Unlike the retail or hospitality industry, the e-commerce industry operates with minimal face-to-face interaction with consumers. While technology has given us both the convenience and ability to connect at scale, it has also taken away crucial human factors.

At ShopBack, customer service often manifests itself in the form of live chats, emails and calls. Hence, we often find ourselves buried too deep behind our computer screens and phones, physically detached from the very people who breathe life into our business.

Late last year, we recognised the need to break the barriers between our business and our people, bridging the online and offline worlds together.

Every month, we host at least 8 to 10 personal meet-ups with our top customers to get to know them beyond data points. We encourage everyone, including our CEO and interns, to leave their respective desks and engage with the very people who have helped propel our business.

ShopBack founder meeting our top customers
Henry Chan, CEO & Co-founder of ShopBack, at one of our top customer meet-ups

Recently, we had the privilege of meeting our top customer, Wei Chan, the managing director of a 33- year- old heartland bakery, The Pine Garden. We offered him lunch at the ShopBack office beside Timbre+, and struck up interesting conversations with him.

Meet-ups like this have offered us the luxury of both intimacy and immediacy. Our customers not only share insights into their personal backgrounds, but also provide immediate feedback as learning points for our future actions.

For example, one significant change we made late last year was a revamp of our mobile app. Initially, when using Uber, our customers had to email their transport receipts to ShopBack as a way for us to keep track of their spending and ensure proper cashback.

ShopBack and Uber

However, as we’re constantly striving to harness the advancement of technology, we recognized the need to make these cash-back offerings more convenient for our customers.

Considering our customers’ feedback, we implemented a seamless app-to-app integration to offer better user-experience. Now, our users can access Uber directly through our mobile app, enabling them to receive cashback immediately.

This is one of the many product improvements implemented as a result of these top-customer meet-ups. We noticed that these intimate, face-to-face interactions have encouraged more genuine conversations with our users, enabling us to dig deeper into their preferences.

At ShopBack, one of our core values, “never-ending customer obsession”, is a testament to what our team prioritizes amidst the hectic routine of our everyday lives.

By embracing the power of face-to-face interactions, we hope to reshape the very essence of the e-commerce industry one customer at a time.

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