Our TV viewing habits have changed ever since television series became popular. One obvious example is how Korean dramas affect anyone who gets hooked. Kdramas, as we call them, have taken the world by storm. Over the years, the demand has grown and almost all TV networks in South Korea are capable of producing a number of series within a short amount of time. Korean dramas are usually packed with action, romance, and intrigue so it will be hard to not find one you will like.

This year, there are a lot of new and fresh kdramas that you have to watch intently. Here is a list of those series whose plots and storylines might attract you to binge on. Keep your eyes peeled!

1. Welcome to Waikiki

This series is about 3 friends. Kang Dong-Goo is dreaming about becoming a movie director. Due to some bad luck, he has been pessimistic ever since. Cheon Joon-Ki is a son of a big actor who wants to become like his father. Unfortunately, he is only doing minor roles. Son Seung-Won is a freelance writer who doesn’t get enough jobs. They are all currently running the Waikiki guesthouse in Itaewon, South Korea but it is already going bankrupt. All of a sudden, a single mother with a baby enters Waikiki and their lives are changed forever.

There is an interesting mix of characters which gives you the urge to find out what will happen to them. You want to know what will become of the Waikiki guesthouse and how the new guests will change their luck in terms of their career. It is a comedy starring Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Yi-Kyung, Son Seung-Won and Jung In-Sun.

2. Cross

This series is about a young man named Kang In-Gyu who becomes a doctor all because of his burning desire to get revenge on the death of his father who was murdered. He graduates with flying colors then he then volunteers at the medical office of the prison where the murderer is jailed. But as time passed, he learned that there is a greater task at hand for being a doctor after he is assigned to the organ transplant department.

It would be good to know what happened to the character for him to be so passionate about being a doctor. With revenge as the driving force of his will to learn, it is interesting to find out what slowly changed his mind. There is an air of mystery with the journey of a man filled with anger to becoming a man filled with compassion. It is a medical thriller starring Go Kyung-Pyo, Cho Jae-Hyun, and Jeon So-Min.

3. Radio Romance

As obvious as the title, this series is about a radio writer named Song Geu-Rim who turns out to be not that good in writing and only got into the radio industry because of her mother. Her radio show is on the verge of cancellation and needed the help of an actor named Ji Soo-Ho who relies on scripts to be able to perform well as a DJ. While they create their radio show, they eventually fall in love.

Both of the characters are not really that good in the industry they chose. The girl is not a good writer, and the boy is an actor and not a radio host. It’s interesting to find out how they will work on their careers on a daily basis, especially in a radio booth setup. How will they be able to mix a career with love? It is a romance starring Kim So-Hyun and Yoon Doo-Joon.

4. Two Cops

This series is about a dedicated detective named Cha Dong-Tak who works for the violent crimes unit. For some unknown reason, a spirit of a swindling con artist named Gong Soo-Chang possesses his body. With nothing to do about it, they both cooperate to solve crimes and handles cases. Eventually, the poor detective falls in love with a reporter named Song Ji-An.

It’s a new twist for a typical love triangle because the two rivals are dwelling inside a single body. Although there are other kdramas with ghosts, possession, and love triangle as the theme, this one is a new concept because of the cop and criminal relationship. Also, between the cop and the criminal, who did the reporter fell in love with? It is a supernatural romantic comedy, fantasy, and mystery starring Cho Jung-Seok, Lee Hye-Ri and Kim Sun-Ho.

5. Are You Human Too?

This series is about a lone third generation heir of a large company named Nam Shin got into an accident and falls into a coma. His mother named Oh Ra-Ra creates an AI named Nam Shin III which looks exactly like her son. This is to make sure that her son will still be the heir to the company. The Android version of Nam Shin pretends to be like him in a normal world and has his personal bodyguard named Kang Song-Bo.

With all the technological advancements in terms of artificial intelligence, this one will surely make us wonder what it would be like in the future. A world filled with human-like android robots is interesting enough to see how the story will go, especially if the real Nam Shin wakes up and sees his other version. Also, will it affect his standing as the heir of the company? It is a science fiction romance and mystery starring Seo Kang-Joon, Kong Seung-Yeon, and Kim Sung-Ryoung.

6. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

This series is about a businessman named Moon Soo-Ho who risks everything for the woman he loves. He even suffered misfortunes. The poor woman named Jung Hae-Ra is a travel agent. During her childhood, she found a coat but never had the chance to buy it because of her family’s bankruptcy. As an adult, she got it back and meets his black knight.

There is a good mix of fantasy and romance in the sense that the possible love triangle is 200 years in the making. Their destinies are intertwined and their decisions ultimately changed their paths in life. It is a fantasy, romance, and melodrama starring Kim Rae-Won, Shin Se-Kyung, Seo Ji-Hye and Jang Mi-Hee.

7. A Korean Odyssey

This series is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. In the modern-day world, the Monkey King Son Oh-Gong and Woo Ma-Wang are in conflict while looking for a true light in a world where evil is everywhere. Then Jin Seon-Mi comes along, a girl from their past who will help in battling evil spirits.

If you’re familiar with the Journey to the West story, this will surely get your interest. It is a romantic comedy, fantasy, and horror starring Lee Seung-Gi, Cha Seung-Won, Oh Yeon-Seo, Lee Hong-Gi and Jang Gwang.

8. Grand Prince

This series is about 2 princes named Lee Whi, the younger, and Lee Kang, the older. They are brothers and heirs to the throne. When they both fall in love with the same woman, a rivalry ensues.

The throne and their relationship as brothers are put to the test with their love for one woman. What will happen next? It is a Historical romance and melodrama starring Yoon Shi-Yoon, Jin Se-Yun, and Joo Sang-Wook.

9. That Man Oh Soo

This series tells the story of an IT engineer named Oh Soo who is also a café owner and barista. He plays cupid for men and women and he uses secret pollen. Because of this pollen, he falls in love with a policewoman named Seo Yoo-Ri.

It makes us wonder why cupid creates couples. This time around, it seems like it’s about time to let Cupid fall in love and see what happens. It is a romantic comedy and fantasy starring Lee Jong-Hyun and Kim So-Eun.

10. I Am Not A Robot

I A Not A Robot is about a man named Kim Min-Kyu who is allergic to people. A woman named Jo Ji-A comes into the picture because of a big favor. Her ex-boyfriend named Hong Baek-Gyun created the android robot Aji 3 that looks exactly like her. He called her to say that Aji 3 is broken and that she needs to pretend to be a robot because Min-Kyu already ordered Aji 3 and promised to pay a good amount if satisfied.

While most kdramas have men as robots, this one is a bit different because the robot is a woman. The budding love triangle is as interesting as a seeing a human pretending to be a robot. It is a romantic comedy and science fiction starring Yoo Seung-Ho, Chae Soo-Bin, and Um Ki-Joon.

We are going to binge watch Korean Dramas

With so many Korean TV networks showing kdramas, there are so many choices of what to watch as well. The list goes on and on and on. Do you have a favorite Korean drama? Which of the new ones would you watch out for? Tell us in the comments!

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