Flea markets in Singapore are the perfect spot to find not just second-hand clothes and bargain goods but also discover the best that is being made in Singapore. The new markets ones popping up these days, however, tend to be more upscale and artisanal. Some are open throughout the week for a determined period, other are weekend markets. Most flea markets now have a specific aim in mind: to promote homegrown brands and offer shoppers one-of-a-kind products.

Some bazaars take this one step further and offer live performances by local bands as well as movie screenings. The best flea markets in Singapore are no longer just a place to find cheap clothes and used bags but places full of entertainment. If you are looking for something different to see and buy, head to these 10 best markets and bazaars happening in Singapore.

1. FleaWhere

The stores set up at the flea market Fleawhere
Image Credits: Fleawhere

Fleawhere is Singapore’s most frequent and largest flea organiser and they have flea markets in Singapore almost daily. Most notably, they organised Artbox Singapore in April 2017, bringing the popular Bangkok Night Market experience to our shores.

As one of the pioneer flea organisers in Singapore, you can follow them closely on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with this lively, regular flea market organiser. Check out their website for all the details on how to sign up as a vendor as well!

Venue:Lucky Plaza Level 6, Beside Value DollarEveryday from 1st February 2019 to 28th February 2019

Weekdays – 1:00pm to 7:00pm
Weekends – 1:00pm to 7:00pm

100/booth for 1 weekday,
250/booth for 5 weekdays (Mon – Fri)
100/booth for Saturday
160/booth for Sunday

2. The Local People

People at The Local People SG Flea market
Image Credits: TheLocalPeopleSG

The Local People is dedicated to featuring budding local designers and artists, establishing itself as a platform for young brands to showcase themselves. Each bazaar follows a different theme and other than flea stalls, you can enjoy live music, movie screenings, and art installations.

Flea markets organised by The Local People are one of the most unique in Singapore, gathering creative individuals and changing the way locals view disused and less glamorous parts of Singapore. They have held their fleas at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Aliwal Arts Centre, and Changi Airport, with one coming up at Chinatown!

To get updates on their upcoming flea markets, you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Check out the TLP Calendar

3. Boutique Fairs Singapore

People Shopping at Boutique Fairs Singapore
Image Credits: Boutique Fairs Singapore

Boutiques Fairs – a twice-yearly event – are curated fairs (think: upscale flea markets) that house over 150 boutique vendors, showcasing Singapore-based independent designers and creators. Whether you want to show your support for local independent companies, redecorate your home or land some unique accessories, the Boutique Fairs is the flea for you.

Shopping isn’t the only thing you can do at their fairs! The fairs also have spaces for you to sit and catch up with friends over some champagne, wine or coffee. They usually hold a holiday “The Gifting Edition” in November, so it’s the best time and place to start shopping for your Christmas gifts.


Public buses 106, 111, and 133 serve Temasek Avenue. Promenade MRT (0.378km away) and City Hall MRT (1.319km away) are the nearest train stations.

A collection from one of the Boutiques at Boutique Fairs Singapore, Gnome & Bow
Image Credits: Boutique Fairs Singapore

The Boutique Fairs Singapore prides itself on being dedicated to socially responsible practices. They support eight local and regional charity organisations, including the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) and Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support.

This socially-conscious flea also features vendors who are very environmentally-conscious, using naturally-sourced materials for truly unique, artisanal products. Happening only twice a year, the best way to get updates is to follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.

4. Public Garden

People discussing over the items on sale at Public Garden
Image Credits: Public Garden

The Public Garden flea markets showcase products supplied by independent companies and creatives. Most of the goods sold here are original designs, unique and brimming with local culture. If your house is starting to look like an Ikea showroom, this is the place to grab a centrepiece to accentuate some local flavour. Public Garden is more than just a flea market but it is also a community for seeping creativity; a location often used to host regular workshops for individuals to showcase and share their creativity.

Started in 2011, the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show is now held several times a year. The flea market even has a mobile app, which functions both as a communication tool between brands and customers, as well as a cashless payment option. Get updates on upcoming Public Garden flea markets when you follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.

Last Venue Details:
Date: Sat 8 – Sun 9 December 2018
Time: 1PM – 7PM
Venue: Suntec Convention Hall 403, Level 4, Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593

5. The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens
Image Credits: The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

If your idea of a good time involves pigging out on good food, then the Farmers Market is the one for you. Held on one Saturday a month, you can find all kinds of delicious food for sale here. From gourmet meat to organic vegetables, rare cheeses and wine, the options would make a connoisseur weep with joy.

There are also some stores offering ready-to-eat fares, fusion food, and upscale pastry products. The Farmers Market is touted to be a foodie’s paradise, and we certainly believe your taste buds will thank you for heading down!

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens
Image Credits: The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

On special occasions, they have a themed market with fun activities planned too. Back in March 2016, they even held an Easter-themed market and planned an Easter Egg Hunt! It attracted many customers who brought their kids down for this fun activity. If your tummies are already rumbling, then don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to get more delicious updates and to have some fun at their themed markets!

Venue: 75E Loewen Road Singapore 248844

6. Underground Market

Crowd at the Underground Market X Urban Ventures
Image Credits: Underground Market

Underground Market is a market organised by fashionistas, for fashionistas. Shop their pre-loved clothing and grab some unique pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories! Held twice a year on average, this is where you can find eccentric, quirky and unique pieces, once worn by influencers themselves!

Their last flea market, a collaboration with Urban Ventures, was a real party, taking over the streets of Keong Saik. Find Underground Market on Instagram and Facebook for the next instalment of their market.

7. Rilek Jack

Mother and child at their crochet stall at the Rilek Jack Market
Image Credits: Rilek Jack Market

Rilek Jack is one unique flea market that boasts an intimate, family-friendly environment. Offering community retail and music entertainment by local businesses and musicians, the Rilek Jack flea market is the place to chill out and wind down for the day. You will find fashion apparel, original handcrafted accessories as well as a massive gathering of talents right in our own backyard.

Earlier this in 2017, they held a Hari Raya Open House at the Malay Heritage Centre, a three-day extravaganza that featured music, food, workshops and even poetry! You definitely don’t want to miss out on any Rilek Jack flea market because of its unique cultural spin! To ensure that you won’t miss out on any Rilek Jack flea market updates, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.

8. LalooLalang

Overview of LalooLalang market stalls
Image Credits: LalooLalang

LalooLalang is a Singapore-based online shopping hub that’s managed by TV personality, Huda Ali. LalooLalang promotes unique fashion, events and entertainment services. With various food vendors at the bazaars, you can definitely look forward to satisfying your tummies while you shop. Since its maiden bazaar in 2015, they have received massive support from the community and media alike. It has particularly attracted many Malay customers with its extensive array of batik, baju kurungs and other traditional Malay costumes!

Chef throwing hands into the air out of joy at a LalooLalang contest
Image Credits: LalooLalang

One of LalooLalang’s most notable event was their Raya Edition bazaar at East Coast back in 2015. It was the first time they had organised such a bazaar and today, LalooLalang has grown to include more stalls to showcase even more local sellers. Don’t miss the next LalooLalang flea market! Get updates when you follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website as well.

9. Retro Factory

Vintage children's storybook at The Retro Factory flea market
Image Credits: The Retro Factory

Founded by Gary Tan as a way to bring together lovers of all things retro and vintage, Retro Factory is a monthly affair of music, food, culture and of course, vintage goods. The flea market is also the perfect bazaar for vinyl fans! Set in a carnival-like atmosphere, Retro Factory has something for everyone, young and old, vintage-lover or otherwise.

Expect a lively carnival experience with cultural and artistic performances down at Katong Square. Find a curation of lifestyle and vintage booths, and also great bites to go accompany you as you shop. So if you’re looking to get your hands on a piece of history, follow their Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out on any upcoming Retro Factory flea market event!

10. TGIF Bazaars

More like a collective that hosts flea markets and bazaars, TGIF Bazaars are charged with hosting fleas all year round. Having organized the popular ‘Sentosa Broadwalk Flea’ back in its preceding days, it has now enveloped into one of the main pop-up market vendors in Singapore. With the festivities of Chinese New Year approaching, they even have CNY themed bazaars and pop-up markets coming up this season! Namely the Sentosa Broadwalk: CNY edition, taking place from 16-18 February! This is just one of the many fleas being co-operated by the collective, so keep your eyes peeled on their website to be the first to find out what’s coming up next.

11. [BONUS] Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

Stalls displaying clothes and other services for Singapore Really Really Free Market SRRFM
Image Credits: Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

With that really obvious emphasis in its name, you definitely guessed it right – everything at Singapore Really Really Free Market is literally free all the time. At the SRRFM, the community of the Really Really Free Market gathers to share everything for free.

Held at very accessible heartland neighbourhoods across Singapore, it offers free clothes, books to even free spiritual healing and massages. The SRRFM is certainly the place where “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and it even helps out the less fortunate community. Drop by to share your services and preloved items, and go home with an experience to remember.

Follow them on Facebook for more updates on their next, really free event!

Roaming the Singapore markets

Flea markets are no longer just a place for people to dispose of their old, or a place for you to rummage through piles of dated clothes in the hopes of stumbling across a gem. They’re also about promoting local culture, supporting local independent companies, and having fun while doing so! For more local makers and artisanal products, check out Naiise and earn additional savings with ShopBack!

Have any flea market experience to share? Any Sunday flea market we should visit? Let us know in the comments.

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