Congratulations on being a new home owner! I am sure you already have plans for your bedrooms, from the wall colours and down to the table lamps. But have you thought of what goes into your bathroom? It is rather common to neglect the bathroom as it is thought to be less important room in the house. Yet it is also the place where you can take a long and relaxing shower after a tiring day.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you revamp or throw in new architecture. But rather, you can spruce the place up with small additions like mirror magnets or toothbrush holders! These are some suggestions you can add to your bathroom easily to make your bathroom yet another great room in your home.


Soap Dish

Having a soap dish is an easy way to keep your bathroom counter clean and void of any slimey soap remnants. Even though its main purpose is to hold soap, you can always use it for loose change, watches or even shaver heads.

I mean honestly, how many times have you reached the bathroom and realised that you have spare change in your pockets? And with nowhere else to leave it, you place it on the bathroom counter and risk losing some of it. Soap dishes remove all that mess, so get one for your soap and perhaps a few more for miscellaneous items!

1. IKEA Ekoln Soap Dish (S$3.90)

white bar of soap on grey and white soap dish on sink
Image Credit: IKEA

2. Homenhome Soap Box Storage Tray (S$5.04)

person holding soap dish with bar of orange soap
Image Credit:

Hanging Wall Mirror

Most of you would have this installed or pre-purchased. But if you have yet to decide on the design or type of mirror, here are some great options to choose from! A big framed mirror will not only add tons of style points to your bathroom and but also make the bathroom look bigger as it reflects light and brightens the room easily.

1. OEM Hanging Wall Mirror (S$62.00)

hanging wall mirror
Image Credit:

2. Nordic Style Simple Round Bathroom Mirror (From S$61.00)

round circle hanging mirror with black frame
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Waste Bin

I don’t really have to explain the usefulness of having a waste bin in the toilet, they are pretty much more functional than for any aesthetic purposes. However, if you are going to have one, why not get one that is going to fit the design theme? Going for a minimalist look? Try a sleek silver metallic waste bin. What about a nature themed bathroom? Get a retro wooden bin.

1. HIPSTEEN Retro Style Wooden Bin (From S$7.40)

retro style wooden bin
Image Credit:

2. IKEA Strapats Stainless Steel Pedal Bin (S$9.90)

metal bin with step pedal
Image Credit: IKEA

Flower Vase

Nothing brightens an living space more than some fresh flowers! A couple stalks of fresh flowers is a nice addition of smell and colour to your bathroom. Otherwise, fake flowers could do the job too, sans the fresh floral scent. A nice flower vase is a great addition to your counter top, or simply hang it from the ceiling for a different look!

1. Harvey Norman Fairway Hurricane Glass (S$40.90)

glass flower vase with handle
Image Credit: Harvey Norman

2. Ceramic Hydroponic Flower Vase (S$7.72)

ceramic flower vase
Image Credit:

Toothbrush Holders

I know I am not the only one, but getting up to brush teeth is such a chore. And as motivation to get up, why not beautify your toothbrush holders to get you excited to start the day? Never again will you be too lazy to pick yourself off from the bed to get to the bathroom with these aesthetically pleasing toothbrush holders.

1. European Style Ceramic Sanitary Ware Five Set (S$5.80)

white and grey ceramic bathroom set with dried white flowers and soap bar
Image Credit:
  • Price: S$5.80
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2. IKEA Dragan Toothbrush Holder Bamboo (S$7.90)

wooden toothbrush holder
Image Credit: IKEA

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are great to enforce the consistent theme within the bathroom! If you have wood or nature inspired accessories around, it would be great to have a soap dispenser made of bamboo. Or how about an old barbershop inspired one to fit the retro style?

1. IKEA Toftan Soap Dispenser White (S$7.90)

white soap dispenser
Image Credit: IKEA

2. IKEA Dragan Soap Dispenser Bamboo (S$12.90)

brown bamboo soap dispenser
Image Credit: IKEA

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are one of the most impactful accessory you can add to your bathroom. These large sheets add vibrant patterns and colours to the room and comes relatively cheap! That means you can purchase multiple designs and switch them out whenever you feel like it. They are also a great way to segment parts of the bathroom for specific purposes.

1. Hotel Bathroom Shower Curtain (S$7.50)

pink and blue patterned shower curtain
Image Credit:

2. European Style Tarp Shower Curtain (S$7.10)

blue and grey shower curtain with white design
Image Credit: Lazada

I hope this article has given you new ideas to spruce up your bathroom and share with us other ideas you have in the comments below!

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