Salted egg, a snack we’re deviously indulged in! These dangerously addictive salted egg potato chips and fish skin which became the talk of the town in early 2016 in Singapore, is still pretty much on a roll after 2 long years, braving through the likes of mentaiko sauce and Raclette cheese.

Until the first salted egg croissants started being sold by bakeries like BreadTalk and Prima Deli to curious customers raring to try them, the salted egg was not typically used to make pastries (except the traditional Chinese mooncakes), let alone snacks. But since the salted egg delicacies started being devoured by locals, more new salted egg products have been spawned since then, including the highly popular salted egg potato chips.

With the salted egg potato chips and fish skin selling at all the rage, we at ShopBack decided to get down to the nitty gritty and narrow down the yummiest of the yummiest salted egg chips and fish skin. Read on to find where you can grab them!

  1. Irvins Salted Egg

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Let’s just get this out of the way, one of the most recognizable salted egg snacks’ manufacturers in Singapore, we’re no strangers to these delectably curled up chips. Branded by its almost-offensive yellow packaging and an unexplainable portrait of a black duck plastered on top, it is almost impossible to shun from its over-glorified presence.

Both of Irvin’s salted egg snacks are top sellers and do not contain lard or pork though it has yet to be halal-certified. Crispy and almost airy in texture, Irvins Salted Egg’s chips are of just the right amount of saltiness and hint of spiciness. If air had a crunch to it and tasted like salted egg goodness, this is it. The real cherry on top from Irvins Salted Egg is that you can purchase Irvins’ famous salted egg sauce that is used to coat its chips at just $15 a bottle which you can use to cook your favourite salted egg dishes at home.

If you haven’t already tried Irvins’ #dangerouslyaddictive salted egg snacks or love them so much that you are planning to stock them up, you can order them online and choose to have them delivered to your house or self-collect it at the store. Do note that delivery is free for orders over $100 and $15 for orders $100 and below. Which explains the shopping bags full of these chips you’ll never fail to see whenever you’re near each pop-up store.

Where to buy them:

  • Website:
  • Email[email protected]
    Contact: 65 6719 8450
  • Retail store: Raffles Xchange B1-59, Near Polar Bakery, Weekdays 10am-8pm (Pickups 10am-7pm), Saturdays 10am-3pm (Closed on public holidays)
  1. The Golden Duck Co

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One of the sponsors for the 52nd National Day Parade (NDP), the salted egg and fish chips were included in the fun pack last year much to the delight of fans of this addictive snack.

Together with Irvins Salted Egg, the Golden Duck Co is among one of the most well-known gourmet stores selling salted egg snacks. The crispy potato chips and fish skin are coated with salted egg with the light taste of spices. Baked to golden perfection, the snacks are not just great tasting but aesthetically pleasing.

And the best part about this delectable salted egg snacks is that it has been recently certified as halal so Singaporeans of all ethnic races and religions can enjoy them. Priced at $7 per 125 grams packet for both the salted egg chips and fish skin, it is comparatively cheaper than Irvins’ chips if you compare their price per gram. Delivery charges are at $15 for orders below $50. So try it for yourself which one you like better!

Where to buy them:

  • Online:
  • Retail store: 50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-K18, 608549, Opening hours: 12-9pm (Mondays to Sundays)
  1. Aunty Esther’s

Image credit: Auntyesthers | Twitter

Although a relatively lesser-known brand for salted egg snacks compared to its renowned counterparts, Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Potato Chips and Fish Skin pack a punch in taste and certainly does not lose out to their competitors’ crackers. In fact, in two recent blind tasting tests conducted by The Sunday Times and Women’s Weekly, Aunty Esther’s Salted Egg Potato Crisps came out tops among 17 brands of salted egg potato and fish crisps.

From humble kitchen beginnings to a premium snacks manufacturer now in Singapore, Aunty Esther has come a long way. AAunty Esther’s indeed has many bragging rights after winning both blind tests. The panels which included chefs from renowned hotels and restaurants, food critics and editors cited that the potato crisps had a great balance of flavours textures and are of the appropriate amount of saltiness.

To get your hands on these irresistible and “winning” salted egg crisps (and their salted egg fish skin) and devour them for yourself, order them online, call or visit them in their retail stores. The salted egg potato chips and fish skin cost $16.80 for a 200g bottle and $18.80 for a 230g bottle respectively. 100g packs of both types of snacks are sold at $8.80 each. Good news here though, Aunty Esther’s is now having a promotion for a limited time offer and both types of crisps in bottle and packet form are selling at $0.80 off their original prices.

Also, the salted egg crisps’ delivery charges are at $15 per order or free for orders above $150. From now until 14 February, Aunty Esther’s salted egg snacks are also available in the Pop-up Store at Takashimaya in the annual Chinese New Year’s Celebration Fair.

Where to buy them:

  • Retail store: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-14 [email protected], Singapore 569139. Opening hours: 10am to 6pm
  • Pop-up Store: B2 Takashimaya Department Store @Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Road
  • Pick up via Telephone Orders: Call +6562224779
  • Online:
  1. Wang Lye

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Wang Lye, the highly popular and go-to-brand for the best Lunar New Year snacks has yet another new creation this festive season. With the salted egg snacks in red-hot demand in recent years, the expert manufacturer of festive goodies has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Introducing its latest offerings, Salted Eggs Fish Skin Crackers and BBQ Hot Spicy Fish Skin Snacks, Wang Lye has added another choice for salted egg snacks fans.

ShopBack did a taste run on the Wang Lye salted egg snacks and here’s our verdict. The Salted Eggs Fish Skin Crackers were fragrant, crispy and contain just the right amount of saltiness. The crackers though were on the thicker side as compared to most other salted egg snacks and are great for those who love their keropok (prawn crackers) with that extra salted egg taste. If you like a little more spiciness and sweetness to your crackers, you can also opt for the BBQ variant of the snacks.

Packed nicely in tall cylindrical bottles with pretty golden lids, these crackers are also the perfect gifts this festive period. What’s more, you can add the crackers into your Lohei during the Lohei session and have a prosperous and enjoyable tossing session with your family and friends. At just $11.50 for a 180g bottle of salted egg snacks and a nice reusable bottle, it is definitely a steal. So grab yours before they are all sold out!

Where to buy them:

  • Website:
  • Retail: Any Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Shop outlets islandwide.
  1. Yolkalicious

salted egg yolk chips
Image Credit: Yolkalicious | Facebook

The fact that it is the only homecooked option on this list does no justice to how proper these carefully packed chips of goodness taste. Conceived by the refusal to queue for hours for these snacks, and acclamation from peers ‘brave’ enough to try her own salted egg yolk curation, owner of Yolkalicious began to sell bags of her chips to the public. It wasn’t long before these homemade chips gained the media’s (and many yearning tummies’) attention and was featured in Straits Times as one of the top salted egg snacks in Singapore.

‘There is a good balance of sweet and spicy flavours…’ exclaimed one of the chefs who reviewed it as part of the Straits Time review piece. Though not characterized by its dark yellow dusting of salted egg yolk as the commercially produced chips would, the salted egg punch is still very much prevalent accompanied with a warm tinge of spice.

Orders open periodically over the month’s duration, one would have to follow Yolkalicious’ social media accounts to be the first to snag these chips. Talk about chips selling like cupcakes. Orders are only available online so unfortunately, if you’re slow to click, you’ll be missing out on these.

Where to buy them:

  • Website:
  • Self-Collection: address will be given to you 2 days prior to self-collection

Salted Egg Goodness

There you have it. Don’t simply take our word for it. Let your taste buds decide for you. Fancy some salted egg chips? Do share with us in the comments section below which are your favourite salted egg and fish skin chips.

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