Everyone needs to let their hair down and loosen up a bit every once in a while. Not only do team bonding activities give everyone a much needed break from work, it also strengthens the team’s camaraderie and working relationships.

However, organising and planning for team building activities is a challenge within itself! With everybody having different ideas of fun, it’s difficult to settle on that perfect activity that everyone will like! Especially for a 100-man team like ShopBack!

We have compiled a list of some great team bonding ideas that you can do. We have even tried some of them ourselves so you can take our word for it! You can find some of these activities at great prices plus Cashback from Fave – so go and have a look!


Shopback Paintball Bonding at School of Paintball.
Happy faces after our paintball session at the School of Paintball last October 2016.

This one is a no-brainer. There’s no better way to bring the team together than to shoot each other on the field! (Take that chance to target that boss that everyone dislikes!)

Get the team together and strategise how to invade the other team’s base and get their flag. This activity requires a lot of teamwork for you to succeed so it sure is one good way to strengthen your bonds with your colleagues. Paintball is always a great way to bring out each other’s strengths that you can’t often show in an office setting. Who knows, you might find a great leader in one of the silent guys in the group!

School of Paintball
Image credit: School of Paintball | Facebook

Laser Tag

Laser Tag at Laser OPS last November 2015.
Laser Tag sure is fun with the entire ShopBack Team at Laser OPS back in November 2015.

So maybe going outdoors and having pelts shot at you isn’t really your thing. How about doing it indoors?

Laser Tag is just like paintball only that it is held indoors – and minus the angry welts and bruises the next day.


Enjoy an exciting game of bossaball with the rest of the team!
Image credit: facebook.com/bossaball.singapore

Bossaball is a new and fun way of bonding with your team. This new ‘sport’ combines volleyball, gymnastics and soccer all in one!

This activity requires two teams of 3 to 5 members, with each member positioning themselves around the inflatable court and on the trampoline. Jump around, spike and kick the balls and show of your athleticism to get the ball to the opposing side.

If your team loves a physical challenge, or simply needs to get off their computer screens, this one is a heck of an exercise!

Trampoline Park

Free jumping has never been this fun.
Image credit: AmpedSingapore.com

If Bossaball is too intense, enjoy the fun of casually jumping around at a trampoline park! Enjoy the same adrenaline of the trampoline, without the high-intensity soccer and volleyball games.

Bring the team for a session of carefree jumping, but if you want to be more creative, challenge your team to a synchronised trampolining display!

Escape Room

ShopBack Bonding Activity at Freeing SG Escape Room last June.
Mission success! The ShopBack team conquered Freeing SG in June 2017.

Want a real challenge for your team? Try an escape room.

No better way to bond than to lock your team up in a room, where their only way out is through teamwork and problem-solving. Each room has a variety of challenges that could play to the wheelhouse of almost anyone in the group.

Team Golfing

Champions Golf Corporate bonding
Image credit: Champions Golf | Facebook
Champions golf corporate bonding
Image credit: Champions Golf | Facebook

Take your team to play in a beginner’s golf course, or make it more fun with a themed mini golf party! It doesn’t have to be all about trying to be a ‘pro’. Champions Golf even has a special corporate package which includes a fancy 3-course lunch or dinner! However, prices start from $90 per pax so there might be a bit of convincing and nudging needed.


ShopBack Kayaking at Pulau Ubin last July.
Out on the water in Pulau Ubin last July 2017 for some ShopBack Kayaking fun!

Sometimes we all need some Vitamin ‘Sea’ and kayaking is something that can help the whole team get a little bit of much-needed sunlight!

ShopBack teambonding at pulau ubin kayaking

Plus, there’s a great need for teamwork and synchronisation in rowing – or screaming and laughing when you fall off the kayak! But don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. You got our word on how fun and exciting it is!

Nature Trails

Enjoy a nature trip in Pulau Ubin.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

If kayaking is a bit too extreme for you, your team can become one with nature whilst trekking along the many nature trails in Singapore.

You’ll surely enjoy the peaceful moments of tranquility amongst the flora and fauna.


ShopBack Cooking at Cookyn Inc last December 2016.
The ShopBack Team at Cookyn Inc in December 2016.

If there’s anything Singaporeans can agree on, it’s that we love food! Opt for something chill yet fun and show off your culinary skills with cook-off sessions and challenges.

ShopBack team bonding at Cookyn Inc
Our Chief Product Officer showing that he’s a chief of the kitchen as well

Sample the food made by your team mates and discover who are the hidden domestic gods and goddesses! It’s flexible, it’s fun… and it’s tasty!

Art Jamming

Tap your team's artistic skills and bond over art sessions.
Image credit: MyArtSpace.com.sg

You don’t exactly have to be a Picasso or a Van Gogh to enjoy art jamming. Invite the entire team for a day of fun and art at some of the many art jamming studios in Singapore.

Let everyone’s creativity (or lack thereof) shine as they chat over tea and snacks. You can make it competitive by giving out awards and prizes, or even have everyone paint according to a specific theme!

It’s also a great way to encourage everyone to speak and present their work to share more about their personalities and creative processes.

Now remember, the goal of any team bonding activity is to bring each member closer together! But most importantly, it is to have fun!

Love to join ShopBack in our next team bonding activity? Find out how you can join ShopBack today!

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