We all know that regular exercise is essential to keep in good health. But honestly, it is difficult. Expensive gym membership, overcrowded gyms and hassle to find the nearest workout space are just a piece of the puzzle of why we’re putting off exercise.

With more gym equipment and workout routines designed to accommodate the limited space within our flats, building a home gym is easier and cheaper than you expected.

Before we recommend what equipment you should get, here are some factors to consider before you start.

Factors To Consider When Building A Home Gym

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  1. Budget
    – Low budget: free weights + bench
    – High budget: cardio equipments (e.g. treadmill or elliptical)
  2. Space
    – Always take into account the available space at home before you purchase any equipment. You really do not want to buy an expensive treadmill that is too big for your house.
  3. Fitness Goals
    – Different exercises target different body parts and hence require different equipments.
    – Decide on your fitness goals before deciding on the equipment!
  4. Amount of money saved – In most cases, yes. Gym memberships cost on average $60/month which adds up to $730 per year. After factoring in other fees like transport, parking costs and the time you spent getting there, you’re looking at about $1,300 per year going to a gym. The cost of a basic set of dumbbells with a bench and a few other basic weight equipment(which will last for a long time), the price is much more budget-friendly.
    – Gym memberships start from $60/month and could go up to over $200/month.
    – Factoring all miscellaneous cost, it would cost a minimum of $1,300/year just to gym.

Pieces of Gym Equipment to Invest in

1. Dumbells

dumbbells at a gym
Image Credit: Danielle Cerulo | Unsplash

One of the basics and most convenient to get are dumbells. A versatile piece of equipment, the exercises that you can do with dumbbells are seemingly endless. so they justify their purchase immediately. I recommend you to buy them in sets in a range of weights to accommodate different exercises and to get the best value out of your money.

  • Where to buy: Vinyl Dumbbells on Shopee
  • Price: From $11.80


2. Pull Up Bar

man on pullup bar
Image Credit: Victor Freitas | Pexels

A straightforward piece of equipment, having a pull-up bar doesn’t require much space and is easy to install. All you need is a doorway and you’re set. And it’s not just for pull-ups, there are a number of basic gymnastic exercises you can practice if you have a pull-up bar installed at home.

  • Where to buy: Doorway Pull Up Bar on Shopee
  • Price: From $14.90


3. Foldable Workout Bench

muscular woman on workout bench
Image Credit: Li Sun | Unsplash

For those who have space and are considering some heavier strength training, a workout bench is essential in providing support when it comes to lifting heavier weights. Benches are also incredibly useful if you’re looking to train your core.

  • Where to buy: Gym Workout Bench on Shopee
  • Price: From $64.90


4. Jump Rope

woman jumping rope in gym with graffiti background
Image Credit: Element 5 Digital | Unsplash

A jump rope is an inexpensive piece of equipment for your workout that barely takes up any space. Jumping rope is a great way to train your cardio and coordination and also to train your leg muscles. You can also change switch up the type of rope and routine as your rope jumping skill increases.

  • Where to buy: Cable Steel Jump Rope on Shopee
  • Price: From $2.75


5. Kettlebells

two kettlebells in front of a man
Image Credit: Juliana Arceo | Pexels

Though many people consider kettlebells to be similar to dumbbells and dismiss it, certain kettlebell movements are unique and can’t be done with dumbbells. And some movements just work better or are more challenging with a kettlebell so it’s worth considering.

  • Where to buy: Jiez Premium Kettlebell on Shopee
  • Price: From $8.80


6. Treadmill

woman running on treadmill
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Considerably more expensive than any other piece of equipment, a treadmill would be the best addition to complete your gym setup. The most common form of cardio exercise, running gets your heart beating and breath heavy. The treadmill is perfect for those who are looking to fit in a short jog regardless of the weather.

  • Where to buy: Indoor Foldable Treadmill on Shopee
  • Price: From $269

With all the time and money you can save, what are you waiting for? Get started on your home gym now!


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