The beauty trend of Korean skincare is still going strong and it is not surprising. Korean beauty brands offer the best quality products for often the best prices.  For the days when your skin needs some extra care, facial sheet masks are a quick and effective solution to brighten up your complexion and hydrate your skin. Here we give you a list of tested and tried Korean face masks that you may or may not have heard before!

1. Skin Food Hydro Fitting Snail Mask

Skin Food snail mask sheet for skin hydration
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This Korean facial sheet mask uses snail mucin to allow your skin to get firm and encourages cell regeneration. It also replenishes moisture for your skin and fits perfectly to your facial contours. Allow the face mask to rest on your face for 15 minutes before you peel it off and pat the remnants into your skin. Skin Food is a popular and trusted brand in Korea, many Koreans use their products religiously.

Price: $10 for 5 sheets through Qoo10 (up to 2.00% Cashback)

2. Innisfree “It’s Real Squeeze” Sheet Mask

Innisfree it's real squeeze face sheet mask made with rose extract to calm your skin
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This Innnisfree face sheet mask comes in all sorts of different categories, like green tea, strawberry, blackberry, pomegranate and many more. They all made from different natural ingredients to help your skin. The green tea mask is said to brighten up the face, the Rose mask has calming effects and reduces any redness.

The purpose of this line of sheet masks is to deliver extra nourishment to the skin and make it healthier. To maximise its effects, start by cleansing your face and patting on toner to even out your skin, and then putting on the sheet mask. Leave the face mask on for 10 to 20 minutes and you can pat in the remaining formula into your skin to be absorbed.

Innisfree, one of the most popular Korean beauty brands, offers other categories of sheet masks to target different skin types and specific skin concerns. Make sure you check their website for the complete range of face masks.

Price: $1.70 per sheet. You can get cheaper prices if you buy in bulk through Qoo10 (up to 2.00% Cashback)

3. Tony Moly Tea Tree Sheet Mask

Tony moly facial sheet masks with rice for clear skin and avocado for nutrition
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Tony Moly Tea Tree face mask helps dull and dehydrated skin look healthier and moisturized in 20 minutes. Tea tree is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and its extracts are filled with antioxidants which will protect the skin from harmful environmental factors and soothes tired, fatigued skin and irritated skin. Tony Moly uses 3 layer pulp sheet that transfer all the natural ingredients’ extracts into your skin. Besides the Tea Tree maks, there are 18 more mask types. The more popular ones are the Green Tea, Cactus, and Rose sheet masks.

Price: $3.75 per sheet in Qoo10 (up to 2.00% Cashback)

4. Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask Collection

Bonobagi vita genic whitening jelly mask for whitening your skin and anti wrinkle effect
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Banobagi masks come with a jelly textured mask enriched with liposome stabilized vitamins that help your skin become more radiant and supple. Banobagi mentions that their aloe vera leaf extract comes all the way from Jeju Island, in South Korea, and calms down your skin from stress. Reviews mention that Banobagi sheet masks cover the face evenly and perfectly, and give their skin a much brighter complexion. There are 4 different types of sheet mask from this collection, including Lifting, Whitening, Hydrating, and Relaxing.

Price: $1.50 per sheet in Shopee (up to 10.00% Cashback)

5. The Saem Natural Facial Sheet Mask

The Saem face mask sheets with natural honey and natural pomegranate from Korea
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The Saem face mask has tea tree extract which is soothing for your skin and has anti-bacterial properties. So if you’re acne-prone, this face mask will be the best pick for you! They come in 20 different types of sheet mask, such as Gold Kiwi, Green Tea, Honey, Lemon, Oatmeal and many more. The scent of the sheet mask is very mild and therapeutic, great for those who dislike heavily scented products. This product allows your skin to be radiant and smooth after usage.

Price: $3 per sheet in Lazada (up to 11.00% Cashback)

6. Dr. Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution

Dr jarts Soothing Hydra Solution sheet mask for ultimate skin hydration
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Dr. Jart’s face mask is made out of fine cellulose fiber to help active ingredients provide ultimate hydration. It is a cellulose sheet mask that helps soothes and calms sensitive skin caused by dehydration and irritation. The Dr. Jart’s face mask is semi-transparent and adapts well onto the skin. If you have a problem with dryness, redness and blemishes on your skin, this is the perfect sheet mask for you!

Price: $3.69 per sheet in Sephora (up to 5.00% Cashback)

7. Etude Dust Cut Mask Sheet

face mask sheet from Etude House Dust Cut for super Defence
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Etude House’s mask sheet is made out of Ceramic Charcoal Volcanic stone that contains far-infrared emission. The skin care element that helps the skin are cypress, bamboo and ash tree extract. It was said that the mask helps protects against dust and pollutant by enforcing the skin’s moisture barrier. Reviews mention that the mask collection gets sold out very quickly as it is one of their top sellers. Try it out!

Price: $4 per sheet in Lazada (up to 11.00% Cashback)

8. Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Mask

Dermal Korea facial masks with collagen essence and green tea, gold and royal jelly
Image Credits: Amazon

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet comes in 16 different types, all giving different sorts of benefits to your skin. All of the individual masks contains vitamin E and collagen, great to keep radiant and healthy skin from being tired. Special detail: The area on the eyes is not cut out for the purpose of covering up whenever you want an option of eye mask.

Price: $9 a pack in Qoo10 (up to 2.00% Cashback)

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Face masks are like having a mini facial at the comfort of you home. Do you use any Korean facial mask? Share your favourite in the comments.

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