If you’re a fellow foodie, food is, more often that not, the highlight of every school day. A good meal can turn a dreary day of lessons around faster than you think! But with so many options within the school campus, it can be hard to choose the best food to fill your tummy with.

Here, we’ve compiled the top food picks from some of the higher education institutions in Singapore. We’re looking at the canteens that are unique to each campus and offer cheaper(er) yet delicious food to tide us through the semester!

Universities in Singapore

National University of Singapore

Prince George’s Park Residences Pines Food Court

pines food court us
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If Subway just isn’t doing it for you anymore, they have great banh mi here at S.V. Vietnamese Cuisine. Also, the dried chili chicken from the Sze Chuan stall is pretty damn good for those who like their spice.

UTown Koufu

utown koufu
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You can get a mean plate of egg fried rice with pork chop (that looks suspiciously like Din Tai Fung’s dish) here. Perfect for when you’re craving Taiwanese cuisine while stuck in campus.

UTown Waa Cow

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Located just across the green field from Starbucks in UTown, this restaurant offers delicious Japanese-inspired rice bowls. The prices are not the cheapest, especially for a place in campus, but with premium ingredients such as wagyu beef and salmon, it’ll be worth every penny you’re paying.

Faculty of Science Frontier

nus frontier canteen
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Combine ultimate satisfaction and local flavour and you’ll get the Ayam Penyet from Frontier Canteen.

Nanyang Technological University

Pioneer Canteen

ntu pioneer canteen korean
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Pioneer Hall’s Korean food stall is a favourite amongst students because of its authentic taste (it’s owned by Koreans!). Try their Bulgogi beef or their Ginseng chicken soup for a tasty and filling meal, or grab a roll of kimbab to munch on on your way to class.

Canteen 1 and Canteen 9 Mala

Both of the Mala stalls at these two canteens have a loyal following. You can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients, as well as the level of spiciness you’d like. The highest level of spiciness packs a punch so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

NIE Canteen

nie canteen
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The Bak Chor Mee here is cheap and good, but it is slightly out of the way if you don’t typically have lessons in NIE.

Canteen 13

ntu ramen canteen 13
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The legendary Ramen that was previously situated in Canteen 16 has moved, but nothing about its awesomeness has changed. If you’re craving for tonkotsu broth while being stuck in Pulau NTU, this is the place to go.

Singapore Management University

Tea Party

smu tea party
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This café wins hands-down for best value. You can get a great bowl of pasta and a drink for under $5! Also, the pasta tastes amazing.


smu koufu pasta
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If you have time, you won’t regret joining the queue for the Western Stall. Try their fish and chips, which is the epitome of crispy fried gloriousness.

There are healthier options here too – the Pasta Salad stall is not only delicious, it comes in a huge portion that’s sure to fill you for your day of classes.

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Food Court

stud food court
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The most affordable dining option on campus, though a little boring. The Japanese stall and the ayam penyet are favourites among students here.

Love Pal Café

love pal cafe stud
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This cozy little café in campus serves both Western and Asian fares. They make good fish and chips, and their waffles with ice cream are great for when you need a little pick-me-up during the week.

Singapore Institute of Management

SIM Food Court

sim food court
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The Ban Mian stall here is the best for when you need a bowl or soupy noodles to warm your soul on a rainy day. Go for the Tom Yum Sliced Fish Beehoon if you want to try something different from the usual fare.

Even if you’re one who lives for meat, you might still be interested in the vegetarian stall here. Forget the standard “cai fan” style where you choose a few vegetables to go with plain rice. This stall offers pasta or potato salad for those who would like to eat healthy.

Polytechnics in Singapore

Singapore Polytechnic


sp manna cafe
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With two outlets (T11 Square and Admin Building) within the campus, you’ll never be far from some of the best Western food offered in tertiary institutions. The food here is also insanely affordable, especially for its quality.

Food Court 1

If you’re looking to feast on crispy, succulent fried food dipped in pools of Japanese curry, King Kong Curry is the stall for you. The generous portions will satisfy your curry cravings for sure.

Food Court 3

The Mini Wok stall is famous for serving tasty and hearty meals, but a standout dish is definitely the salted egg chicken (they also offer pork and fish).

Food Court 6

Chicken rice can be considered one of our national dishes, yet there are so many ways it can go wrong. Not here though – all the elements of this dish come together harmoniously to give a fragrant plate of deliciousness.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Makan Place

ngee ann poly kaki fuyong
Image credit: Ngee Ann Poly Kaki Fuyong | Facebook

The Kaki Fuyong from the Japan Cuisine stall means business. Fluffy egg paired with savoury teriyaki sauce and your choice of chicken, prawns or oysters – schools have never seen such perfection in a hot plate. You know the food is good when there is a Facebook page dedicated solely to it.

Another great food option is Yakiya, a yakitori stall that sells a huge selection of grilled meats, seafood and vegetables.

Pines Café

The cereal fried rice is worth a try. Not only do you get a generous serving of deliciously sweet and fragrant cereal, you get plenty of seafood to go with the tasty fried rice as well. This is like the evolved version of cereal prawn, so if you’re a fan of cereal prawn, you’ll enjoy this dish.

Temasek Polytechnic

School of Business Biz Park

temasek poly biz park western
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The Western Food stall has hearty and tasty meals at super affordable prices. Get a large plate of fries to share (or for yourself, we don’t judge!) at only $2. This simple fare here will do the trick for a fuss-free meal in between classes.

The triple deck sandwich here is great for a light lunch or when you’re rushing to lessons.

School of Design, The Designer Pad

temasek poly design canteen western
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Another noteworthy Western Food stall! This one is known for their unique combination of nacho cheese and chicken cutlet.

Nanyang Polytechnic

South Canteen

nyp south canteen
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The Nasi Padang here is unbelievably cheap. You can get a generous serving of wholesome, homely food below $2.

The waffles with ice cream is also very popular too. The texture of the waffles is amazing – they’re crunchy without being too tough and they have just the right amount of fluffiness. Besides, waffles with ice cream at less than $2 in this day and age? That’s a definite win.

Foodgle Hub

The Thai food stall doesn’t hold back on the spice, so if you like the burn, you’ll love the Tom Yam soup here. They have all the standard Thai food dishes as well, all of which are very reasonably-priced.

Republic Polytechnic

North Canteen

The generous servings from the western stall will make sure you have enough fuel to power through the day of lessons. The chicken and spaghetti is a popular choice among students because of how well the slightly-sweet spaghetti sauce works in combination with savoury chicken chop.

Lawn Food Court

The Ayam Penyet is one of the best food options available on campus. Try the ice cream with waffles if you’re itching for some dessert.

Have we left out any of your favourite spots to eat at in school? Let us know in the comments section below!

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