Ultimate Guide to Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees in Singapore 2020 – with More Savings!

For families celebrating Christmas, no doubt a festive Christmas tree is going to be a top priority. Especially since we are unable to travel overseas, Christmas Trees in Singapore are seeing a spike in demand. With the increasing popularity of Christmas Trees in Singapore, it almost seems impossible to find durable, cheap, quality Artificial Christmas Trees that are not sold out everywhere.

Fret not, we’ve got your back. Turn your cosy homes into a Christmas wonderland with Christmas Trees from the following places! We’ve also included the promotions you should look out for to get your penny’s worth.

StoreTreesPriceStore Deals
  • Christmas Tree 60cm (Green & Red, White, Green Gold, Lake Blue, Pink etc)
  • Christmas Tree 120cm (Green, White, Lake Blue, Pink etc)
$9.60 - $35.90
  • IKEA Vinter 2020 Artificial Plant 210cm
Far East Flora
  • Baby Christmas Tree 30cm x 30cm 
HOUZE Singapore
  • Elite Christmas Tree 100cm
  • Elite Christmas Tree 130cm
  • Premium Christmas Tree 100cm
  • Premium Christmas Tree 130cm
$39 - $59
  • Free delivery above $150
  • The National Tree Company - Artificial Kinaid Spruce Christmas Tree 120cm
  • The National Tree Company - Pre-lit Artifiical Kinaid Spruce Christmas Tree with white-lights 120cm
  • Wall Tree Decoration
  • Korean-style Christmas Tree Lovely Gold 120cm or 150cm
  • Korean-style Christmas Tree Twinkle Gold Red 120cm or 150cm or 180cm
$15.90 - $60

1. Shopee (from $9.60)

shopee small christmas tree
Image Credit: Shopee

When it comes to affordable items, Shopee has got almost anything and everything you can think of. This includes Christmas Trees and Christmas decorations as well.

From just $9.60, you can take home a 60cm Christmas Tree, available in different colours like green, white, pink and lake blue! Moreover, this package includes light string, ball, ribbon, snow flake ornaments, together with a 10cm letter plate. This is an affordable option for those not looking to invest too much into their Christmas Tree in Singapore this year.

To ramp up the festivity, opt for the 120cm version from $34.90, which includes even more ornaments and a bigger letter plate to deck your Christmas Tree.

Get Shopee Christmas Trees in Singapore

To save more on your Christmas and year-end purchases on Shopee, shop via ShopBack for up to 9% Cashback! For all savvy shoppers, stay tuned for Shopee’s 12.12 grand Birthday sale soon.

2. IKEA ($119)

ikea vinter artificial christmas tree 2020
Image Credit: IKEA

Add embellishments to The IKEA Vinter 2020. Priced affordably at $119, it is a simple artificial Christmas tree standing at 210cm tall, suitable for both outdoors and indoors. If you want to make cleaning hassle-free, this is the option to go. It’s needle free, so you won’t have to clean up fallen needles. Cleaning is extra straight-forward too since you can just wipe it with a dry cloth.

To reduce their environmental impact, IKEA has ensured that 30% of the plastic in this Christmas Tree comes from renewable sources. Additionally, it’s easy to store since you can unscrew the tree into smaller parts. You can reuse it year after year, Christmas after Christmas in Singapore!

Get IKEA Christmas Trees in Singapore

  • Locations: IKEA Alexandra – 317 Alexendra Rd, Singapore 159965; IKEA Tampines – 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
  • Website

3. Far East Flora ($99.90)

artificial christmas tree from far east flora with assorted christmas ornaments
Image Credit: Far East Flora

When it comes to flowers, one of the first few places that comes to mind is Far East Flora. They have over 1,000 flower and gift options you need for every and any occasion and celebration – and of course this includes Christmas!

For the space conscious peeps, consider having a cute little 30cm x 30cm Baby Christmas Tree priced from $99.90 instead! You can either place this in your living room, on the dining table. This Christmas tree from Far East Flora also comes with an assortment of Christmas ornaments.

Get Far East Flora Christmas Trees in Singapore

  • Locations: Far East Flora @ Queensway – 590 Queensway, Singapore 149072;Far East flora @ Thomson – 557 Thomson Road, Singapore 298181
  • Website

Here’s a tip from us – save even more on Christmas Trees and decorations this year at Far East Flora, and get up to 10% Cashback with ShopBack!

4. HOUZE Singapore (from $39)

artificial christmas tree from houze singapore
Image Credit: HOUZE Singapore

Decorate your living space with the high-quality HOUZE Elite Christmas Tree series. Their Elite Christmas Tree in Green comes in different sizes to suit your individual needs. Tree heights comes in 100cm and 130cm, with lengths and widths starting from 53cm. Not to mention their competitive pricing starting at just $39 for a 53cm x 53cm x 100cm tree, perfect for the budget conscious.

If you want a tree with a slightly bigger width, they also offer the Premium Christmas Tree in Green, with dimensions from 68cm x 68cm x 100cm. Price starts slightly higher than the Elite version, from $49.

It is made with a lightweight eco-friendly PVC material, and comes with a sturdy detachable stand. Due to the sturdiness of the tree, you can hang as many festive ornaments as you want. You can either opt for store pick up at the following locations, or choose delivery instead.

Get HOUZE Christmas Trees in Singapore

  • Locations: 4 Changi South Lane #01-101, Singapore 486127; 112 East Coast Road #02-26, Singapore 428802
  • Website

5. Amazon (from $56.58)

the national tree company amazon artifical christmas trees in singapore
Image Credit: Amazon

Showcase your holiday spirit with National Tree Company’s Artificial Christmas Trees! The National Tree Company is a USA-based family owned business, a leading wholesaler of artificial Christmas trees and other festive wreaths, garlands, and decorations for over 60 years.

Their Artificial Kincaid Spruce Christmas Tree stands at 4ft (or approximately 120cm) is priced affordably at $56.58. They also have a Pre-lit version of this Artificial Tree including pre-strung white lights. This lifelike tree also has 269 individually crafted branch tips, is conveniently wrapped for easy storage, fire-resistant and non-allergenic. You bet you’re getting a quality Christmas tree that will last you years.

Get Amazon Christmas Trees in Singapore

Since the Christmas Tree is shipped from Amazon US to Singapore, the delivery charge can be rather expensive. Remember to shop with Amazon via ShopBack for up to 6% Cashback. This way, the total cost still remains rather affordable!

6. Lazada (from $15.90)

lazada artificial christmas trees in singapore
Image Credit: Lazada

This aesthetically pleasing Christmas Tree on Lazada will no doubt brighten your room. This is already their 2nd batch of Christmas Trees, so you can imagine their popularity. It comes in two different variations – the Lovely Red and the Twinkle Gold, both available in 120cm and 150cm. Twinkle Gold Red also comes in a taller version standing at 180cm.

The upgraded 2020 version also comes with a luxurious, warm cherry light to brighten up your living space. You can also make it extra festive with the decorations included in the package. This includes decorative items like glitter balls, Santa hat, snowflakes and ribbons.

Prices for small wall trees starts at $15.90, whereas bigger Christmas Trees starts at $22. Stay tuned for the grand 12.12 Lazada sales to get even better deals.

Get Lazada Christmas Trees in Singapore

Remember to shop with ShopBack to get up to 10% Cashback and stack your savings!

Where To Get Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees in Singapore

Don’t let the pandemic dampen your holiday spirits. It’s an even better time to deck your homes with dazzling, festive decorations and Christmas Tree to make celebrations in Singapore even more amazing.

As 12.12 sale inches closer, it’s time for you to make your Christmas wish list if you haven’t!

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