Thailand is known for its unique and distinctive cuisine. Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Lemongrass chicken, and others have gathered many enthusiasts. But not many know that these days, Thailand is becoming more and more well known for their snacks. Not only are these snacks unique and original (and often spicyyy!), but they’re also really tasty too.

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The Thais often incorporate local ingredients and condiments to come up with snacks that are one of a kind and increasingly popular in the export market. Luckily, you won’t have to travel all the way to Bangkok to find some of these. Here are some of the best Thai snacks available in Singapore that you should absolutely try.

1. Pretz Thai Chili Biscuit Stick

Pretz biscuit sticks
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Made of roasted glutinous rice, these cracker-like sticks are flavoured with spicy Thai chillies, mint, and shallots. They mimic the taste of a well known spicy Thai salad and is definitely a must-have if you like spicy snacks.  Additionally, you can find Pretz biscuit sticks in other flavours too, including Sour Cream & Onion, Tom Yum, Sweet Corn and Pizza. You can find this biscuit sticks on Fairprice.

2. Thai Pattana Crispy Rolls

Pattana crispy rolls
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Pattana rolls are cookies that resemble our love letters. They’re eggy, crispy and not too sweet. These rolls come in a myriad of tropical fruit flavours including mangosteen, lychee, and longan. There’s even a Tom Yum flavoured one if you’re feeling adventurous.

For something less exotic, there’s the original flavoured Pattana Crispy Rolls. All of these can be found on Qoo10 for only $4 per box.

3. Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed

Tao Kae Noi Pad Thai seaweed
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Tao Kae Noi seaweed snacks have become so ubiquitous all over Southeast Asia, they’re pretty easy to find nowadays. You can always choose to get them online when you’re shopping for groceries and save some time. The story behind this snack’s meteoric rise to fame has been made into a movie, so it needs little introduction.

Suffice to say that they’re extremely addictive and one packet is usually not enough. Fairprice sells all the different flavours, including cheese and pad thai for $2.70 per pack.

4. Bento Dried Squid

Bento dried squid snack
Image credit: Honestbee

Bento squids are arguably Thailand’s best-loved snack. They are thin slices of squid which are sun-dried and salted. The result is a soft and delicious snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, especially with drinks. In fact, this snack is pretty common as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages all over Thailand. They’re available in several flavours, including sweet & spicy, hot &spicy and original. U-Stars on Honestbee sells them for $1.60 per pack, which means you can get more than one.

5. Roscela Milk Tablets

Roscela thai milk candy
Image credit: Qoo10

These Thai milk candy tablets are chewable and they’re made of real milk and are therefore rich in calcium, milk proteins and other nutrients. The candy itself isn’t too sweet and is perfect for those who don’t like overly sugary candies. In Thailand, these candies can be found at convenience stores like 7-11, but Singaporeans can get them at Qoo10 for $19.90 for five packs.

6. Taro Fish Snack

Thai taro fish snacks
Image credit: Taro Official Website

For this interesting snack, thin slivers of fish are dried, cured and then sliced into long, thin pieces. The resulting snack looks like flat potato chips, but retain their rich fish taste. Taro offers these fish snacks in original, spicy, seaweed, cuttlefish and barbecue flavours among others. You can find these on Q0010 too at about $34.50 for a pack of 12 boxes.

7. Tasto Potato Chips

Tasto potato chips crab flavor
Image credit: Qoo10

Tasto Thailand has some of the most interesting flavours. If you’re a foodie with a curious palette, you’ll want to give this a try. There’s the Crab Curry flavour, Pla Sam Rod (Three flavoured fish) and Barbecue Max among others. You can find them over at Qoo10 at $24.90 for a pack of 12. It’s a better time than ever to satisfy your potato chip curiosity and cravings.

All the online stores here, including Honestbee, Fairprice, Cold Storage and Qoo10 have cashback promotions ongoing and you can always check for cashback promotions on these and other online stores whenever you want to stock up on your Thai snacks.

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