Telegram is gaining popularity as the top messenger app amongst Singaporeans. Aside from the awesome stickers and gifs, what we love most about it are the channels and bots created by Singaporeans and designed to make our lives easier! Be updated with the latest promo codes, discounts, bus timings, train breakdowns and even the daily life of our Prime Minister!

Here are some of our favourite Telegram channels and bots that you should join.

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Local Affairs & News

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is already one of the top politicians to follow on Facebook and Instagram. Still remember the owl in the office debacle?

Lee Hsien Loong is visited by a barn owl
Image credit: Lee Hsien Loong | Facebook

Of course, PM Lee has taken advantage of technology to connect with Singaporeans through the Telegram messenger app as well. This official Telegram channel is managed by the Prime Minister’s Office and provides updates, a few personal anecdotes and even some awesome stickers.

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Straits Times

The Straits Times Telegram channel is perfect for those too busy to stay updated on the news. Stories are delivered in bite-sized pieces and include a link to the full article in case you have time to spare.

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Stay updated on local affairs, scandals and gossip through Mothership’s channel. Not only do posts include stories from the publication but there are weekly roundups and stickers shared on the channel. I always get my juicy local gossip from this channel.

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Traffic & Transport Updates

SG MRT Updates 

The MRT is the most convenient way to get around Singapore but it also has its down moments – delays, signalling faults, flooding, collisions and lightning strikes… This channel makes sure you’re updated with all of those delays in real time! Know if you should wait at home, plan an alternate route or if you might be late for an exam!

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Bus Time Bot (SG)

Other than MRTs, the second most popular mode of transportation is the bus. Just send your location and you will be alerted on timings for SBS, SMRT and even NTU and NUS buses! Talk about convenience!

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SG Custom

Travelling up to JB has become quite a chore with the jam packed traffic across checkpoints at both Woodlands and Tuas. If you’re driving, it’s always good to check on updates on this channel to see the status of the traffic jam at the causeway. This channel might even provide quicker updates from drivers themselves who are in the thick of it all.

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SGRoad Blocks / Traffic News

The traffic updates on the radio are only broadcasted at intervals which may be too late once you’re caught in the jam itself. Check which roads are clear for drivers and avoid traffic accidents on SGRoad Blocks / Traffic News.

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Promo Codes, Discounts & Deals

The Smarter Way

Follow us on The Smarter Way, ShopBack’s very own Telegram channel. Stay updated on ShopBack’s latest Cashback deals and blog posts on the Telegram channel.

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SG Cab Promos

On days that you’re just plain lazy or you’re going somewhere in a hurry, you might want to take Grab or other ride-hailing services. Instead of having to Google for the latest promo and discount codes, just load your Telegram app and have the discount codes delivered right to you!

It’s a great way to save moolah and it’s just a click away!

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SG Food Deals

Delicious food tastes better when they’re on discount or even free. Keep up to date with the numerous deals, discounts and promotions by eateries all across Singapore with SG Food Deals. What’s great is you’ll even get updates on food related deals by ShopBack here from time to time!

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SG Kiasu Foodies

What’s better than 1 food discount Telegram channel? 2 food discount Telegram channels.

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SG Travel Promos

Grab the latest deals from airlines, hotels and travel activities all on one channel. Travelling doesn’t have to be totally expensive and Sg Travel Promos can help out your wallet for that great escape.

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SG Budget Babes

Shopaholics, attention! If you spend most of your time online shopping adding endless things into your cart, check SG Budget Babes before you checkout. The Telegram channel posts promo codes and discounts for online fashion stores. Those who prefer brick and mortar shopping, fret not. Promos at physical stores are also updated here.

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Pelando provides updates on promotions on almost everything in Singapore. There have been promotions for food, electronics and even transport posted here. If you find it troublesome to follow many different channels to look for discounts, just follow Pelando.

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Events & Happenings

SG Weekend Plans

Weekends will never be boring again with SG Weekend Plans. Never miss another festival, flea market or concert in Singapore!

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Date Ideas

“Singapore so small, nothing to do one. Netflix and chill la.” If your other half has repeated this line or something similar, it’s time to wield this Telegram channel as your weapon and drag them out for a date! They won’t have any excuses once they see the possibly endless things couples can do on this sunny little island.

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Seedly Personal Finance SG

Brush up on your personal finance knowledge with Seedly’s Personal Finance Telegram channel. Get tips and advice from peers through discussion posts and stay updated on news about saving that moolah.

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Singapore Internship Opportunities

It can be difficult to source for internships when there are so many job portals to sift through. It is even worse when the job poster does not reply to even reject you which can bring some heart pain. With this Telegram channel, you can find the latest active internship offerings and even the Telegram handle of the job poster to contact (occasionally).

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Media Hacks

GetMedia Bot

Don’t you just hate transferring from one app to another when you’re downloading music? We do! That’s why this bot has been useful for us whenever we want to download sounds or videos from SoundCloud, Youtube or Facebook. We can get the file in a jiffy without leaving the chat box!

There’s even a new feature that allows you to download Instagram stories.

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The article was originally published in November 2017. It has been updated and republished in May 2019.

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