sound system. Check out our favourite sound system to have at home to further enhance your relaxation time!



Kitchen Appliances

8. Fridge

For those who cook, or even if you don’t, having a fridge to store all your groceries and even skincare is extremely important. And we have the some of the best recommendations for you!

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9. Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple for all Asians and it is only natural that each household has a good one. 

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10. Air Fryer/Oven

An easier and healthier way to prepare your food, air fryers are the new-in thing. So find your favourite option to lead a healthier lifestyle!

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11. Kettle

Having an electric kettle is a faster and safer way of boiling water as compared to a traditional kettle. Find the perfect electric kettle for your kitchen right here!

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12. Juicer/Blender

Having a healthy cup of juice can be a great energy booster in the morning. Save some money and make your own cup of juice with these juicers or blenders!

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