Plenty of years ago, when our ancestors roamed the earth, they came up with a set of beliefs and customs that have since trickled down through the generations. Although many of these practices have been altered with the passing of hands, a good number of superstitions and traditions have somehow managed to anchor themselves even in our culture today.

Chinese New Year Traditions

You know the usual – wear red, avoid sweeping, give mandarin oranges in pairs, don’t touch anything with sharp edges. But did you know that there’s more than meets the eye? Since our ancestors have us believe that Chinese New Year sets precedence for the rest of the year, the following tips will help you play your cards right in 2019!

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Decorating Your Home

1. Mystic knots with gold coins

Mystic knots with gold coins
Image credit: Roberto Boat | Pixabay

The mystic knot is a rather curious thing with no obvious beginning and end to it – much like an infinity symbol. The continuous loop symbolizes a never-ending cycle of auspicious energy and harmony which bodes well to the start of the new lunar year. Choose the ones with gold coins to bag some extra huat in your pocket!


2. Place 9 oranges in the kitchen

Place 9 oranges in the kitchen
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Say “9” aloud in Mandarin, and you get “jíu” (久), which translates to ‘everlasting’. Placing 9 oranges in your kitchen, where your warm meals are prepared, will supposedly earn you a permanent abundance of good luck and prosperity this year.

Apparently, ghosts and evil spirits that seek to steal your provisions are also afraid of citrus fruits. You know what to do!

Hosting Guests This Chinese New Year

3. Prepare auspicious food for your guests

Do prepare auspicious food for your guests
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Food symbolism is extremely fascinating. Seemingly normal snacks and ingredients represent different blessings during the festive season. Some based on their appearance (e.g. dumplings resemble gold ingots, and hence represent wealth), and others based on folklore (e.g. nian gao (年糕) to bribe the Kitchen Deity for a good report to the Jade Emperor).

If you need help preparing your Chinese New Year reunion feast, here are some ideas:




Peace and wisdom

Chang shou mian (长寿面)



Abundance of wealth

Eight treasures pudding (八宝饭)

Great luck, great fortune

Fish served from head to tail

An abundant year from beginning to end


Good relationships with family members


Great health

Pineapples and pineapple tarts

Good luck, prosperity

Seafood (e.g. prawns, abalone, crabs)

Abundance of Providence

Tang yuan (汤圆)

Family togetherness, unity


4. Don’t throw out trash until CNY day 5

Don’t throw out trash until CNY day 5
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We’ve all been warned by our moms not to do any sweeping during CNY because it’s akin to sweeping out your good fortune. But did you know that you’re not even supposed to throw anything in the bins? Guard your prosperity by leaving rubbish in the corners of your house – until the 5th day, that is. Good luck to those who are hygiene freaks!

Visiting Relatives & Friends

5. Don’t visit anyone on CNY day 3

Friends spending Cheinese New Year celebratiosn together
Image credit: gregorypalmer | Pixabay

Legend has it that on this day, the heavenly Red Dog will be released into the streets. Some call it the Deity of Blazing Wrath, which explains why pantang folks would rather stay at home than go outside and run into ‘it’.

Why a pet would be this furious bewilders us. But some believe his aggressive temperament can affect those who incur his fury and become easily angered in return. In this day and age, more modern people take it as an outdated superstition and use the 3rd day to visit family and share delicious meals with their loved ones.


6. Don’t greet anyone in their bedroom

Don't greet anyone in their bedroom
Image credit: Pexels

Socially known as a private area, the bedroom is where a guest intrusion is perceived as impolite. And when we cross into our host’s personal space, we create an opportunity for annoyance to be harboured.

With CNY being a festive occasion where peace and harmony are celebrated, it’s best that we help prevent such situations from happening. Wait for our host to leave the bedroom, and then greet him or her with every auspicious four-lettered phrase you can think of.

Other Practices

7. Beware of the porridge

Don’t eat porridge
Image credit: Pixabay

Porridge may be lovely comfort food, but it is also tagged with the unfortunate reputation of being the food of the poor. The same goes for tofu and bitter gourd. 

Sound finances ultimately boil down to wise stewardship. But if you believe CNY sets precedence for the rest of the year, then we suggest starting the year with food that bodes auspicious meaning such as longevity noodles and seafood.


8. Open all doors and windows on CNY day 1 00:00

White apartment with windows open
Image credit: roshanbhagat43 | Pixabay

The entrances of every home are seen as auspicious gateways for blessings and good fortune. Many believe that opening your doors and windows will allow the bad memories and experiences of the old year to exit, and make way for new fortunes that the new year will bring.

Singapore is relatively safe so you can leave your doors and windows wide open. You can never be too sure though, so do stick around and watch those doors!

Are you ready to let prosperity in?

All the traditions and superstitions make Chinese New Year an even more festive season. Whether you want to follow tradition or not, make sure you plan your celebrations and make the most of the super offers and deals coming your way this season.

Do you know of any other unusual CNY traditions? Do you have any CNY superstition? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published in January 2018, updated on 5 January 2020.

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