In this day and age when calories are tantamount to sin, we don’t realise how much we actually need chocolate sometimes until we have it in our mouths. And honestly, who can say no when offered a chocolate cake that is unapologetically indulgent? Best of all, chocolate cakes are perfect for any occasion and any time of day: a birthday party, shared over an intimate candlelit dinner, or even in bed.

Craving for a devilishly rich slice? The ShopBack editorial team and a few chocolate-obsessed ShopBackers, have put together a list of contenders around town that offer decadent options when nothing but the best will do.

Diet be damned.

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The Best Chocolate Cakes In Town

  1. Awfully Chocolate

The East is synonymous with chill vibes, great food, and plenty of amazing cafes.

So is it any surprise that Awfully Chocolate chose to set up their flagship store in the heart of Katong, where they serve their famously decadent All Chocolate Cake ($34 for a 6″ whole cake that serves 8)?

Awfully Chocolate All Chocolate Cake
Image Credit: Awfully Chocolate

It’s a simple cake that quietly boasts a full-bodied chocolate flavour, while somehow managing to stay delightfully moist and light. And because the cake is not overly sweet, the dark roast of the cocoa – used in the fudge – introduces a distinctive flavour profile that is immediately recognisable and makes the gateau a joy to eat.

The Chocolate Banana ($36 for a 6″ whole cake) also deserves special mention. It’s essentially an All Chocolate Cake that is generously packed with fresh banana slices. Simple, but oh so good.

Price per slice: $4

Address: multiple outlets including Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate, 131 East Coast Road, Singapore 428816

  1. Chocolate Origin

The Original Chocolate Cake ($32.80 for a 6″ whole cake) consists of layers of soft chocolate sponge, that are held together by ganache, and encased in a dark, glistening chocolate glaze. It’s quite simply a shameless excuse to indulge in chocolate. Not that we’re complaining of course.

Chocolate Origin Original Chocolate Cake
Image Credit: Chocolate Origin

It’s also the ideal canvas if you fancy yourself a cake decorator (that’s a legit job, look it up), but also oddly satisfying to cut into when you want need a slice. Or two.

Price per slice: $4.20

Address: multiple outlets including 313 Orchard Road, #B3-10A, Singapore 238895

  1. Four Leaves

They’ve been around since 1981, and you’ve probably visited one in a heartland mall near you. But did you know that Four Leaves is home to a modest chocolate cake that is many a foodie’s go-to for a quick chocolate fix?

Four Leaves Coco Exotic Chocolate Cake
Image Credit: @macychua | Instagram

The Coco Exotic ($42 for a whole cake that serves 10) stacks layers of chocolate sponge, fresh chocolate cream, light chocolate mousse, and ganache that are held up by a hazelnut base that gives this otherwise soft, creamy dessert a delightful crunch.

This unassuming cake is just chocolatey enough that you won’t feel surfeited, meaning it can be enjoyed by both chocolate-lovers and those who prefer their desserts a tad less sweet. And it’s a reasonably priced treat that will score you major brownie points if you ever need to get a cake for a birthday celebration in the office, or are tasked to bring dessert for a potluck.

Price per slice: $4.20

Address: multiple outlets including Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B2-24, Singapore 238839

  1. Lana Cake Shop

This long-standing sweet spot has been feeding generations of Singaporeans Lana’s Chocolate Cake since 1964. It’s $44 for an 800g cake that can be cut into approximately 6 finger-thick slices, which will disappear faster than you can say, “Mmm…”


Lana Chocolate Cake
Image Credit: @julicyy | Instagram

The appeal of Madam Violet Kwan’s time-tested confectionery is the pudding-like fudge frosting which has a surprising hint of salt that cuts through the cocoa-rich sweetness and adds a welcomed layer of flavour and contrast. Place your order for this homely and delightful chocolate cake at least a week in advance or you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Price per slice: approx $7

Address: 36 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289239

  1. The Patissier

Best known for their Passion Fruit Meringue, The Patissier also makes a meltingly smooth, dense fudge cake that is aptly named Chocolate Fudge ($48.15 for a whole cake that serves 6).

The Patissier Chocolate Fudge
Image Credit: The Patissier

The fudgy phenom is made with Valrhona chocolate and muscovado sugar, the latter possessing a strong molasses content and flavour. This intriguing combination results in an initial sweet note that is reminiscent of milk chocolate, but quickly dissolves into a bittersweet palate and finally leaves a slightly smokey aftertaste. It’s the perfect option for those who like their fudge cakes a little less spongy and a little more chocolate-y.

Price per slice: approx $8

Address: 4 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238955

  1. PS. Cafe

This luxe chain of restaurants is famed for their stunning ambience, truffle shoestring fries, and their Double Chocolate Blackout Cake ($101.65 for a whole cake that feeds 10).

PS Cafe Double Chocolate Blackout Cake
Image Credit: PS. Cafe

Order a slice in the restaurant and the two-layer, beguiling treat will be served in a pool of dark chocolate sauce, accompanied with a dollop of vanilla bean ice-cream. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a particularly long day.

P.S. The pastry chef won’t divulge what makes it so incredibly moist and spectacular, but high-quality chocolate and a generous amount of it are arguably at work.

Price per slice: approx $10

Address: multiple outlets including Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Level 2, Singapore 238871

  1. Sunday Folks

Besides creamy soft serves (we’re fans of the Sea Salt Melaka by the way) and freshly made Belgian waffles, the folks at Sunday Folks make an excellent Rich Cognac Chocolate Ganache Cake ($80 for a whole cake that serves 8) as well.

Sunday Folks Rich Cognac Chocolate Ganache Cake
Image Credit: Sunday Folks

The dark beauty is slathered with decadent 56% cacao cognac ganache frosting, which has the barest whiff of delicious, heady aroma one would only associate with cognacs. It’s a match made in heaven as it adds complexity and a full-bodied roundness to the cocoa. Best served at room temperature. And best enjoyed alone as you surrender to its sumptuous assault on your senses.

Price per slice: $8

Address: 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116

  1. Watanabe Coffee

In case you haven’t heard, come December 1, Watanabe Coffee (Isetan Scotts) will be offering choco-aholics here a taste of Ken’s Cafe Tokyo’s much-lauded Gâteau Au Chocolat ($48.15 for a 280g bar).

Ken's Cafe Tokyo Chocolate Gateau Closeup
Image Credit: Ken’s Cafe Tokyo

Each gluten-free, flourless chocolate bar is made with a proprietary blend of Domori grand cru dark chocolate, Japanese unsalted butter, and eggs sourced from Japanese farms which rear chickens using traditional free-range methods. The end result is a peerless chocolate cake that has a three-month-long waiting list.

Naturally, it’s also the #1 chocolate cake on Tabelog, a Japanese crowd-sourced restaurant review website that is used by foodies and gourmands worldwide.

Ken's Cafe Tokyo In Box
Image Credit: Shogyokai Online

While the only way to taste pastry chef Kenji Ujiie’s creation is to fly to Tokyo yourself or pay someone on Airfrov to bring it back for you, we can soon try Watanabe Coffee’s Chef Toshihiro Ito’s rendition which uses a tweaked recipe derived after training under Chef Kenji. What are the changes? Instead of Domori chocolate and eggs sourced from Japan, Valrhona chocolate from France and local eggs will be used instead.

Ken's Cafe Tokyo Side View
Image Credit: Shogyokai Online

According to a Japanese rep from Watanabe Coffee (first reported by 8 Days), the “Valrhona chocolate [blend] in Singapore is a bit more bitter”, but the “cake still tastes the same, and the size and packaging will all be the same under the Ken’s Cafe brand”.

Will it live up to its expectation? Watch this space as we’ll update once we can get our hands on this gorgeous chocolate slab.

Price per slice: $8

Address: 350 Orchard Road Shaw House, #01-00, Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868

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Is your favourite place to get chocolate cake on our list? Know of any hidden gems that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Jill Heyer | Unsplash

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