The coolest kid in the block is back this 2020: Cashback Troopers – a game that you can play on ShopBack App to get win different kinds of rewards. We have some cool rewards lined up for you from vouchers to Upsized Cashback. You can even stand a chance to win $100 Bonus Cashback just by playing!

This game is completely free to play, all you need is the ShopBack App. You can find the game right in the home page, under ‘Category Highlights’.

Cashback Troopers Game Tutorial

In Cashback Troopers, the main thing you have to do is to link the same neighbouring characters in a single line.

In each move, you have to link a minimum of 3 characters together. The more characters you link in the same line, the higher the number of points you’ll get!

Cashback Troopers Home Page

Cashback Troopers Tutorial
Link 3 or more characters together
Get extra time by clearing the clock character!
As you make more links, the power bar starts filling up. When it’s filled up, tap a character to pop all of the same character at once!

It’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you’ve played Disney Tsum Tsum – it works by using the same mechanics.

Each play uses one ‘heart’, which gets replenished every single hour. So don’t worry about getting addicted to the game and take a break once in a while! After each round, you’ll get ‘diamonds’ – essentially game currencies that you can exchange for some sweet prizes later on.

Types of Prizes You Can Redeem

Here are some types of prizes you can redeem after accumulating your hard-earned diamonds:

1. ShopBack Go Deals

Redeem Cash Vouchers from stores such as:

  • Pedro – $30 Cash Voucher for $1
  • The Soy Inc – 2x Soy Pudding for $1 (U.P. $3.40)
  • Mr Bean – Classic Pancake + Pearly Soya Milk for $1.50 (U.P. $4.50)
  • Ritz Apple Strudel – Mini Strudel for $2 (U.P. $4.80)
  • Holy Cow Creamery – 2x Premium Scoops for $2 (U.P. $8)

2. Upsized Cashback

Redeem Upsized Cashback from stores such as:

  • +2% Upsized Cashback
  • Nike +2% Upsized Cashback
  • Mytheresa +2% Upsized Cashback
  • ASOS +1% Upsized Cashback
  • Nespresso +2% Upsized Cashback

3. Lucky Draw Entries

Exchange for an entry to our lucky draws and stand a chance to win:

  • Staycation in 4 Star Singapore Hotel
  • $100 Bonus Cashback
  • 1 Month Supply of Bubble Tea

4. Secret Box

Redeem a ticket to get anywhere between 1 to 5 chances to win the above-mentioned lucky draw tickets! Each lucky draw ticket is originally redeemable with 50 diamonds. But with this Secret Box only needs 80 diamonds.

By that logic, this Secret Box is definitely worth it – given the 80% chance of getting a better deal compared to a single lucky draw ticket.

5. Extra Lives

If you can’t wait to play more rounds but ran out of ‘hearts’, you can also redeem extra ‘hearts’!

*Note that some prizes are available for a limited period of time only, so be sure to check Cashback Troopers regularly for new deets!

Play on ShopBack App

Got further questions? Check out our comprehensive FAQ here.

If you don’t have the ShopBack App yet, here is where you can download them and start playing today:

Get started and compete with your friends and other players for the first place on the scoreboard – let’s see who wins the most rewards this 2020!

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