It’s the time of the year again! Mother’s Day is just round the bend, and there’s no other better way to celebrate all the motherly love than to treat your mom to a well-deserved gift. There are plenty of options, of course, but there’s really nothing more classic and well-loved than a bouquet of flowers!

Bouquet of Flowers

Here at ShopBack Singapore, we’ve curated a list of the best flower delivery shops in Singapore that would suit all of your floral needs! From the classic bouquets, to the modern and exquisite floral boxes – there’s a flower bouquet available to suit any loving mom’s tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite pretty bunch and go ahead and impress the most important person in your life! should come as no stranger to us all! As Singapore’s biggest floral brand and online floral delivery service, they have one of the widest and richest selections of blooming florals for your perusal. Check out their Mothers’ Day promotions that promises one-for-one deals and 30% off!

Here’s a value-for-money bouquet that is both beautiful and inexpensive! Rosehip Mother's Day Bouquet of Flowers

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Aptly named “Love and Appreciation”, this bouquet and beauty set is the perfect indulgence that your mom deserves! Not merely just a bouquet of the most gorgeous roses, you also get all of the goodness in the form of Essano’s Rosehip Oil that would definitely be a treat for the skin. With double the goodness in this bouquet, your mother will definitely get double the happiness as well.

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Flower Advisor

Flower Advisor prides itself on being one of the most efficient flower delivery services in Singapore, and we don’t have to ask why! With next-day delivery available, you can be assured that your flowers will be promptly hand-delivered to your loving mom.

Furthermore, with special prices just for Mother’s Day, you are spoilt for choice with the wide assortment of gorgeously styled blooms. Its focal flowers are not only the classic rose, but also carnations, gardenias, and other equally beautiful flowers that will suit your mother’s taste.

Don’t miss out on these fresh lilies and carnations that smell as good as they look!

Flower Advisor Mothers Day Carnation Bouquet of Flowers

Flower Advisor Mothers Day Lilies Bouquet of Flowers

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We’re entirely sure that you can satisfy all of your whims and fancies over here at the Flower Advisor, no matter how classic, extravagant, or unconventional your taste! You can also choose to custom-make your flower bouquet if you really desire a unique one-of-a-kind bouquet for your one-in-a-million mother!

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A Better Florist

Nearly forgot that it’s Mother’s Day and you need to arrange a quick flower delivery? No worries at all! A Better Florist allows you to purchase and send the the most gorgeous of bouquets with their same-day delivery service. In addition, their blooms are sourced from flower farms in Cameron Highlands, promising the brightest and freshest flowers for your beautiful mother!

Pick some unique bouquets which feature more uncommon blooms, including sweet pastel roses and elegant calla lilies. We’re in love with these big, premium bouquets that you can spoil your mom with!

The Emilia – a huge showstopper that is a bright and cheery delight.

A Better Florist The Emilia

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The Keira – a muted, understated bouquet that will take your mom’s breath away!

A Better Florist the Keira Bouquet

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Flora Queen

If you happen to be overseas during this special time of the year and still want to express your utmost gratitude and love for your mother, there’s a prime choice – Flora Queen! Flora Queen is the international flower delivery expert and allows you to make your floral orders and arrangements and send them anywhere in the world!

So, even if you’re faraway and cannot physically be there with your darling mom, Flora Queen’s bouquet of flowers sent lovingly to her would certainly come as a surprise! Arranged by local artisanal florists, Flora Queen’s bouquets are made with nothing less than love and dedication. Here are a few bouquets we’re really loving:

Flora Queen Bouquet of Flowers

These cheery blooms will add just the right pop of colour in your living room or your mom’s bedside table. Carefully curated with the freshest pink and yellow roses, it’s difficult not to smile when she receives it!

Flora Queen Bouquet of Flowers

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The flawless amalgamation of roses and white lilies makes for the demure minimalist in your mother!

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The Floral Atelier

The Floral Atelier prides itself for being an artisan in all things flowers, and would be a good choice if your mom is a serious blooms lover! Specialising in all things beautiful, they have the most exotic of flowers and succulents – florals that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Take a look at their Mother’s Day specials, where their blooms don’t only come wrapped up in a traditional bouquet, but come neatly perched in a bloom box! We can’t help but to love everything!

The Floral Atelier bloom box

This immaculately arranged bloom box is definitely not for the traditionalist! With the copious selection of sultry dark florals and deep red hues, we’re sure your mom would be pleasantly surprised! A great thing about this bloom box is that it comes with a single Laduree candle – your mom’s bedside table will smell AND look great!

The Floral Atelier Bloom Box

We are absolutely loving the soft pastel hues of this bloom box – with the soft touches of dusty pink and clean white roses, we’re sure this bloom box would be a hit with your mom!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the most important person in your world very, very happy – if Romeo could compare thee to a summer’s day, your mom would definitely be a bouquet of the most gorgeous of florals.

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