Some people claim that the cinema-going culture is dying, thanks to on-demand streaming sites like Netflix. This couldn’t be more false. Singaporeans are still hitting the big screens in a huge way. It’s about the experience. There’s something about sitting in a darkened theatre with surround sound, staring up at a wall-sized screen and enjoying a film with a roomful of strangers that you just can’t have with streaming videos.

If you’re a big screen junkie, we’ve helped you compile some of the cheapest places to catch your favourite movies in Singapore.

Let’s Compare Regular Movie Ticket Prices in Singapore

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2D Cinema Tickets

Here’s a table showing all the prices of movie tickets across cinema chains in Singapore. To make things easy, we have only covered regular 2D cinemas and not included IMAX movies, 3D cinemas, Dolby Atmos surround sound or what have you.


Cinema Weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays)Weekends (Fri-Sun, PH and PH eve)
WE Cinemas$8.50$12.50
Filmgarde$8.50 (Mon-Weds); $9 (Thurs); $9.50 ( New movies)$13.50
Shaw$8.50 / $9.50 (new releases)$12.50
Eaglewings Cinematics$9.50$12.50
Golden Village (GV)$9/$9.50 ( new releases)$13.50
The Projector$13.50$13.50


  • Prices for standard tickets have been arranged with the cheapest at the top for weekdays.

As you can see WE Cinemas win hands down as they offer a flat price of $8.50 regardless of movies. After that, it’s a toss-up between Shaw and Filmgarde. On weekends, the most affordable cinemas are generally Shaw, WE and Eaglewings.

Perks for Seniors and Students

If you’re over 60 or have a valid student ID, you qualify for discounts across the board. Here are the prices for basic movie tickets from all the cinemas.


CinemaStudent Prices Senior Citizen Prices
The Projector$11.50$11.50
WE Cinema$7$4.50
Golden Village$7 $5


  • In order to enjoy senior citizen’s prices, you’ll have to buy tickets on a weekday, from Mondays to Fridays before 6pm for all cinemas except Eaglewings. For Eaglewings Cinematics, you’ll have to buy tickets from 9 am-5 pm on Mondays to Fridays. The same goes for students wanting student prices from Eaglewings.
  • For students, the same conditions apply across all cinemas, in that you’ll have to buy tickets before 6pm on weekdays. The only exception is WE Cinema that offers student prices all day from Mondays to Wednesdays, even after 6pm.

From the table, we can see that Eaglewings has the cheapest student tickets at $6.50 whereas Shaw offers the most affordable senior citizen tickets at $4.

What about 3D Cinema Tickets?

All the cinemas in Singapore offer regular 3D tickets, as well as tickets for premium 3D movies with IMAX, Dolby Atmos and others. These premium 3D tickets are usually about $2-$5 more than the standard 3D tickets. To make things easy, we’ll be comparing the regular 3D tickets on the weekends and weekdays.


WE Cinemas$11$14
Shaw$12/$15 (new releases)$15
Golden Village$11$14


On weekdays, it’s a draw between WE Cinemas, Filmgarde, and Golden Village who offer a starting price of $11. On weekends, WE Cinemas and Golden Village are the cheapest at $14.

Cheaper options: where should I go?

The following table sums up where you can go on the weekends and weekdays for the cheapest tickets. To clear things up, you should note that weekdays are defined as Mondays to Thursdays whereas weekends are Fridays to Sundays.


Movie TypePrice Cinemas to Go to
Standard 2D Movie (Weekday)$8.50Shaw, WE Cinemas, Filmgarde
Standard 2D Movies ( Weekends)$12.50Eaglewings, WE Cinemas, Shaw
Standard 3D Movies ( Weekdays)$11Golden Village, WE Cinemas, Filmgarde
Standard 3D Movies ( Weekends)$14Golden Village, WE Cinemas
Students$6.50 Eaglewings
Senior Citizens$4Shaw


It would appear that the cheapest tickets are enjoyed by senior citizens who watch movies on Mondays to Fridays before 6 pm. But, chances are, you aren’t senior so you are better off heading for the movies on a Tuesday evening (see promos below).

Take into consideration that the prices of standard 2D and 3D tickets may be higher for new releases or sneak peeks.

Promotions & Discounts

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Apart from knowing the regular ticket prices, it helps to know what special offers are on for each cinema on the island. These promos will help you choose where to watch what, especially if you have certain credit cards or cinema membership cards.


Cathay1 for 1 on weekends with HomeTeamNS, $8.50 weekdays with any Mastercard, 2 weekday tickets for $15, 2 weekends tickets for $22
Golden Village$7 for weekdays with HSBC Movie Card, $1 off with POSB/DBS, $6.50 for tickets on Tuesdays with GV Movie Club card.
Shaw$3 for Maybank Platinum Visa, 1-for-1 daily with UnionPay, $7.50 weekday tickets with SAFRA, $1 off tickets with OCBC and several more.
WE Cinemas$1 off tickets all week (with American Express, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Maybank or Passion Card


Certain newer cinemas like Eaglewings don’t have tie-in discounts to credit cards, but they do offer seasonal promotions for ticket and snack packages on their site from time to time.

Apart from using membership cards and credit cards, you can always utilize the cashback promotional coupons for Cathay Cinemas here on ShopBack. Enjoy freebies, discounts and more. Check back from time to time as there will be plenty of promotional stuff to enjoy with the release of new movies.

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