Another year has passed and it’s the season to be jolly again! Some dog owners take joy in dressing their pets up in festive costumes to get into the merry mood and bring a smile to family and friends.

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At PETCO, you will be spoilt for choice at the many good-quality Christmas costumes to choose from! From a simple costume hat to a full snowman costume, there is bound to be a suitable and comfortable one for your beloved dog. We have selected some of our favourites to give you ideas on how to doll your pets up this Christmas!

Whether it is comfortable or not for dogs to wear costumes is a widely debated topic. If you’d like to dress your pets up, do ensure that you do not skimp on quality and buy only the most comfortable costumes in the correct size. Singapore has a warm climate, so do ensure that your pets are only wearing their costumes out of the heat and in an air-conditioned room (if possible).

It is advisable to observe your dogs and see if the costume makes them uncomfortable. Hopefully, they’ll continue their usual activities with no signs of discomfort!

1. Santa Hats

Sequin Santa Hat for Dogs

The Sequin Santa Hat adds bling and sparkle with red and silver sequins coupled with a frilled rim and pom-pom top for super cuteness. There is an adjustable chin strap to fit dogs of various sizes.

Red Knit Santa Hat for Dogs

The Red Knit version is a classic look that adds a wintery feel to an amusing white knit beard. The material is stretchable and makes for a good fit for almost every dog, plus it is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

2. Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer Antler Dog Headpiece

The Reindeer Antler Hat is ideal for super active dogs as the adjustable Velcro fastening ensures a comfortable and secure fit for any jumping and running around! With an adorable pom-pom in-between the candy striped reindeer antlers and brown reindeer ears, your dog will look all prepped up for Christmas!

Traditional Antler Dog Headpiece

The Traditional Antlers Dog Headpiece comes with plush deer ears and antlers and a frilly Santa hat in the centre. This headpiece comes with an adjustable plastic buckle with a click-shut mechanism. This is perfect if you have more than one dog and wish to have a herd of reindeer running around with joy!

3. Elf Hats

Elf Ear Dog Headpiece

This Joy Elf Ear Dog Headpiece is perfect if you fancy the elf look. It comes with stitched elf ears, a candy-striped hat with frilly lace and a lone jingle bell. The adjustable click-shut plastic buckle makes sure the headpiece stays on throughout your party!

4. Santa Costumes

Ms Claus Dog Costume

First, we have the Ms Claus Dog Costume which is a combination of red velvet and white fur trimming complete with a red sequin belt lining the back that is fastened by a heart-shaped crystal. This dainty festive look has a touch of cuteness with twin pom-poms hanging beneath the bow. The opening is elastic for a comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes.

Santa Suit for Dogs

There are two options for Mr Santa Claus!

The classic Santa Suit is made from fine velvet with frilly laced edges, gold buttons, a gold-buckled black belt and a traditional Santa Hat to complete the look.

Santa Illusion Costume for Dogs

The Santa Illusion Costume is made from red plush and white trimmings combine with a faux-leather band with a sewn-on gold buckle, together with pom-pom buttons that make an absolutely adorable Mr Claus! You can slip their front paws through the pants legs and secure with the adjustable Velcro. It also comes with an adjustable Velcro Santa Hat.

5. Snowman Costume

Snowman Dog Costume

This is definitely one of our favourites. With the lack of snow in Singapore, we really long for a snowman! This costume can be a little warm so it is recommended to have the air-conditioning switched on when your pet is wearing it and to ensure it’s only worn for a short period of time. The costume comes with frilled white fabric with a soft poly-blend inner lining creating a comfy costume. The red scarf, plush black top hat, and pom-pom buttons add an extra sprinkle of winter magic to the look.

With so many costume choices at PETCO, it can be tough deciding which one to buy. Or you could get more than one for a mini fashion show! Do remember to sign up at ShopBack Singapore so you enjoy additional cashback with your online costume shopping at PETCO.

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