It’s a new year and time to live a healthier life. That doesn’t just mean eating healthier, but also leading an active lifestyle with regular exercises and physical activities. For most people, it can be hitting a nearby gym weekly. For others, it may mean squeezing in a short home workout in their day to day routine.

Let our guide to the cheapest gyms help you do this. Don’t worry about hitting that treadmill or exercise machine if not for you. We also include cheap alternatives to the gym for you to keep fit and to stay fit!

Up Your Fitness Game This 2021

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1. ActiveSG Gym

ActiveSG Gym at Fernvale Square with cheapest gym memberships
Image Credit: ActiveSG

Arguably the place where you can find the cheapest gym memberships, ActiveSG is a nationwide movement for the promotion of sports for a better living. Behind this movement is a network of sports facilities and programmes that help you achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Singaporeans of all ages and permanent residents can become members of ActiveSG for free.

Once a member, you can sign up for their schemes and obtain access to all their gym and swimming facilities islandwide. You can also sign up for ongoing programmes if you are interested in a particular sport. For gym-goers, there are over 20 gyms to choose from, depending on which is closest to you.

Best of all, it offers the cheapest fees for use of gym facilities. For their “Peak” category, adults who want access to any of the locations during all opening hours only need to pay $300 for a year, or $30 a month. Students and senior citizens get discounted rate at $180 for a year. “Off peak” category has even cheaper prices – at $80 per year per pax.

  • Locations: More than 20 gym facilities all over Singapore
  • Opening Hours: 7am – 10pm (except for PH eve and PH)
  • Website

2. Gymmboxx

gymboxx with cheapest gym memberships in singapore
Image Credit: Gymmboxx

If you are looking for an affordable gym membership that offers personal training services, check out private gyms such as Gymmboxx. It has seven outlets all over the island and according to most reviews, Gymmboxx has the best weight training equipment available. They have four membership categories – from as short as 1 month to as long as 12 months. If you are not too keen on membership, you can also opt to go for their pay-per-entry rates.

A 1-month plan for Classic gym membership will set you back at $85, while a 12-month plan is $65 per month. Special discount prices are available for youths and seniors.

  • Locations: 7 gym facilities all over Singapore
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
  • Website

3. Anytime Fitness

cheapest gym membership in singapore at anytime fitness
Image Credit: Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is true to its name – you can go to the gym any time of the day, as their outlets are open 24/7. In Singapore, they have over 50 outlets for you to choose from, making it quite convenient for you to shed off those unwanted pounds. With a variety of equipment available and your access key, you will have no more excuses not to go.

You also get an Anywhere Club access which means you can use any of the thousands of Anytime Fitness gyms all over the world. That also means any of the gyms in Singapore will be yours for the picking. And if you happen to be traveling abroad in a country where there are Anytime Fitness gyms, you can access those too. Gym membership fees vary, but will set you back at approximately below $100 per month depending on your plan.

  • Locations: Over 60 gym facilities
  • Opening Hours: 24/7
  • Website

4. The Gym Pod

cheapest gym membership in singapore at the gym pod
Image Credit: The Gym Pod

Too busy to keep to a regular gym schedule and don’t want to waste money on gym memberships? The Gym Pod might be the one for you. They are South East Asia’s first ever 24h Smart Container Gym Chain. Replacing traditional gyms, they have smaller gym “pods” best for private workouts. Rest assured you’ll be away from prying eyes as this is a judgement-free zone!

Instead of monthly or yearly gym plans, they charge you based on the number of sessions you use their gym pods for. During peak period, a session per person sets you back at $3.50. If you would like the entire pod for yourself or with your gym buddies, payment is rather cheap at $9 per session.

  • Locations: 7 gym facilities all over Singapore
  • Opening Hours: 24/7
  • Website

5. Yoga for relaxation and flexibility

Singapore, cheapest gyms, exercise, keeping fit, active lifestyle
Image Credit: Eli Christman | Flickr

Studies show that yoga, despite its low impact activities, has tremendous effects on one’s physical and mental well-being. It increases flexibility, improves muscle strength and tone and maintains good cardiovascular health. Concentration and balance are also on the list, as yoga helps one focus.

Gone are the days when yoga classes are difficult to come by and are expensive. With many yoga studios and instructors already offering their services in Singapore, it won’t be hard to include yoga into your fitness routine. It will also add some variety to your program for better health.

In Singapore, there are more than enough studios where you can get some Zen-inspired exercise for under $25 per session, which usually lasts for 10 to 20 session. Here is our list, although not exhaustive. For more yoga studios options, check our yoga guide.

*All prices quoted are on a per class basis.

Yoga Studio




$23 (10 classes package)

Bukit Pasoh

Yoga Mala

$25 (10 classes package)

Circular Rd at Boat Quay


$26.50 (10 classes package)

Pagoda St/Arab St/Tanjong Pagar

Yoga Inc.

$25 (10 classes package)

Guillemard/Tiong Bahru/ Punggol/Tampines/East Coast Park

Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda

$20 (10 classes package)

 Tessensohn Rd

Yoga Lab

$19.90 (10 classes package)

East Coast/Duxton/Dempsey/Joo Chiat

Yoga Movement

$29 (10 classes package)

Orchard 22/Robertson Quay/Tanjong Pagar/East Coast/Tiong Bahru/Circular Rd/YM Live


$26 (12 classes package)

Far East Shopping Centre

Outta Hatha Yoga

$15 (10 classes package)

Clifford Square

Art of Yoga$26 (10 classes package)East Coast

6. Switch up your fitness routine with ClassPass

Image Credit: ClassPass

If you can’t commit yourself to a conventional gym and need to change up your routine every once in a while to keep motivated, get a fitness pass. With a fitness pass, you can attend a variety of classes (HIIT, dance, spin, yoga and many more) at different studios for a fixed fee!

ClassPass offers that flexibility. Subscriptions are based on a monthly basis and automatically renews once the cycle ends. Recently, they’ve also added other fitness related services such as massages and even beauty services. If you’re new, try out their trial package for 14 days before you commit to the subscriptions!

Up to 6 classes25$59
Up to 12 classes45$99
Up to 25 classes85$185

7. Swim away those calories

Swimming Pools - ActiveSG
Image Credit: ActiveSG

Do you hate breaking a sweat when you are working out? Then swimming will be perfect for you. Singapore is endowed with many swimming facilities you can take your pick from. ActiveSG, for example, has one of the cheapest entry rates in the city.

*All prices quoted are for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents.

CategoryWeekdaysWeekends & Public Holidays

Child/ Senior Citizen









Aside from ActiveSG, you can also check the swimming pools under SAFRA. Although they are a bit more expensive than ActiveSG, the entry fees will still be lower than $2. You can find out more through their website.

8. Hike your way to better health

Image Credit: Zairon | Wikimedia Commons

Forget about finding the cheapest gym memberships – hiking costs $0 and you get to have a panoramic view of our garden city! Don’t be fooled by Singapore’s cityscapes – it’s not called the garden city for nothing. It has its share of parks and nature reserves, which has the best hiking trails for you to explore. It’s no secret what hiking can do for your cardiovascular health, let alone in strengthening your muscles. Plus, the outdoors can do wonders for your mood.

We suggest The Southern Ridges which is a connector trail that is 10km long and is full of gorgeous views along the way. You can reach 5 other parks through this trail. Other parks you can add to your list are MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Fort Canning Park, Pulau Ubin, Labrador Nature Reserve and many more.

Cheapest Gym Memberships You Can Find In Singapore

Whether you prefer hitting the gym or cycle those pounds away with spin classes, there is a place for you to work towards your fitness goals.

For the non-conventional fitness aficionado, if you want to try something new and different, give yoga, swimming or hiking a try. These options can be cheaper than your regular gym with the same health benefits. So, take those first steps for a healthier, more active you this year.

The best first step towards a healthier you is to get the right sports attire. If you are looking for good deals on sportswear and equipment, don’t forget to check Shopback to make the most of all the Cashback deals. 

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