Got no time to clean your own home? Don’t fret for there are a lot of reliable cleaning services and apps to keep your entire property spic and span. There’s nothing to worry about because they always got your back!

Most Singaporeans or anyone living in Singapore are too busy working and taking care of the family. We all feel like we don’t have much time to keep up with housework. After a whole tiring day at work, all we want to do is rest and spend valuable time with our loved ones. That’s why it’s unlikely that you still have the energy to perform your house cleaning tasks or worry about finding a carpet cleaner.

Help is available. If getting a full-time helper is not an option for you, make your home sparkle with the help of trusted home cleaning companies around Singapore. You can either hire a housekeeping service on a regular basis or a part-time helper to spruce up your safe haven. Numerous cleaning services and apps are available to choose from so you won’t be having a hard time finding the right one, at the most attractive price, to help you clean your home.

To reduce the hassle and stress caused by dirty and unorganized home, check out the following dependable cleaning services and apps you can book.

1. Agent Bong

agent bong cleaning and vaccuming your house floor
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For an outstanding cleaning service, book now at Agent Bong. This Hong Kong-based company has now been launched to Singapore to provide top-rated domestic services. You will never go wrong choosing any services from Agent Bong as their helpers are all highly seasoned and professionals.

You can simply download the app on your phone or make your bookings through their official website. Not only you can hire part-time house cleaners at Agent Bong, rather caregivers, cooks, and babysitters, too. The rates for cleaning services start from 20 SGD per hour for recurring customers and 23 SGD hourly for a one-time service.

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2. Helpling

Helpling cleaning lady ready to clean your apartment
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Tidy up your home with the reliable cleaning services from Helpling. This online platform is one of the preferred home cleaning companies in Singapore. It offers first-rate services to those who have no time to clean up their houses. You won’t regret a single thing once you confirm your bookings online or through the mobile app.

Each cleaner registered at Helpling is legit and vetted. So, manage your cleaning appointments properly and if you do have questions, you can contact their customer service team. The cleaning services’ prices start from 20 SGD per hour for recurring bookings and 35 SGD every hour for single cleaning.

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3. SendHelper

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Enjoy a spotless home with the aid of the professional cleaners from SendHelper. It only takes a few seconds to book a service from this company and everything is made convenient for all customers out there. Just download the app, request the service you want, and sit back and relax. The cleaner will absolutely be at your home on time.

SendHelper ensures that each service they provide is of high quality. That’s why you can easily trust the cleaners to make your dwelling place fresh again. Repeat customers can pay 20 SGD per hour and 22 SGD hourly for one-time orders.

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4. Glorgo

Lady cleaning the living room of a HDB in Singapore
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Have your home a neat and nice look once more with the help of Glorgo’s trustworthy cleaners. There is nothing to worry about your household chores anymore because these professionals will be the one to take charge. Also, this cleaning company takes pride in its flexible house cleaning services.

Customers are guaranteed to hire cleaners who have a clean record and are Singaporean citizens or permanent residents. Glorgo does not offer cleaning services alone, but plumbing, installation, aircon servicing, and more as well. The house cleaning service will cost you 44 SGD for a minimum of two hours, which is calculated based on the bathrooms and bedrooms that need to be cleaned on your property.

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5. Auntie Cleaner

Part time cleaning services of Auntie cleaner
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See to it that you always hire the ideal cleaners for your home. Choose Auntie Cleaner when you are in search of the best cleaning services in town. It is one of the few cleaning companies in Singapore that brings a wide range of cleaning services.

Another thing that makes Auntie Cleaner a unique cleaning agency is that it offers green cleaning. Its professional cleaners use environmentally friendly products each time they clean your house. That is why if you are trying to go green, this company would be your top choice. You can get their best-seller package at 416 SGD, which consists of once a week four-hour cleaning with a total of four sessions.

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6. House Cleaner Singapore

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In case you are looking for a one-stop service provider for all your housekeeping needs, turn to House Cleaner Singapore. This reputable cleaning agency does not charge customers agent and replacement fees. You are sure enough that there are no hidden charges whenever you book a service with them.

Additionally, window cleaning and ironing and pressing of clothes are included in their regular house cleaning service. You can get a promo package of four hours a week per four sessions at 388 SGD. Other related services are also offered here, including house painting, laundry cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

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7. Whissh

House cleaner washing the sink in the washroom
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Let Whissh do your household chores if you’ve got no time for it. With just a booking through their easy-to-use mobile app, you can request a cleaning session with them already. In fact, you can schedule a service even after office hours with no additional fee. They have an evening cleaning session ideal for those who can’t open their doors for cleaners during work hours. And this is just perfect for people living independently!

Whissh staff can assist you from quoting to booking to confirming your service. A one-time cleaning is priced at 30 SGD each hour, while the recurring weekly service is 23 SGD hourly. All payments are made via Paypal or credit card, so you will never experience any hassle with the payment process.

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8. Kaodim

Find and book your cleaning services from Kaodim
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Transform your home into a brand new one by booking a prompt cleaning service from Kaodim. This Malaysia-based service marketplace offers the best possible services to everyone in need of their work. You are always assured that they get the job done well.

Send in your request via the app, wait for the estimated quote, and pick out the best deal. Usually, one cleaning session is about two to four hours with one or two cleaners. Depending on the size and kind of home you have, the pricing starts from 18 SGD to 35 SGD per hour.

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9.  Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaner mopping the wooden floor in apartment in Singapore
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As one of the largest cleaning service providers in Singapore, Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry has proven its worth through the years. It has a team of 70 experienced and well-trained staff that you can count on each time you need one. Since it has a big team, it is your top option for short notice or urgent cleaning job.

Aside from cleaning services, Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry has a lot more to offer, like carpet shampooing, floor scrubbing, pressure jetting, and upholstery cleaning. Its cleaning session can be availed starting from 300 SGD to 480 SGD per week.

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10. Fuss

Cleaner putting on gloves to do the dishes in the kitchen
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Get the best cleaning service you deserve at Fuss. Nothing beats having a peace of mind with the company’s money-back guarantee rule once there’s a verified damage or loss that has been done at your home. You can definitely trust your home with the cool guys of Fuss.

The online booking service can be completed in just three simple steps. Book a cleaning date and time, pay through your credit card, and wait for your designated cleaner to arrive at your doorstep. It’s that easy! More so, a flat rate starting from 22 SGD per hour is charged every session.

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Cleaning services price comparison

Cleaning services App Price / Package Frequency
Agent Bong 20-23 SGD/hour 1 session
Helpling 20-35 SGD/hour 1 session
SendHelper 20-22 SGD/hour 1 session
Glorgo 44 SGD for 2 hours 1 session
Auntie Cleaner 416 SGD for 4 hours 4 sessions/monthly
House Cleaner Singapore 388 SGD for 4 hours 4 sessions/monthly
Whissh 23 – 30 SGD 1 session
Kaodim 18 – 35 SGD 1 session
Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry 300 to 480 SGD 4 sessions/monthly
Fuss 22 SGD 1 session

Tried-and-true cleaning services

It’s quite tough to deal with household chores every day, especially when you have a full-time job. Whether you are living alone or with a partner or family, housekeeping is still one of the hardest tasks to get done. Most Singaporeans are busy working the entire day and it’s difficult to prioritize your duties at home. The one thing you wish to do after office hours is to relax.

Nonetheless, with these tested cleaning services and apps mentioned above, you can still maintain the beauty and neatness of your home. Simply select any of these cleaners and you are ensured to have a great service. And if you are satisfied with the completed cleaning session, you may request again and be given a discount as a recurring customer.

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