Burgers are the ultimate in comfort food. Easy, tasty and very accessible, you can easily grab one off a fast food joint for just as little as a couple of bucks. It also makes the perfect meal of choice for when cooking seems like too much of a hassle. With FoodPanda, it is made even simpler with their delivery service. Just a few clicks and you’re all set for a burger dinner. Here are some of the most mouth-watering burgers on offer at FoodPanda.

1. The Whopper @ Burger King

The Whopper

One of the most commercially successful burgers of all time.  Burger King has made its name dishing out burgers of all flavors and colors (Black charcoal bun burger anyone?) Their signature burger, The Whopper is pretty much standard in its form consisting of a flame-grilled beef patty, a sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles ketchup and sliced onion. Simple in its execution but delicious in its taste.

2. The Berg @ Bergs Gourmet Burger

The Berg

Bergs Gourmet Burger was borne out of a quest for perfection – burger perfection. All the burgers from Bergs Gourmet Burger are made from scratch so you can assure not only the best in value but also the best in flavor. The meat sandwich of their namesake, The Berg is a gem of a burger. Stuffed with the most flavorful of prime beef patty you can sink your teeth into with the freshest of lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, Aioli. Putting it all together is their signature Berg sauce.

3. Fat Basterd @ Fat Boy’s – The Burger Bar

Fat Basterd

A visit to Fat Boy’s – The Burger Bar is like a trip through time. A time where diners of the malt, soda and burger varieties are a common sight. Also a time where health standards are pretty lax. That is what you get at Fat Boy’s – menacing burgers unselfish in its flavor and quantity. A prime example of which is their Fat Basterd burger compete with two of the most juiciest patties, home cooked tomato concasse, melted cheese and adorned with pepperoni because why not? Leave your inhibitions at home for this one.

4. Roma Burger @ Tony Roma’s – Ribs, Seafood and Steak

Roma Burger

Tony Roma is an old-timer in the dining scene best known for serving one of the best ribs, ever. World-famous ribs, mind you. Slathered in their signature Original BBQ Sauce giving it that mouthwatering sheen. Their burgers are no pushover too. The Roma Burger though very simple in its execution makes for a very delicious meal with its charbroiled ground beef cooked to your preferred doneness by the expertise only Tony Roma’s can offer.

 5. Big Bern’s Single Whoopass Cheeseburger @ Big Bern’s

Another one of Big Bern's burger offerings

The man behind Big Bern’s has been around Singapore’s food circuit for quite awhile and you might remember him – especially his chrome dome – from a previous food outlet of note. Known for serving hearty American meals at value accessible to the heartlands the Whoopass Cheeseburger encompasses that. With a circumference almost as wide as your face, patties that melt in your mouth and stuffed with generous portions of chili con-carne this burger is a tasty, tasty mess. The chili pepper adds a nice touch in providing an extra dimension in flavor as it cuts through as well as compliment the rest of the ingredients.

6. The Chop House Pork Burger @ The Chop House

The Chop House's BBQ Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Burger

The Chop House is a gastro-pub concept best known for its self-serve beer taps. The Chop House is also a haven for food and alcohol lovers alike boasting a wide international array of choices for both. At the forefront of their meat and buns offering is The Chop House Pork Burger. Nestled in between between a sesame seed bun is a thick and juicy pork patty sufficiently flavored with spices such as ginger, chilli and coriander. This is all topped with applewood smoked bacon and pickled cucumber which makes for a superb burst of flavor in every bite.

All photographs taken from FoodPanda.sg.

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