Backpacking has garnered quite a lot of attention these recent years. Whether you’re looking to explore an entire country or go across a whole region, backpacking allows you to have the most on your trip. From going up icy slopes to hiking off beaten paths, and enjoying scenic views of cities, the list is endless with backpacking.

  • Why backpacking? Fitting a few essential belongings on a rucksack to take with you, will give you the freedom to move around from location to location. Instead of choosing a “let’s stay at the resort” kind of trip, opting for a freer and simpler way to travel, will allow you to explore a destination in-depth. Go for hostels and guesthouses stays and the entire experience will come out to be cheaper and super rewarding.

So to satisfy your travel cravings, in a group or as a solo traveller, we have listed down some of the best places to go backpacking in this new year!

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Are you backpacking in 2019? Here is where you should go.

1. Cambodia

angkor wat temple in cambodia
Image Credit: Boudewijn Huysmans | Unsplash

Cambodia is a famous spot for travellers of all kinds, and it is an undeniable favourite among backpackers. Apart from being home to the magnificent Angkor Wat –a temple with a vast religious history and jaw-dropping architectural style, this beautiful Southeast Asian country has its fine share of lush greenery, scenic islands, and mouthwatering food. And even better, you get to experience all this goodness without breaking your wallet! If you’re looking to stay away from the city, then we would highly recommend that you check out Battambang, for a true Cambodian experience or Kampot to enjoy a more laidback trip!

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Affordable flights from Singapore. The incredible temple complex of Angkor Wat, friendly people and cheap accommodation.

2. Georgia

Georgia castle and mountain
Image Credit: 680451 | Pixabay

This undiscovered gem of a country is situated in between the Europe and Asia continent, often creating a debate on where it belongs. But that only makes it all the better, for it has the perfect balance of both continents. We could go on and on about the picturesque views in the country, its gorgeous glaciers and one-of-a-kind architectural style, but it’s best to experience them on your own. The locals are pretty warm and friendly towards tourists, and while their main language is Georgian, a large majority of them do speak English, so don’t fret about language barriers.

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Breathtaking scenery and a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, great food and wine.

3. India

India mountain view
Image Credit: Aditya Siva | Unsplash

Many have the assumption that backpacking in India can be a bumpy ride, especially if you’re travelling alone. Just like every other country, India too has its fair share of crime but that is not to say that it is absolutely unsafe. Just be cautious, plan you trip ahead and you’ll be fine. However, beware of your food intake for the last thing you need is food poisoning –especially when you’re out on the road. Avoid drinking from the tap, instead, buy bottled waters. Also, be careful when consuming street food, especially meat products since they’re bacteria prone. Since India is a large country, rich with culture and heritage, no matter which part you choose to visit, you’ll certainly have a blast!

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Cultural and sensory overload, diverse enough to cater to every travellers’ preferences, affordable stays and food. This is the ultimate backpacking experience.

4. Portugal

portugal tram on the road
Image Credit: Khachik Simonian | Unsplash

Believe it or not, Portugal is one of the most affordable countries to travel to in Europe. While it may not –obviously- be as cheap as our previous destinations, it definitely is a cheaper alternative. Packed with Mediterranean-style buildings, mountains and adventurous trails, Portugal is more than just a haven for good food and surfing! The Portuguese are friendly towards tourists and will be happy to give you recommendations. If you don’t know Portuguese, just go ahead and speak in English. Most Portuguese will know enough English to understand you.

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Safe destinations, great for travellers looking for both cultural and adventurous experiences, cheaper accommodation and food when compared with other European countries, and it is easy to travel around as most of its cities are well-connected by buses.

5. The Philippines

Image credit: Unsplash

For those of you who are looking to get away from the bustling city and enjoy a more laidback vibe, then the Philippines is probably your best bet! Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and islands, this gorgeous country is certainly a paradise for all island-hopping junkies! And if you ever get bored of the waters, then you could always explore the country’s greenery, volcanoes and caves! The Filipinos are a friendly lot, so don’t hesitate to ask for help -if you need it!

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Easy to reach from Singapore, numerous islands with crystal clear waters, super welcoming people, and delicious lechon!

6. Mozambique

Gorgeous beach in Mozambique
Image Credit: Chart Van Rooy | Unsplash

Situated in East Africa, Mozambique is truly an undiscovered gem, for not many backpackers and tourists choose to explore it. This is mainly because many are unaware of the country’s pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and hiking trails –to name a few. Apart from snorkelling and diving, you could also hire a captain and sail out to gorgeous islands! One of our absolute favourite things in Mozambique is their remarkable cuisine; the perfect blend of spices and fresh seafood.

  • Why is it good for backpackers: Great intro to African cultural diversity, amazing beaches and great food.

How much will it cost to fly there?


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from $250 (Chennai) or $370 (New Delhi or Mumbai)


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The Philippines

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Near or far, go and explore!

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