We’re all up for tidying up our home (Marie Kondo style!) but an organised space is not all we need. Whether you live in a humble flat or a luxurious mansion, interior decoration is important to make your space a comfortable one.

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In addition to being just a living space, your home is also a canvas for you to express your artistic taste. One of the perfect canvases you can work on is blank walls. Whatever you do with these walls will really change the mood of a room.

If you have an empty wall at home and you don’t know what to do with it, here are some useful and affordable decor ideas.

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Affordable Wall Decor You Can Buy Online

1. Floral Stickers

Blue wall sticker floral blue
Image credit: Lazada

Floral stickers bring in an elegant feeling of spring that brightens up a room. These stickers can be found almost everywhere online and can be applied with minimal effort. Most of them come pre-packaged with adhesive stickers and all you have to do is apply them to your wall of choice. They also come in different bright colours. You can enhance these wall stickers with matching upholstery and cushion covers.

Here’s one ($8.90) from Lazada’s Taobao collection. Remember that there are plenty of Lazada discount codes you can use for your purchases on Lazada.

2. 3D Sticker Clocks

3D wall clock sticker set
Image credit: Shopee

These clocks are really artistic and much larger than the usual wall clocks. They’re actually designed for more than just telling time. These futuristic clocks come in several pieces and you can sometimes customize them to your own specifications. The numbers and dials are 3 dimensional, which means that they’re solid and pop-out from your wall. If you’re going for a futuristic look in any room, these decor clocks are a perfect choice.

This clock from Shopee ($8.50) is a prime example of a 3D sticker clock that can suit your living room, bedroom or study.  Shopee promo coupons can help you make your wall clocks more friendly to your wallet.

3. Butterflies in Flight

3D wall sticker butterflies
Image credit: Lazada

Butterflies add a sense of liberation and freedom to a living space. Nowadays, you can choose 3D butterfly stickers that look exactly like the real thing. One package of stickers includes about 24 butterflies and you will usually be allowed to choose your colour range. Adhesives will be provided and you can stick these butterflies in any pattern you want.

The lovely set of butterflies above is from Lazada and can be purchased for only $2.81, meaning that you can buy several sets and combine them to create patterns that cover more sections of your wall.

4. Words of Wisdom

phrases and quotes wall stickers
Image credit: Aliexpress

Warm and encouraging phrases on your wall can really perk up your mood. These wall decor stickers are a great feature for entrances and halls to greet you when you come home from work. It will also work for those who aren’t really into colourful wall decorations and prefer a more understated decor.

Aliexpress has plenty of these quote stickers on their website for about $2 per set. Additionally, you can always use the ShopBack Aliexpress discount codes available for home and living items.

5.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Hexagonal acrylic mirrors
Image credit: AliExpress

Acrylic mirrors are lightweight, safe for kids and look extremely good on your walls. They look exactly like glass mirrors, except that they won’t break when they fall. Plus, they’re a lot more affordable than regular heavy glass mirrors. One piece usually costs about $2.50 or less per piece. AliExpress carries these mirrors in several shapes including hexagons.

Usually, people purchase them in a set of 8-12 or more as they can be arranged on your wall in several creative ways. The hexagonal ones are especially versatile, so here’s where your artistic streak comes in.

6. A Picture in Pieces

wall painting in set of 5
Image credit: Shopee

In a slightly different twist from the usual room decor, you can choose to have a classy oil painting on your wall. Except for this time, you can have it in several disjointed parts. This unique way of presenting pictures makes your brain interact with the picture, thereby increasing their attractiveness.

This wonderful map of the world can be found on Shopee for only $10.30 per set.

Bring joy to your walls

As you can see, decorating a blank wall is actually really easy and extremely affordable. Just a small touch can liven up a room, and you don’t really have to put your back into it at all.


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