A friend once asked: “Huh? Is there really a use for a personal purifier? You cannot even see the dust!”

Air purifiers are now commonplace in many homes as we’ve been bugged with the haze pretty often in 2019. And while most people will opt for a whole room purifier, I decided to test out the new Dyson Pure Cool Me to see if it is truly as personal as it claims to be.

And after spending a week with the Pure Cool Me, I can confidently reply to my friend, “Yeah, there really is a need”.

Difference between a Personal Purifier and a Room Purifier


The Benefits of a Personal Purifier

I’ve narrowed down to 4 main benefits of the Dyson Pure Cool Me that makes it such a beloved item to have at home. If you’re stuck in a limbo and can’t decide if you should get one, read on to find out!

1. Stronger Power, Smaller Sized 

At only a third the size of the Dyson Pure Cool Tower, the Pure Cool Me utilises the new Dyson Core Flow™ Technology to deliver purified, cool air to the user. The Purifier sat comfortably atop my desk while delivering cooling purified air to me as I focused on my work.

While it may look easy to use, the science behind the convex dome is not that simple. Drawing inspiration from the Harrier Jump Jet, two jets of air meet and converge on a convex surface to produce a high-pressure and focused stream of purified air, all without a fan head.

Why I love the size: 

Compared to a bulky whole room purifier, I personally liked how inconspicuous and personal it was. While a whole room purifier is indeed able to purify a larger area, you won’t get a steady and focused stream of purified air directed to you. Which was exactly what I loved about the Dyson Pure Cool Me.

2. HEPA Demystified

We often see this word being thrown around when we talk about air filters. But what exactly does HEPA mean? It is actually an acronym for “High-efficiency particulate air” and it measures the efficiency standard of the air filter.

The HEPA filter surrounds the entire inner face of the body and is able to capture polluted air from all directions. It is crazy how particles as tiny as 0.1 microns (that’s 1/300 the size of a single strand of hair!) can be captured by the Pure Cool Me.

* It should be noted that not all air purifiers come with HEPA filters.

Why I love the HEPA filter:

I wasn’t a believer of air purifiers as I had minimal knowledge of the pollutants present in my everyday surroundings. From the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air fresheners to the pollen from my dad’s plants, the Pure Cool Me is able to capture 99.95% of the microparticles while the activated carbon layer absorbs and traps gases and odours such as VOCs.

3. Invading your personal space – in a good way.

If you value your own space and prefer minimal noise disturbance when you sleep, then the Pure Cool Me will be your perfect companion. Intelligently engineered with an acoustic attenuation foam layer in the base of the machine, the noise produced is extremely negligible, even at close proximity.

Why I love the acoustics:

As the device will be placed within close proximity, you really wouldn’t want to have it whirring away while you work or sleep. It even makes for a soft ASMR while you sleep! The noise level was acceptable up until fan speed 8 (maximum fan speed is 10), which means you really do not have to worry about noise disturbance while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4. Timeless Design

Last but not least, the spherical structure sat atop the aluminium cylindrical shell makes for a timeless and seamless design anywhere at home. The sphere oscillates up to a 70° range, ensuring a smooth airflow well within your personal space.

I personally prefer minimalistic household electronics that sit comfortably with the furniture at home. And Dyson has once again managed to combine both form and functionality in perfect harmony. The monotonal colourway and clean-cut finish immediately caught my eye and it has since taken its spot all the way from the living room to my bedroom, and even the kitchen!

Why I love the design:

A design that lasts throughout the years of use is always key before I make a purchasing decision. Most purifiers stand pretty obvious in a room, but the design of Pure Cool Me allows it to sit in without sticking out like a sore thumb. 

It checks almost all the ticks.

Got to admit that I’m being nitpicky here, but there are just one or two factors that you might want to consider.

1. No smart features

While the Pure Cool Me looks every bit of a smart device, the lack of app control and air quality readouts was still a tad disappointing. After all, it is ultimately a personal device to be placed within close proximity and hence removing the need for app control. 

P.S The absence of smart features is also what makes the Pure Cool Me more affordable!

2. The magnetised control that doesn’t really stay when moved

If you’re like me and is on a constant search for the fan control at home, the magnetised control for the Pure Cool Me was a perfect accent to the product. But I did face an issue while moving the purifier around to find a good spot as a light push was enough to detach the control. 

Do bear in mind that this only happened when I moved the purifier and not when it was stationary on the desk.

Ultimately, the Pure Cool Me is a well-designed product that serves all it needs to

The Pure Cool Me guarantees clean, purified air with almost zero noise disturbance and it certainly delivers. The intelligent light sensors in the LCD screen that also adjust the screen’s brightness to better suit the surrounding environment and reducing any possible distraction.

Another one of the deciding factors, when I want to buy an air purifier, is the longevity of the filter. In this instance, the built-in reminders will help you stay informed of when your filter needs changing. Perfect for those who are not able to keep a tab on when was the last time they replaced the filters!

Now if you’re looking for a whole room purifier, you should know that this won’t be it. It is engineered to be a personal purifier and has all its functions catered to, and specifically made for an individual’s benefit. Instead, the Pure Cool Tower will be the alternative choice if you’re looking for a whole room purifier.

Otherwise, the Dyson Pure Cool Me certainly is a great personal air purifier, that improves the quality of air, and your quality of living.

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