The wedding bells are ringing and everyone’s fussing about over planning the big day – but wait, what about your bridesmaid dresses?

It can be quite a pickle choosing where to shop for your bridesmaids’ gowns (not to mention, in that store, you have to choose among the different designs and colors too!), but don’t worry: we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top places with the prettiest bridesmaid fashion for you. Here are the 15 best stores, in town and online,  to check out for bridesmaid dresses in Singapore.

1. The Velvet Dolls

The Velvet Doll
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The Velvet Doll is a crowd favorite among trendy ladies who want the latest bang-for-your-buck fashion finds. This online store features a wide range of clothes for a wide range of body types – whether you’re petite or plus-sized, you’re beautiful: and The Velvet Doll would be excited to dress you up.

  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Budget: $35-50 SGD
  • Find them on
  • 2. Le Veou

    Le Veou
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    Le Veou is where you go when you want a quick way to get bridesmaid dresses – but want to make sure they’re still as elegant and enchanting as your special day. They specialize in long gowns embellished with gorgeous detail and fairtyale-esque designs, so if you’re thinking of a classy theme for your wedding, Le Veou’s dresses are sure to be fit for you.

  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Budget: $50-120 SG
  • Find them on
  • 3. ASOS Wedding Shop

    Pretty girl wearing a mint bridesmaid dress from Asos
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    ASOS on its own is a powerhouse brand for trendy and edgy clothes, but have you checked out their wedding dress line? It has a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses, from those with chiffon skirts to those with edgy cuts and styles. They’ve got a lot of creative options for bridesmaid dresses – who knew you could have a wrap dress for a wedding? – and we’re sure you’d be impressed by their collection.

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $50-200 SGD
    • Find them on

    4. The Peppy Studio

    Velvet Dress from Peppy Studio
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    The Peppy Studio knows your special day deserves all the attention to detail it needs – and so they offer handcrafted bridesmaid dresses at an affordable price. They have different styles too, and have a lot of beautiful asymmetrical dresses available in various colors – cream, maroon, navy blue, gray, you name it. They have cute little dresses for kids too, in case you want to make your baby cousin or sister a bridesmaid!

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $50-80 SGD
    • Find them on

    5. Wardrobemess

    Beautiful bridesmaid dress from Wardrobemess
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    Wardrobemess is more known for cute and fashionable casual pieces, but who says weddings have to be all about traditional styles? If you’re going for a more laidback wedding, you can check out Wardrobemess’ collection of dresses for your bridesmaids – they’re short, flowy and filled with intricate design, and they feature several pastel options too.

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $30-50 SGD

    6. The BMD Shop

    Gorgeous dress from The BMD Shop
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    One dilemma any bride has when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses is that it might not be useful for anything else after the wedding. If this sounds like you, head over to BMD shop – you can find affordable and versatile bridesmaid dresses that you can use for any other cocktail or formal occasion after the big day. On their website, you can even choose the kind of dress style you want, the color scheme you’re looking for and size – and voila! You have a list of options to choose from, tailor-fitted to your taste!

    • Operating hours: By appointment
    • Budget: $20-60 SGD
    • Find them on or 161 Kallang Way #06-10, Singapore 349247
    • How to get there: Take the 125 bus to Aft Kallang Way 2 station, and walk down the street to the west. The shop will be on the second alley on the left.

    7. The Closet Lover

    White Printed Dress from The Closet Lover
    Image source: | theclosetlover

    From top to toe, The Closet Lover can dress you up – they carry colorful bridesmaid dresses (perfect for summer, by-the-beach weddings!) and carry a selection of shoes to go along with them! Aside from bright dresses though, The Closet Lover offers minimalist, floral and pastel pieces too, all in different styles (they even have a qipao style dress!)

    • Operating hours: 11am-9:30pm daily
    • Budget: $30-60 SGD
    • Find them on #02-32, 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore
    • How to get there: Take the 98, 98M, 99, or 990 buses to the Jurong East Stn/Int Station, and walk down the road to the south. The shop will be on the right after Gateway Drive


    Red and White Dress from
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    If there’s one thing Fairebelle is known for, it’s practicality: they know you need affordable bridesmaid dresses that are simple yet elegant, and that’s precisely what they offer. They have a lot of different casual dresses too (mostly styled with round necks, short sleeves, and knee-length cuts), but they also have a lot of clean and classy bridesmaid dresses perfect for any wedding theme.

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $25-70 SGD
    • Find them on

    9. Love, Bonito

    Grey dress from Love, Bonito
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    You might be curious to see Love, Bonito on this list, but beyond their simple yet fashionable casual clothes, they also have an interesting collection of bridesmaid dresses that are, not to mention, easy on the pockets. From maxi dresses to pastel cocktail dresses, Love, Bonito has a lot of bridesmaid dresses you can choose from.

    • Operating hours: 11am-10pm daily
    • Budget: $40-70 SGD
    • Find them on [email protected] #02-16/21, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895
    • How to get there: Take the bus to the Somerset station, and walk across the street. Love, Bonito is located inside the building

    10. Lolly Rogue

    Pretty girl wearing a lollyrouge brisdesmaid dress in Singapore
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    Lolly Rogue is where you go when you want subtle designs on your bridesmaid dresses – maybe you don’t want dresses that only have one color, but you don’t want something too hot on the eyes either. That’s where Lolly Rogue comes in. They feature dresses with shapes and silhouettes meant to flatter the feminine figure and are decorated with simple floral lining or blended patterns to add character.

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $40-70 SGD
    • Find them o:

    11. Forever21

    Forever21 Dress

    Maybe you’re in a rush and you just want something that’d work with the theme while still making your bridesmaids look like goddesses in their own right: go to Forever21. It might seem like an odd thing to do, but trust us: they have a lot of dress designs that could work as a bridesmaid’s dress, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

    • Operating hours: Mall hours
    • Budget: $25 – 120 SGD
    • Find them on:

    12. loveMYNT

    Lady is a bridesmaid tulle skirt
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    Want to make your wedding look like it came straight out of a fairytale? loveMYNT has your back. They bring some of the cutest tulle skirts, with varying colors, lengths, and styles that you’d be tempted to just choose and use them all. You can opt for a fluffy tulle-skirt ballgown or a simple Tinkerbell-type skirt – whatever you choose, it’s sure to add to your special day’s magic.

    • Operating hours: 24/7
    • Budget: $50-100 SGD
    • Find them on

    13. Occasion Boutique

    Occasion Boutique Dress
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    Being the first in Singapore to offer bridesmaid packages, Occasion Boutique knows that weddings are a hectic time for any bride – so they put everything you need together themselves to help you out. You can choose from a wide array of fabrics, colors and designs, and you can couple these too with corsages from the store. Whatever the occasion, Occasion Boutique guarantees they have the dress for you.

    • Operating hours: 11:30am-9pm (Mon-Thu); 11:30am-9:30pm (Fri-Sun)
    • Budget: estimated 40-80 SGD
    • Find them on 252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103
    • How to get there: Take a bus to the Raffles Hotel station, and walk across the street to Raffles City where Occasion is located

    14. Love Potion

    Love Potion Dress
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    No matter your body type, Love Potion’s promise is that they’d make a dress suited to your taste and and your shape. They make made-to-measure dresses great for any occasion (including being a bridesmaid at a wedding, of course) and they’re such masters of the art of customization that you can bring them a magazine cutout or picture from Pinterest, and they can copy it for you – no matter how complicated the design is.

    • Operating hours: 1pm-9pm (except wed; closed)
    • Budget: estimated 40-80 SGD
    • Find them on: 110 Towner Rd, Singapore 327808
    • How to get there: Take the 21 bus to the BLK 107 station, and follow the street towards the north west. Love Potion will be on the right

    15. The Tinsel Rack

    Bridesmaid Dress from The Tinsel Rack
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    The Tinsel Rack may be a brand that’s familiar to you – they specialize in beautiful modern apparel fit for a lot of different occasions – but did you know you can get your bridesmaids dresses from them too? From embroidered designs to asymmetrical cuts, The Tinsel Rack has a lot of different designs for any bride who fancies a clean look with little frills and little fuss.

    • Operating hours: 11am-9pm daily
    • Budget: 40-70 SGD
    • Find them on: 277 Orchard Rd, #02-17A, Singapore 238858
    • How to get there: Take the bus to the Somerset Station, and cross the street. The TInsel Rack will be inside the building

    Only the prettiest bridesmaid dresses for your besties

    No matter the theme of your wedding party or your personal taste and fashion preferences, there are a lot of stores that carry the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your ladies. From tulle skirts to sleek and modern gowns, you can be sure that your bridesmaids will look stunning during your wedding day so you can look forward to those breath-taking photos right after your special day. If you’re looking to get the best deals on bridal wear, cocktail dresses or anything else you’d need help with for your special marriage day, you can head over to ShopBack and take a peek at our fashion deals from our many merchants which include favourites like Zalora!

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