The rise of the gig economy has seen millennials moving towards unconventional jobs upon completing their education. Millennials are a digital savvy bunch who thrive on work that feed their soul and allows for individual expression. We value work-life balance and time flexibility that traditional jobs cannot offer.

We look at some interesting jobs that have pulled many millennials away from conventional and “safe” careers. (You can even pick up some of these skills using your SkillsFuture credits!)

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With social media at the forefront of online interactions, photography is gaining recognition as a legitimate career. An increasing number of millennials are venturing into this creative job, some of which include Audrey Kwok (@avdrvyk) and Joel Lim (@limxjoel).

They began expanding their portfolios through popular platforms like Instagram and have amassed a sizeable following, allowing them to gain professional recognition and clients. Just looking at their work below, would you have guessed they were shot by young undergrads?

Girls by Audrey Kwok
Image credit: @avdrvyk | Instagram
Narelle Kheng by Joel Lim
Image credit: @limxjoel | Instagram


Sprouted right from our local ground are florists like Ching of Triceratops and Desmond of Knovus. Gone are the days where floral arrangement was a hobby for bored housewives. What millennials offer beyond traditional florists are their passion for creating stories and Instagram-worthy blooms.

Follow Ching and Desmond’s blossoming creations at @triceratops_sg and @knovus respectively.

Floral arrangement done by Ching of Triceratops
Image credit: @triceratops_sg | Instagram
Bouquet by Desmond of Knovus
Image credit: @knovus | Instagram

Music DJs

Being the core group of individuals in the clubbing scene, millennials are starting to dance their way to the DJ decks. There has been a spike in the number of females in this industry that males used to dominate. Altra Management, Singapore’s largest DJ agency, represents about 60 local DJs and most of them are females. Forget beauty and the beast – these ladies are beauties with a beat!

Jade Rasif (@djjaderasif) is one such beauty packed with brains. Apart from her hectic lifestyle as a DJ, she is pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Communications at the National University of Singapore. Although deejaying started off as a hobby for her, Jade is now a full-fledged DJ spinning at clubs and events, both local and abroad.

Jade Rasif of Altra Management
Image credit: Jade Rasif |

Aspiring DJs can spin their way to the decks by learning the ropes from industry veterans at the Zouk Academy and Ministry of DJs.

Uber and Grab Drivers

A substantial number of youths have joined the private-hire industry as Grab and Uber drivers to supplement their incomes. Grab has reported to have about 20 to 30 percent of drivers who are below 30 years old, most of which are not driving full-time. Similarly at Uber, 25 percent of drivers are younger than 30.

These youths do not see driving as a career. Rather, they are attracted by how lucrative (up to $700 a week!) and flexible the job can be. It is no surprise that flexibility comes as a priority for them because they are either still pursuing their diplomas, degrees, or holding a day job.

Grab Driver
Image credit: Grab

Delivery Drivers

As home delivery services continue to boom, food and grocery delivery providers are seeing an increase in the number of youths taking up their jobs. What reels these youths into the industry is similar to that of Uber and Grab – the attractive pay. Companies like FoodPanda and Deliveroo are paying their drivers up to $30 an hour – that is 3 times more than what conventional part-time jobs in retail or F&B can offer!

Delivery Drivers at Deliveroo
Image credit: Deliveroo

Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers

Consumer behaviour studies have shown that people are becoming more health conscious, choosing to eat well and live well. This has propelled the fitness industry in ways such that fitness enthusiasts can turn their interests as personal trainers and yoga instructors into full-time careers.

Lucas Lim Personal Trainer
Image credit: @lucascjlim | Instagram

It is common for millennials to be stereotyped as the generation with short attention spans and inability to withstand hard work. The increasing numbers of homegrown yoga practitioners debunks that stereotype though – most yoga certifications require at least 200 hours of practice (and a whole lot more of focus, we would reckon).

Channel your inner zen with these Singaporean fitness instructors – @sandrarileytang and @lucascjlim. They will push you to stay physically fit with their inspiring poses and fitness journeys!

Founder of Yoga Co posing at the Yoga Co Studio
Image credit: @sandrarileytang | Instagram

Musicians, Dancers and Performers

More millennials are turning their passions and talents into careers, especially for musicians, dancers and other performers.

Kyung 2k
Image credit: @kyung.2k | Instagram

Social media allows these talents to use their social platforms for people to discover them and book them gigs. (Even Justin Bieber found fame through a viral YouTube video!)

@linyingmusic has found international fame after lending her vocals to European electronic house producers like Felix Jaehn and KRONO and dancer, @kyung.2k not only teaches dance, but is also Korean language teacher. You might even recognise him as the Korean oppa from SGAG’s My Spicy Seoulmate!

Linying music
Image credit: @linyingmusic | Instagram

Freelancer writers and bloggers

Other millennials are turning to freelance gigs like writing and blogging which allows them to work from home, at a café, after works hours and on the weekends! If you’re lucky, you might just be able to work remotely as you travel!

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