We surveyed over 700 Singaporeans recently regarding their spending habits and discovered that this is how we spend our money:

How I Spend My Money
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Considering that most Singaporeans are foodies, it’s not surprising that we spend the most on food and beverages. How much you ask?

Well, according to our survey, Singaporeans spend an average of $12 per meal during weekdays and $24.50 per meal during the weekends. And if you’re going, “$25 on one brunch?! That’s like one week of cai png (economy rice with assorted vegetables and meat dishes) for me sia…” Then according to Time magazine, you’re probably not a millennial.

Millennial Avocado Toast
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But if you’re a millennial (and even if you’re not) and would simply like to find out more about our spending habits as well as a revolutionary way that will help you to cut down on your expenditure on food and drinks… Then read on to find out how you can continue to have your avocado toast and eat it!

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Seven Spending Habits Of Singaporeans


Food and beverages are still the top spending category for Singaporeans.



Mostly because we tend to eat out at least once a day and splurge a bit more in dining over the weekend.



And we like to pay for our meals with our credit and debit cards.



You can view the entire infographic here.

We love air miles and points, but nothing beats getting Cashback rewards when we pay for our meals and shopping.

And since we’re on the topic of cashback being our favourite reward… Have you heard of ShopBack GO?

Wait… What Is ShopBack GO?

It’s only the greatest thing ever since sliced bread…

Bear Catching Bread
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Okay, a bear catching a slice of bread with its mouth is pretty rad too. But we digress…

So what is ShopBack GO?

We still can’t reveal what it is exactly. YET. But we’re pretty sure that you’ve seen the teasers on our Instagram and Facebook page. And probably have seen the tagline, “Explore, Eat, and Earn” floating around social media. If you still can’t quite figure that out on your own… Here’s one more hint: come 15 October 2018, ShopBack GO will be a foodie’s best friend.

What food and beverage brands are you most looking forward to seeing on ShopBack GO? Let us know in the comments below!

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