Scratching your head over where to wrap up this eventful year and mirthfully usher in a new, promising year? Look no further. Here’s a guide to some places in our sunny little island that may just be the place for you!

We’ve finally arrived. It’s that time of the year again where the festive mood pervades the air and celebrations burst forth in full swing. As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to herald in 2018 with a bang! The best way we, Singaporeans, know how – in countdown parties! Whether you want to spend the final hours of 2017 merrymaking with other gregarious revelers or prefer counting down to the new year with friends and family in intimate, cosy settings, we have five awesome places to recommend you here. So read on and take your pick!


1. Sentosa, Siloso Beach

Music at the Siloso beach New Year party
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Arguably, the best-loved and bustling countdown party in Singapore, the Siloso Beach Party is back again for the 11th year to count the last day of December 2017 away with party goers. Round up a few pals and get ready to gyrate the night away to 12 continuous hours of pulsating music that includes live discotheque and techno music by renowned international and regional DJs. Have a soaking good time in the iconic foam pool and frolick in the ‘’bubbly” waters under splendid fireworks in the night sky till 2018 dawns.

A yearly affair not to be missed for the youthful and young at heart looking to end the year resoundingly in sonorous music, not to mention “gloriously” wet. Ticket prices range from $48 to $98. Grab them before they are all sold out!


2. Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel

View the New Years' firework from Pan Pacific Singapore hotel
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Fancy watching magnificent fireworks bursting in the night sky on New Year’s Eve while savouring a delectable meal at the balcony of your hotel room? Booking a paradisiacal staycation at the Pan Pacific Singapore can make that dream a reality.

Perfect for couples and families who are looking to make the last day of 2017 and first day of 2018 particularly memorable, Pan Pacific Singapore is offering New Year’s Eve hotel room and suite packages for those who want to immerse themselves in the breathtaking surroundings of Marina Bay in the comfort of their exquisite nest in Pan Pacific. Equipped with all the usual comforts and facilities and with its exquisitely designed rooms, Pan Pacific Singapore is probably the best place to go to if you want to unwind over the long holidays with your loved ones and yet do not want to miss out on the bustling vibe on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


3. Party World KTV

Party World KTV room with pool table
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Kicking off the New Year belting out the latest pop songs doesn’t sound like too bad an idea, isn’t it? Why not party away with Party World KTV? Avid Karaoke goers would be delighted to hear that many of Party World’s outlets including the ones at Liang Court, Downtown East, and Woodlands Civic Centre open till the wee hours of the morning till either 2 or 6 am. Sing (and drink) to your heart’s content in your own private sanctuary of a room and huddle with your buddies as you chant and sing till the seconds whittle away to usher in a brand new year.

Sing unfettered, unabashedly on New Year’s Eve with your companions. The icing on the cake is the KTV’s menu which features yummy finger food and thirst-quenching beverages to help your stomach and, not to mention, throat last a solid few hours. Whether you are a fan of old classics or current pop melodies, Party World KTV is the ideal place for you to belt out and usher in 2018 to the beat and sound of great music.


4. St John’s Island

The Northern Beach on Saint John's Island.
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If you feel like going on a mini escapade, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the thronging crowds this New Year’s Eve, St John’s Island is a safe bet and certainly a great choice. For just the price of a ferry ticket and accommodation (you can stay at the Holiday Bungalow and Holiday Camps), you can immerse yourself in the idyllic and serene beaches and green pockets on the island and perhaps even catch glimpses of the resplendent firework lighting up the sky over Singapore as the New Year comes sweeping in.

Should you choose to stay a couple of nights at St John’s Island, there are certainly myriad activities for you to indulge in from cycling to leisurely strolls in the beaches to picnicking, barbequing and possibly even bonding with your friends and loved ones around a bonfire with cats roaming around. It will certainly be quite a blissfully tranquil, and novel, way to welcome the new year and if you raring to try it, get your ferry and accommodation tickets now!

5. Home Sweet Home

New Year party at home
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Love thy neighbors and family? There’s no better way to count your blessings and the last hours of the year than with them at the coziest place in the world – your home. Who says that you cannot create your own New Year’s Eve bash and countdown with an awesome company at your home sweet home? Invite your company of friends and family and regale over good food and jokes Get some food or drinks delivered to you from Deliveroo or Honestbee.

A celebration at home doesn’t necessarily need to be a calm one. Organise a countdown bash with your best buds and maybe even a slumber party after that as you recollect on good ol’ memories, count your blessings and make New Year resolutions together. As the saying goes “Home is where the heart is”, it is also where the sweetest memories can be made and harvested with loved ones. So what better way to make the best of the last day of the year doing so?

Wherever you have set your sights and hearts on to count your New Year’s Eve this December 31st, make the most of it and look forward to more exciting developments for Singapore and yourself in 2018!

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