Traditional wedding ceremonies are coming back ‘en vogue’ in a big way. More and more young people are choosing to honour their heritage when they marry. This includes having the tea ceremony, bride fetching ceremony and a large wedding feast in the evening.

If you’re one of those who wants to keep traditions alive, then you’re in luck. With the advent of online shopping, choosing a traditional wedding dress is a breeze. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most eye-catching and beautiful heritage wedding outfits you can find online for your special day.

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1. Beautiful in Beige ( $55-$100)

Off white beige wedding Chinese dress
Image credit: Taobao

This beige and off-white number has the shape of a western wedding gown, complete with taffeta and organza, but its true artistry lies in its intricate embroidery. A pair of fish float above blue and silver waves; a sign of long-lasting happiness and prosperity. The fabric itself is a soft peach pink to beige shade that is happy and cheerful. You’ll definitely want to get this if wearing flashy Chinese weddin tea ceremony red outfits just isn’t your thing.

2. Phoenix Rising ($150)

Phoenix embroidery Chinese wedding dress
Image credit: Taobao

This elaborate gown will definitely make an impression. The lovely phoenix gold and silver embroidery all through the front flap and the blouse is definitely something that will look stunning in photographs. The long trailing back portion of the gown will make it suitable for an evening dinner event. This gown will look even better if you pair it with a high up-do and gold hair accessories.

3. Off Shoulder Elegance ($57)

Off shoulder Chinese wedding dress
Image credit: Taobao

In this fusion gown, you see the elegance of a modern off-shoulder dress paired with traditional flower motifs. The tassels around the shoulder linings bring us back to the days when brides had their faces covered on their wedding day with heavy veils. The wedding dress is understated and simple, with straights, clean lines and plenty of gold and bright highlights.

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4. Back to the Ming Dynasty ( $ 180)

Historical Chinese wedding dress
Image credit: Taobao

Most of our traditional Chinese clothing today comes from the last Dynasty in China, called the Ching Dynasty. However, Chinese history stretches back thousands of years before that and fashions have evolved over time. If you want to choose something that has a more historical value, and yet is still traditional, consider this wedding costume from the Ming period. It’s long flowing sleeves and trailing robe will no doubt be something different from the norm.

5. Youthful in Spring ($50)

modern Chinese wedding dress
Image credit: Taobao

In this modern interpretation of the traditional red wedding cheongsam, the long skirt is shortened into a knee-length tutu style skirt. This is a good pick if you need to travel a lot during your wedding day and want the freedom to walk around without a cumbersome skirt. Once again, heavy embroidery is the main feature in the front of the dress. This time, it’s all about spring flowers and new beginnings.

6. Bright and Gold ( $ 140)

Gold Chinese wedding dress
Image credit: Taobao

Gold is one of the most auspicious colours for a wedding and this Chinese wedding outfit has all of it. A light gold brocade is embroidered over with gold linings, making it a sight to behold. Once again, if red is not your colour, you can always settle for other colours that are considered auspicious in Chinese culture, including gold, yellow, peach and jade green.

The embroidery on the front of this dress is particularly significant; a dragon and phoenix flying together over a garden of flowers. This signifies the wish for a long and fruitful marriage.

Do you want a traditional or a modern Chinese wedding dress?

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