Get your sugar fix on and enjoy eating delicious desserts in Singapore. With numerous dessert parlors around the city, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when you’re craving for some sweets at any time of the day. Wherever you opt to go, you’ll definitely feel satisfied and refreshed.

In fact, desserts can make everyone feel better. These picture-perfect and delectable sugary treats are always a feast for the eyes. You can’t help but have a bite of them when they’re served right in front of you. Oh, they’re so irresistible!

Whatever your emotion is at the moment, you can eat desserts all you want. Of course, you need to bear in mind to eat in moderation at all times. Listed below are the must-try desserts in Singapore and where to spot them when you want to brighten up your day and just slow down.

1. Chocolate Cake – Awfully Chocolate

Chocolate Cake - Awfully Chocolate
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Indulge in a delicate chocolate cake, one of the staple desserts of all time, whenever you feel like eating one. Awfully Chocolate offers a mouth-watering moist chocolate cake and other real chocolate goodness you shouldn’t miss. This cake shop is known for its delicious, not overly sweet, and decadent chocolate products that you’ll surely love.

Awfully Chocolate

  • Location: Awfully Chocolate 131 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428816 (Several other outlets across Singapore)

2. Churros – Churro101

Churros - Churro101 dessert
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Taste the flavorsome churros at Churro101. These are pressed and fried on the spot every day, so you’re guaranteed to have fresh churros when you order. What makes Churros101 different from other churros-serving stores is that it offers various flavors to die for. Try them out, especially the Dark Chocolate-Dipped Churro rolled in a strawberry crunch.


  • Location: Churro101 #04-01, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

3. Macarons – Bonheur Patisserie

Macarons - Bonheur Patisserie dessert
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Grab a bite of the dainty macarons at Bonheur Patisserie. Dishing out some of the most delish macarons in Singapore, this dessert spot is a must visit for those who want to munch on some real French goodness. Every macaron is worth your money, so you’ll never regret buying one. All macaron lovers will certainly love this place when craving for their favorite sweets.

Bonheur Patisserie

  • Location: Bonheur Patisserie #B1-72, 252 North Bridge Rd, Raffles City Robinsons, Singapore 179103

4. Mochi Ice Cream – Kane Mochi

Mochi Ice Cream - Kane Mochi dessert
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Enjoy the great combination of mochi and ice cream at Kane Mochi. Featuring various mochi flavors sliced into half and put in a cup when served, you’ll absolutely be coming back for more. Since they are not overly sweet, you’ll appreciate every bit of these heavenly desserts for sure. What a nice treat after a long, tiring day, right?

Kane Mochi

  • Location: Kane Mochi #02-50, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

5. Frozen Yogurt – Yole

Frozen Yogurt dessert at Yole Singapore
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Where to get the best-frozen yogurt? Yole is the place to be! With a lot of outlets around the region, it just goes to show that this dessert spot serves top-notch froyo. Filled with fresh fruits, crunchy bits, and more, it always leaves a good taste and gives you a brighter and lighter feeling. All orders come in a convenient go-to cup, too.

Yole Frozen Yogurt

  • Location: Yole 1 Sengkang Square, #01-24 Compass One, Singapore 545078 (Several outlets in the city.)

6. Ice Cream Sandwich – Orchard Road

Ice Cream Sandwich - Orchard Road traditional dessert
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Stroll along the Orchard Road and never miss out on the famous ice cream sandwich being sold in mobile carts around the area. Usually run by older ice cream vendors, this dessert comes in thick-cut portions of flavored ice cream served with a slice of rainbow bread or two wafers, depending on your choice. If you’re a first-time tourist in Singapore, it’s a must to try this one out. Bet you wouldn’t believe how good this sandwich tastes!

Traditional Ice Cream Sandwich – Orchard Road

  • Location: Orchard Road and Chinatown, Singapore.

7. Swiss Roll – To-Gather Cafe

Swiss Roll - To-Gather Cafe dessert
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Head over To-Gather Cafe and have a taste of its incredibly appetizing Swiss roll. In case you’re craving for a soft and rich roll of this kind, try its homemade Hojicha Swiss Roll served with a shot of Hojicha latte to satisfy you even more. It’s totally a must-try for those who seriously love desserts and matcha as well.

To-Gather Cafe

  • Location: To-Gather Cafe 84 Bedok North Street 4, # 01-25 / 27, Singapore 460084

8. Cotton Candy – Twenty Grammes

Cotton Candy - Twenty Grammes dessert
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Take your dessert gaming to new heights and try the White Chocolate Cotton Candy Affogato from Twenty Grammes. Definitely, it is one of the most unique desserts you’ll ever taste in Singapore. Atop the warm espresso and white chocolate ice cream is a fluffy pink cotton candy. Once you pour the chocolate over, you’ll get to taste a luscious dessert like no other.

Twenty Grammes

  • Location: Twenty Grammes 753 North Bridge Road #01-01, Singapore 198721

9. Croissant – Boulangerie Asanoya

Croissant - Boulangerie Asanoya dessert
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Satisfy your croissant craving at Boulangerie Asanoya. This Japanese bakery specializing in gourmet pastries and bread takes pride of its world-class products, including the croissant. It’s a go-to spot for various desserts with Japanese and European flavors that melt in your mouth.

Boulangerie Asanoya

  • Location: Boulangerie Asanoya 15 Queen Street Wilby Central, #01-03 Singapore 188537

10. Ice Cream – Creamier

Ice Cream - Creamier dessert
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Of course, this list of best desserts in Singapore won’t be complete without including ice cream. Apparently, there are tons of ice cream parlors in the city, but you can find premium ice creams at Creamier. This ice cream and coffee lifestyle cafe boasts of its exceptional ice creams and sorbets made with an extraordinary production process and their own recipes. You can never go wrong with good ice cream shared with a great company of your loved ones.


  • Location: Creamier Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-835, Singapore, 310128

11. Tart – Butter Studio

Tart - Butter Studio dessert
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Treat yourself to a piece of divine tart. At Butter Studio, you can enjoy artisanal tarts or pies, butter loaf cakes, gourmet cupcakes, and seasonal sweets. Never pass up the chance to taste any of the desserts found here, for these are all scrumptious. Also, don’t miss out on its indulgent Sea Salt Nutella Tart, which has a buttery pastry crust base and a gooey filling of both hazelnut chocolate and sea salt flavors. It’s a perfect treat for everyone any time of the day!

Butter Studio

  • Location: Butter Studio 147 Jln Besar, Singapore 208865

12. Cheesecake – Cake Spade

Cheesecake - Cake Spade dessert
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Are you a cake lover? Cake Spade should be on your top dessert spots list. Offering different kinds and flavors of cakes and other delightful desserts, you’ll surely be overwhelmed with a lot of options to choose from. Get a slice of its cheesecake and indulge in this toothsome sweet that will literally put a smile on your face. If you can’t decide what to order, opt for a beautifully made Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake that never ever disappoints.

Cake Spade

  • Location: Cake Spade 83 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088504

13. Waffle – Strangers’ Reunion

Waffle - Strangers' Reunion dessert
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Calling all waffle freaks out there! Visit Strangers’ Reunion and get your waffle fix. It’s the ultimate place for yummy waffles, which are crispy on the outside and buttery, fluffy, and soft on the inside. The waffles here also come with awesome flavors that you’ll get addicted to, like the one with vanilla bean ice cream, Milo crumble, and caramelized bananas or the strawberry-flavored one. A recipe for happiness, indeed!

Strangers’ Reunion

  • Location: Strangers’ Reunion 35 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169356

14. Pudding – Paris Baguette

Pudding - Paris Baguette dessert
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Revel in the cult-favorite pudding at Paris Baguette. This trendy cafe and bakery provides a one-of-a-kind experience to all its customers by serving soul-satisfying desserts you’ll undoubtedly love. Be sure to savor its original Royal Pudding, which is available in other flavors, such as strawberry and chocolate. Its overall taste is palatable and not too much sweet and rich, so you can truly enjoy it.

Paris Baguette

  • Location: Paris Baguette 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

15. Matcha Soft Serve – The Matcha Project

Matcha Soft Serve - The Matcha Project dessert
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Beat the heat and get yourself a Matcha Soft Serve at The Matcha Project. As its name suggests, this store specializes in matcha-flavored desserts and drinks. There’s no reason to dislike its offerings as they are all refreshing and simply tempting. Without a doubt, all matcha lovers will have their perfect spot once their matcha craving gets real and hard.

The Matcha Project

  • Location: The Matcha Project #B1-08C, 2 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018987

Succulent desserts to try in Singapore

Desserts are definitely one of the favorites of most people from across the globe. In fact, some people can’t live without sweets. As part of every meal, desserts always brings happiness to everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, then make it a point to check out these dessert places in Singapore. You deserve to treat yourself from time to time, so delight in these heavenly goodnesses. Keep in mind that a bit of sweet once in a while won’t hurt. Also, score the best dining deals at Shopback today to get more discounts from Honestbee or other online food merchants.

Do you know other tasty desserts and where to locate them in Singapore? Drop us a line!

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