Xiaomi shot to fame for producing top of the line smartphones at a fraction of the price. But did you know that this Beijing based brand produces smart home and automation devices too? Yes, and almost every single device in the lot is configurable with the Mi App. In fact, Mi’s smart home products have already established a global community that continues to grow. While most of these smart home products are not yet available on the official Xiaomi online store on Lazada, many of these products can be purchased from other sellers on Lazada, as well as Qoo10, Taobao and Gearbest.

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1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit

One of Xiaomi’s most exciting smart home product is the Mi Smart Home Kit. It includes a multifunction gateway (which acts as the central hub for all of the components), a door sensor, a window sensor, a motion sensor and a wireless switch. All 6 components of the Mi Smart Home Kit can be configured and controlled using the Mi Home app.

xiaomi mi smart home kit


Multi-function gateway

The kit’s gateway acts as the main hub, connecting all of your smart home products. It also has a built-in speaker and LED light that can also serve as a night light.

Mi Smart Home Kit’s gateway comes with a wall plug you can connect to a wall socket.

xiaomi mi smart home kit multi function gateway

Door and window sensors

Both the window and door sensors can be configured to send notifications to your smartphone or tablet when the alarms are triggered. You can set them as home security alarms for the night time and when you are away from home.

window, door sensors xiaomi mi smart home kit

Human body and temperature sensor

This motion sensor from Xiaomi is your rich kid in the mansion fantasy come true. Once configured with your Mi App, it can be used to control your other Xiaomi smart gadgets like lights, water purifier and alarm clock. It can also be programmed to control when to turn off the power and your gadgets.

motion sensor xiaomi mi smart home kit

Wireless switch

The kit’s wireless switch is a configurable control button that you can tap, double tap, press, or long press to turn on or off the other Xiaomi gadgets connected to your Mi App.

2. Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Smart GPS Watch


This Xiaomi smartwatch for kids works as a watch for them and a tracker for parents and guardians. You can configure it to set a “safe” perimeter, and if your little one goes beyond the area, you will be notified through your smartphone. Apart from coming in fun shades of pink and blue, the Mi Bunny Smartwatch can receive voice calls from up to 6 family members. It also acts as an SOS button, alarm clock and can track daily activities.

3. Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag

Xiaomi services your pet too! This dog button tag can track the distance your pet has walked and monitor its sleep quality. Moreover, the device carries a QR code you can program to hold your dog’s owner’s details, so you can easily be contacted in case your pet loses its way. Programming of the device can be done using your smartphone.


dog tag QR code



4. Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

In collaboration with iHealth, Xiaomi released a smart blood pressure monitor suitable for home use.


The Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is to be used with your smartphone which will serve as the display of the blood pressure monitor. The set includes a BP cuff and a dock which connects it to the smartphone.

5. Xiaomi Mi 8H Pillow Z1

Yes, Xiaomi makes pillows too. The Mi 8H Pillow Z1 is made of environmentally safe Malaysian natural latex (also called Evolon latex) which allows the pillow to return to its original shape even after long-time usage. There are also multi-dimensional breathing holes allowing it to mould to the shape of your head.


The pillow also features an antibacterial coating that prevent ticks and bedbugs from inhabiting.

xiaomi-mi-8h-pillow-z16. Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2

The Mi Water Purifier 2 is a space-saving kitchen necessity that is able to produce up to 400 gallons of clean water. Its purifying technology incorporates 4 layers of reverse osmosis filtration and a separate storage tank that prevents stagnation and recontamination.


Xiaomi water purifiers support real-time smart control. The Mi Water Purifier 2, in particular, can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi using the Smart Home App. Through the app, you will be able to view data on water quality and level of water treatment.

7. Xiaomi MiJia Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2


Xiaomi’s 4-litre capacity rice cooker features IH electromagnetic heating technology that helps to regulate temperature and disperse heat to evenly cook your rice.


The Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2 can be connected to the Smart Home app to control heat regulation, delay timing, set-up notifications and generate cooking instructions. It has been pre-installed with over 3,000 recipes and suggestions on how to cook different rice variants.

8. Xiaomi MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart home cleaning device that featrues 12 different sensors, 3 processors, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm and Laser Distance Sensor (LDS). All these features allow the device to map out the interiors of your home to calculate the most efficient cleaning path to take. The result is a clean and sparkling floor!


No need to worry about it stopping mid-cleaning as it automatically heads back to its charging dock the moment its power reaches less than 20%. You can also sync it with your Mi Home app to control it remotely, view its progress and charging level, and set its cleaning mode.

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All images were taken from Xiaomi Global Community.

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