Since 2015, ShopBack has been staging its annual Stat Wars – a grand duel where we pit Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and 12.12 against one another. We observe the retail battle in numbers, and we tell you which day has won the battle.

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This year, we’re starting earlier for Stat Wars: The Last Jedi (yes, before the movie releases on 14 Dec 2017 because we’re such Star Wars fans). 

We’ve looked at this year’s performance of Singles’ Day in The Jedi Order. Now, let’s review the performance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the Dark Side below – set in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand) and Taiwan.

stat wars black friday cyber monday

There is still one more contender – 12.12 – who will be arriving in a week’s time. Will 12.12 be able to shift public opinion to its favour?

Who will emerge victorious in Stat Wars: The Last Jedi?

Stay tuned.

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