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We have all been there – the days where work seems to have no end. Getting up and scrounging for food requires way too much effort, to the point that dinner seems secondary. To help you avoid that dinner time crowd (and to provide you some comfort for the long hours stuck in the office), here are some comforting food options from Deliveroo to consider the next time you have to work OT!

1. Three Buns At Potato Head Folk Potato Head Folk

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If you are craving for something fried or just have a love for burgers in general, Three Buns should be right up your alley! Located at the hip Keong Siak Road, the restaurant serves a wide selection of gourmet burgers and craft cocktails. Each burger promises to be a delight – tender patties and fried chicken are tucked between artisanal buns and paired with complementary special homemade sauces for a better, more flavourful kick. We highly recommend their popular Baby Huey and Honky-Tonk to keep you company through the late nights.

2. Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez

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Time to load up on all the carbs you lost! The Guzman Y Gomez chain boasts a diverse menu, from simple chips and salsa to traditional burritos and tacos. Their Grilled Chicken Burrito is comfort food at its finest – the soft tortilla shell is packed with a succulent chargrilled fillet, rice, jack cheese, vegetarian black beans, salsa and other filling. Best bit is, you get ultimate control over its spiciness! Their salads are a must-try for those wishing for a healthier (but no less hearty) alternative.

3. Pho Stop

Pho Stop

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Sometimes a good bowl of noodles is all you need to wash away the fatigue from work. As you can guess from their name, Pho Stop offers everyone’s favourite Vietnamese noodles (though they do serve other Vietnamese dishes as well). Aside from using fresh rice noodles, the main highlight – the pho’s broth – is pleasantly light, making it easy on the palate.

4. Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Image credit: Alter Ego | Facebook

By the same people who brought you A Poke Theory, Alter Ego dishes out not only everyone’s favourite Hawaiian poke bowls, but also more sinful alternatives. Our guilty pleasures? Probably the Shortrib Grilled Cheese (picture a delightful blend of gruyere and taleggio cheese with short-rib, nestled between two soft, pillowy and slightly buttered artisanal white loaves) and their signature Pizza Fries (featuring crisp fries, smoky pepperoni, three-cheese sauce and a savoury bacon ketchup). Can we just say, cheese lovers paradise?

5. Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie

Image credit: Flor Patisserie | Facebook

Time to treat yo self! The Japanese-inspired French cakes and pastries from Flor Patisserie are not only pretty to look at (or fun to Gram) but also a great way to curb your dessert cravings. Though the offerings aren’t overly saccharine or dense, it still has enough of that sugary goodness to give you that much needed energy boost!

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