Fasting for Ramadan can be a difficult period for many Muslims in Singapore. And finding good food to break fast can be a hassle. For the days when you don’t feel like queueing up and you want to eat something else other than the usual KFC chicken, this list is for you. If you’re spoiling for a grand feast and are too busy and exhausted to prepare a home-made spread, these halal restaurants will serve a delicious eat right up your doorstep through ShopBack’s trusty food delivery partners!

Iftar Food

1. Indobox

Indobox Satay

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Indobox Ayam Penyet

Image credit: @macapangyarihan | Instagram

Want Indonesian fare without the hassle of eating out? Indobox reaches out to you with true Indonesian hospitality. The restaurant has a full delivery menu ranging from appetisers and soups to its signature Indonesian dishes like ayam penyet, Nasi Goreng Istemewa (fried rice with chicken wings, satay, sambal chilli, cucumber, keropok, peanut and egg) and Nasi Kuning Ayam dan Udang Pangang (Balinese style grilled chicken and prawn with fragrant spices and yellow rice). What’s even better, order through Deliveroo to get 2.5% cashback from Indobox!

2. The Orange Lantern

The Orange Lantern

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The Orange Lantern

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If you’re tired of Malaysian or Indonesian flavours, why not give Vietnamese fare from The Orange Lantern a try? A cuisine steeped in the harmony of spices and flavours, Vietnamese food is winning the hearts’ of Singaporeans. Vietnamese fare is light on the palate and refreshing for the gut. Forget satay –  try rice paper prawn rolls or mince chicken on lemongrass sticks from The Orange Lantern provide for tantalising alternatives. Have some Vietnamese pho delivered straight to your doorstep with Deliveroo and earn extra 2.5% in cashback!

3. Nando’s

Nandos Singapore

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Nandos Singapore

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For the chicken-obsessed, Nando’s has a delectable range of dishes featuring its famous peri-peri flame-grilled chicken. Have it served between freshly-baked pita bread or just plain and simple! With Nando’s, you even get to choose how spicy you’d like your chicken to be – perfect for those who don’t hold up well with spicy food. Regardless, Nando’s signature peri-peri chicken will be sure to leave you with a peri happy tummy! Have your own cheeky Nando’s iftar food delivery with Foodpanda and earn up to 8% in cashback!

 5. Sakura International Buffet

Sakura International Buffet

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Sakura International Buffet - Seafood in the bucket

Image credit: Sakura International Buffet Facebook

While they haven’t got the whole buffet spread on the delivery menu, Sakura International Buffet is your dinner party all have different preferences. From standard Japanese sashimi platters, sushi and bento boxes, to local dishes such as Laksa, Sakura International Buffet will make sure no one leaves your iftar gathering disappointed. Have a decadent buffet feast right from the comfort of your home with delivery from Foodpanda!

6. Pezzo Pizza

Pezzo Pizza

Image credit: Pezzo Pizza SG Facebook Page

Speaking of party food, Pezzo Pizza offers a wide range of mouthwatering pizzas perfect for parties and gatherings. Have your pick at classic combinations like Hawaii and Beef Pepperoni, or opt for a local spin with a Satay Rendang pizza. Who could possibly say no to succulent satay chicken with generous portions of mozzarella cheese, cucumbers, onions, red chilli and topped off with spicy rendang sauce? Have a fresh oven-baked pizza delivered to your doorstep with Deliveroo.

7. OLDTOWN White Coffee

OLDTOWN White Coffee

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OLDTOWN White Coffee

Image credit: @ranhadinoto | Instagram

Some of us may see Iftar as a sort of homecoming; if a taste of home is what you need, OLDTOWN White Coffee’s local specialities menu offers a comprehensive list of familiar dishes. From signature curry mee to rendang chicken rice and nasi lemak with fried chicken, OLDTOWN White Coffee’s halal offerings will make you feel right at home for iftar. Have a flavourful white coffee delivered straight to you with Foodpanda and earn up to 8% cashback!

For more halal food delivery options, check out the full list of stores on ShopBack that can earn you cashback as well! Have a spiritual and reflective Ramadan and be treated to an extravagant spread every iftar.

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